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The Curious Case of the NPE

Kael Decadence 2017-04-23

The First Haunting Last year at EVE Fanfest, CCP introduced the new producer for the New Player Experience: CCP Ghost. As some readers of my material here and listeners of The Mind Clash Podcast might have gleaned by now, I am not a fan of Ghost and I don’t necessarily think he is as amazing…

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NC and INIT Collide in TXW-EI

David Matterall 2017-04-22

Northern Coalition (NC.) and the Initiative (INIT.) squared off Friday in TXW-EI and 1-NW2G in Syndicate and Cloud Ring respectively. The campaign to relieve INIT of its moon holdings in the area is progressing, sometimes slowly, but the crusty veterans of NC surprised themselves. All except FC Vince Draken, who has built a reputation on…

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Preventing Burnout in Eve Online

Quendan 2017-04-22

My first-time endearment with EVE Online lasted less than a month, I went from wide-eyed newbie to burnt-out bittervet with one late-night rage ping. You see, I liked the idea of EVE. Stories of galaxy-spanning conflicts and intrigues, tales of betrayal. All this made EVE sound more like a second world, rather than a mere MMO…

3 Pretty sunrise in Horizon Zero Dawn Review

Horizon Zero Dawn Review – A Worthwhile Scifi Adventure?

Chase Gamwell 2017-04-22

Note: When I first started playing Horizon, the screen had a tendency to feel…cluttered. Luckily, there’s a dynamic HUD option that will only show information pertinent to the player’s current actions. I’d strongly suggest making this change. It goes a long way in scaling back the HUD and increasing immersion. It’s also worth noting that…

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The Anger Games Starts this Saturday

Moomin Amatin 2017-04-21

Get your game on! Your Anger Game! That’s right folks, after the amazing success that was the first Anger Games they are back for another one. And this time is it Bigger and Better! With 14 teams now competing and over 200 players, there is even more action in store this time around. Not only…

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Building Blocks of an Empire

Cody Pollard 2017-04-21

  How to build a corporation from the ground up is a question that has been around since EVE’s inception. For the most part, whether your intentions are to recruit a bunch of highsec missioners to farm them for taxes or build a group of PVPers to move out to null, the basics remain the…

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The Drafting Table: 10mn Phantasm

Robby Kasparic 2017-04-20

The Drafting Table embarks on its first two-part series covering the Phantasm. This week is the regular-sized afterburner variant. Backstory I’ve been in a bit of a rut with regards to cruiser sized ships after the Ashimmu. The Phantasm became an intriguing option because it offered a couple of things I had not toyed with….

8 Eve Online

The Case for Fixing the Corp Finder

Porkbutte 2017-04-20

Welcome to EVE! If you have put in the effort to make it through the new player tutorials, and have stuck with your NPC corporation long enough to realize you don’t want to be in a non-player corporation, stepping out into the vast ocean of player-run corporations can be overwhelming and daunting. Thankfully, CCP has…

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A Tale of Two Nyxs

Moomin Amatin 2017-04-19

Goons are going to Goon The definition of “Goon” has morphed somewhat over the years. Nowadays you get labelled a Goon for having any association with The Imperium. This means that any member of The Imperium is a Goon. Any friend of The Imperium is a Goon pet. Anyone posting anything that remotely agrees with…

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Blood Raider Shipyards: Evolution of PvE in Eve

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-04-19

CCP has released this forum post about the new Blood Raider Shipyards. At the same time, they have put some of them on Singularity for testing! Thus, it was our duty to go investigate. To do so, we joined pioneers of the Imperium Incursion SIG, who were reportedly the first on site. Moar NPC’s! It’s…

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Second CO2 Nyx Dies

Kendarr 2017-04-19

A day after a CO2 Nyx was caught and executed, an elite Imperium dread squad has caught and executed a second ratting Nyx from the same corp. A cloaky scout was camping the system of FG-1GH in Impass when he noticed the Nyx-class super carrier ratting in the system. He quickly sent word to the dread squadron’s…

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Bounty Hunting: EVE’s Forgotten Profession

Humanis 2017-04-19

There is an incredible amount of stuff to do in Eve Online, and every new capsuleer enters their first ship with dreams of what they want to become in New Eden. One might dream becoming a well-known Fleet Commander for a huge alliance, while another might dream of becoming one of the feared and mysterious…

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Kyonoke: A Goon’s Tale

Submission 2017-04-18

The Keepstar was supposed to be a beacon of hope. It had instead become a place of fear, and desperation. The Inquest at H4-RP4 had been convened to seek a solution to four outbreaks of the Kyonoke plague. The plague was the most virulent, dangerous pathogen known to medical science in New Eden, and had…

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Second Vendetta to die in Eve

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-04-17

Today, the second ever Vendetta kill happened in the Forge low-sec system of Oijanen. Valued at 128,721,211,459.01 isk to be perfectly accurate, this beautiful beast was shot by 1003 pilots. Kill me, please It was however not due to a good gank or enormous fight, but a sort of sacrifice. The owner posted on Eve Forums under…