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The Ministry of Truth: Beeitnam’s Greatest Hits

FroggyStorm 2021-08-30

The Delve phase of the war is over. The RedditSwarm phase of the war has slowed to a crawl. Test may be reaching the end of their move ops to frog-knows where. Therefore, it only makes sense for the Imperium’s…

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Battle Report: A “Humanitarian” Effort in T5ZI-S

Osir1s 2021-08-01

A Memorable Fleet On July 29th, a ping came across the Goonswarm Federation from Asher Elias. The ping read “A very important fleet.” By the hundreds, Goonswarm pilots answered the call. A star-studded cast of participants joined, including Jay Amazingness,…

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PAPI’s Perfunctory Plan

Moomin Amatin 2021-07-28

Just a couple of weeks ago PAPI leaders were announcing that there was “equilibrium.” This was where they had told their members that they were happy with the “balance of power.” Hence, PAPI members were free to take a couple…

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Resist the Blue Donut

Elthar Nox 2021-05-27

The Blue Donut is coming for you. Whether you are an ally of the Imperium as they fight their last stand in Delve, an independent small alliance, or even a smaller PAPI member – they are coming. Ever since this…

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Headline: Snoozefest Upcoming!

Elthar Nox 2021-05-01

As the PAPI Coalition tightens its grip on 1DQ, and as they make war plans to capture the last remaining Goon stronghold, we ask whether they are saving the game, or destroying it. Saturday, April 24 saw Pandemic Horde leader…

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No Retreat, No Surrender

Elthar Nox 2021-03-05

The Mittani (PBUH) tightened the great shieldwall of the Imperium last weekend in a rousing fireside speech that announced his intentions for the next stage in the war. Like Leonidas at Thermopylae, but with better abs, he declared, “There is…

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Recorded Media Taskforce brings you a paean to Drifters

Paramemetic 2019-07-06

While the Drifters bring us pain, Minitru’s Recorded Media Taskforce brings you paeans, this time to Drifters and CCP itself. With the Drifter threat now changing the very landscape of the game itself in the removal of local chat, there…

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Minitru’s Recorded Media Taskforce brings you “Feeling Goon”

Paramemetic 2019-07-03

The Drifter invasion has forced the war engines of the Imperium to focus on marignally less sentient targets, and a lot of people are sad about it.  As the second year of Imperium helldunk season comes to a close, our…

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The Ins and Outs of Propaganda

JMoravia 2019-06-16

I’ve played many different sports throughout my life, but the first was baseball. I played in my hometown’s Little League for five seasons and also watched professional games, and in the course of following pro baseball, I acquired an overriding…

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2019 CSM Election Official Ballot (Official)

Paramemetic 2019-06-14

Another year has ticked by so quickly! Spring has sprung, the Imperium is burning down some Northern backwater, and, as surely as the Delve Time Unit rises, the CSM elections are upon us.  As all diligent goons and Imperium allies…

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RMT Presents: Eat My Ass

Paramemetic 2019-05-13

It’s the hot new craze that’s sweeping the galaxy: telling your enemies to eat your ass.  As the Imperium once again beats the drums of war, even I cannot hold back the fervor and zeal of the Imperium’s cultural agents. …

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Burn Jita 6: A Minute of Truth

Paramemetic 2019-02-23

Oh, shucks. Jita’s burning again? So soon? That’s right!  It’s the Imperium’s annual charity ball, where thousands of bees and pubbies alike come together for one brief, beautiful second to light fireworks and share the the ministry of love for…

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An Article Moſt Balanced & Fair, In Which We Courteouſly Diſcuſs Laſt Week’s Fight

Paramemetic 2018-08-08

On this, the morning of what may well become known as the Second Battle of X47L-Q, or else perhaps as the Great Flight, it is my duty and my honored privilege to bring to you a summary of the last…

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Your Minute of Truth: Road to War Edition

Paramemetic 2018-07-31

The Ministry of Truth is the Imperium’s official propaganda organ, dedicated to the creation, promotion, and preservation of our greatest cultural treasures. Together, we work to advocate for the Imperium’s deepest and most cherished values; precious works of art by…