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1 Eve Online

PL Blockade Wakes Up Providence

JMoravia 2018-01-17

There were rumblings for all of December in the normally quiet nullsec region of Providence that Pandemic Legion was coming, and the dam finally broke two weeks ago. On Friday, January 5, PL dropped an Infrastructure Hub in the system…

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Liveblog – Keepstar Timer in 9-4RP2

Rhivre 2018-01-16

Good evening, and welcome to our coverage of the Keepstar armour timer in 9-4RP2. The Imperium reinforced the Horde Keepstar last night, and are rumoured to be forming up for the armour timer right now. At present there are 1600 in…

15 Eve Online


Hopeful Turtle 2018-01-15

At 2020 EVE, INN was made aware of Imperium fleet movements in Cloud Ring. It has now become apparent that the intention is to attack the Pandemic Horde 9-4RP2 Keepstar. The Imperium has carriers, Machariels and Jackdaws on grid, and…

5 Eve Online

December MER Update

Erick Asmock 2018-01-15

MER, MER on the wall… That’s right I don’t call it the M E R. I am stuck in MER as in mirror. Am I right or wrong…I simply don’t care.  The bottom line is that it continues to say…

0 EVE Valkyrie

Valkyrie & Sparc move to maintenance mode

Turk Fezzik 2018-01-14

In October last year CCP announced the sale of its Newcastle studio—the team that brought us the groundbreaking EVE: Valkyrie. In a recent post on the official Valkyrie forums CCP Redcape announced the completion of the transition of the studio…

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Goon Hero Program – Hypnotoad

Johnny Crowe 2018-01-13

“All glory to the fucking Hypnotoad” – The Mittani A Little About The Recipient They say we are the bad guys. I’m here to tell you, we’re damned good to each other, and I don’t mean the gift of a…

3 Eve Online

Imperium Clears Delve Incursion in Record Time

Thel Ancora 2018-01-12

When Incursions appear in low and null-security space, they beef up the rats in occupied systems by activating system-wide cynosural jammers, making some logistic routes impossible. This results in ops to clear them as quickly as possible so life can…

0 Eve Online

200b ISK Capital Battle in ROIR-Y and the Loki That Lived

Ganoes 2018-01-12

PURE BLIND – ROIR-Y: A battle over Imperium citadels in NPC Pure Blind on January 10 stacked up a total bill of over 200b ISK. The story of this quite notable fight begins with one of the Imperium’s northernmost outpost-citadels…

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Eight Supercarriers Lost Overnight by Suspected Bot-User

Submission 2018-01-11

Editor’s Note: this article comes to us from Asher Elias. In one of the most remote regions of Eve Online, a suspected botter lost eight Nyxes over a period of four hours. What makes the losses extremely puzzling at first…

6 Eve Online

Deadliest Day: Excavators down in Delve

Rhom Achensa 2018-01-11

Enemies of The Imperium destroyed nearly 120 Excavator mining drones in Delve on January 7, which is the highest one-day total in the region for at least a month. The drones are used to churn out massive amounts of ore…

2 Eve Online

Blue on Blue

Robert Miller 2018-01-11

Amidst 28 other enemy kills that lit up 1DQ1-A early on Saturday, January 6, a four-billion-ISK Revelation piloted by Alexander16 of INIT was accidentally destroyed by Captain Derek of Wildly Inappropriate. The blue-on-blue kill came amidst an effort to clear…

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Burning Ring of Fire: Goon Reprisals Destroy Billions, Flip Sov in Cloud Ring

Macky Avelli 2018-01-10

CLOUD RING – Prelle Constellation: Sudden and unexpected fighting has broken out in the historically peaceful region of Cloud Ring. The bloodshed has consumed billions of ISK in resources, and seen control of multiple systems contested. Two systems, MJYW-3 and…

2 Eve Online

SiSi Leaks: New SOE Event or Bonus Coming Soon

JuriusDoctor 2018-01-10

The website Hoboleaks revealed today that there is an inbound event or subscription bonus for the Servant Sisters of EVE in upcoming build 1229730, currently on Singularity. The nature of the event/bonus is not immediately clear, but it is entirely…

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Dev Blog: CCP Patching for Meltdown and Spectre

JuriusDoctor 2018-01-09

In a recent blog post, CCP Falcon outlined CCP’s response to the hardware vulnerabilities presented as code name Spectre and Meltdown. I work in a couple of IT support teams, and as such I too have been very busy with…