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Space News Update July 2019—Titan, Tess, and 50 Years

Rhiannon Williams 2019-07-20

Happy Anniversary, spacefans! This time, we have a new mission to Titan, Tess finds tiny exoplanet and NASA celebrates 50 years since we first went to the Moon, DRAGONFLY MISSION TO TITAN ANNOUCED BY NASA TO SEARCH FOR LIFE Called…

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Devblog | The Vexor Navy Issue Comes out of the Stable

JuriusDoctor 2019-07-19

[Author’s Note: This is a news piece but also is heavily flavoured with my personal opinion as someone who has a stable full of VNIs.] In a Dev Blog released yesterday, CCP finally announced expected changes due to come to…

0 Eve Online

G-Fleet 2019 Announces HAYS German Open Tournament

Dirk Stetille 2019-07-19

On Tuesday, July 16, organisers for the Berlin G-Fleet event posted a blog update about the next major stage of the Invasion World Tour. For those of you who may be unaware, G-Fleet is one of the largest European meets…

6 Eve Online

Season of Skills

mistwarden 2019-07-18

The threat is real. Drifters and the Triglavians are assaulting New Eden, coupled with the blackout causing ‘chaos’ in null security space. Pilots are advised to skill up and prepare for the oncoming assault, the defence of New Eden, and…

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Why the Nullsec Blackout Won’t Fix EVE

Bill McDonough 2019-07-15

After Downtime on Friday, Jul 12, nullsec went dark. The Nullsec Blackout is a period of ‘undetermined’ duration, during which Local chat will function in ‘delayed mode’. This means that until a character enters text into Local, they will not…

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Albion Online: An Idiot’s Journey

Moomin Amatin 2019-07-13

With EVE Online seemingly becoming less sandbox-like of late I thought I would have a poke around for a different sandbox. My search did not take too long as some EVE players had already been making good noises about a…

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PSA: Local Chat Blackout To Begin At Downtime

Dirk Stetille 2019-07-12

In a DevBlog released on July 10, CCP announced that their planned changes to Local chat channels across the entirety of NullSec would go live on Tranquility at downtime today (Friday, July 12). CCP are still looking for feedback in…

2 Eve Online

The Scale and Power of EVE Online’s Ships

General Thade 2019-07-11

When you hear about EVE Online’s ships, especially their power and size, you typically hear them discussed in terms of Damage Per Second (DPS), Effective Hit Points (EHP), or their mass and their length. While these make it easier to…

28 Eve Online

Local Blackout Scheduled, CCP Already Inconsistent

Bill McDonough 2019-07-10

Nullsec is going dark. At downtime on Friday, July 12, CCP will be enacting the ‘Nullsec Blackout’, an attempt to shake things up in null and see what happens. The outage is a test, first announced in a Scope video…

3 Eve Online

Hidden Imperium Forces: Moomin Amatin Interview

Miracle zizo 2019-07-08

In EVE Online, Fleet Commanders face a difficult challenge in ensuring their fleets forces are safe and adequately prepared for Player-versus-Player (PvP) operations. Every time an FC undocks their fleet, there is some uncertainty regarding the nature of future threats…

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Layers of Fear 2 Game Review

Merc Thanatos 2019-07-07

Synopsis Filled with surprises and tricks around every corner, Layers of Fear 2 is a unique horror game. It feels familiar enough to the original, but with enough changes to make it better and unique. When I was first told…

1 Eve Online

Horde Eyes TKE While NC. Moves to Malpais

mistwarden 2019-07-07

A town hall meeting was held on July 6 by Pandemic Horde leader Gobbins to outline move operations, as well as details about a new restructuring. INN was handed a copy of the recording. In short, the following three major…

2 Propaganda

Recorded Media Taskforce brings you a paean to Drifters

Paramemetic 2019-07-06

While the Drifters bring us pain, Minitru’s Recorded Media Taskforce brings you paeans, this time to Drifters and CCP itself. With the Drifter threat now changing the very landscape of the game itself in the removal of local chat, there…

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Breaking News: CCP Signals Silence in Null Sec Space

Paramemetic 2019-07-05

In an in-character Scope dispatch earlier today, CCP has signaled the likely end of local chat in nullsec space. Citing a shortage of the resources needed to maintain the “Fluid Router FTL” communications network, CCP announced a “reduction in bandwidth…