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Alliance Tournament Winners: Where Are They Now?

JMoravia 2019-02-20

Since 2005, EVE Online’s marquee PvP experience has been the Alliance Tournament (AT). In the normally cutthroat world of EVE, where ships are ganked and corporations betrayed on a regular basis, a carefully planned tournament with rules and referees is…

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The New Russian Coalition

Ketriaava 2019-02-18

In a State of the Alliance posted to Reddit on February 17, Russian groups from across the galaxy have agreed to a mutual combining of forces from numerous alliances and coalitions. Alliances Legion of xXDeathXx, RAZOR, Siberian Squads, Bright Side…

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The Guardian’s Gala

mistwarden 2019-02-15

On Tuesday February 12, the Guardian’s Gala event returned to New Eden, scheduled to run until downtime on February 25. This server-wide event brings back the Spirit SKIN line, as well as new “Amaranthine Mantle” SKINs and new Facial Augmentations….

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CCP: Alliance Tournament 2019 Postponed

Guilford Australis 2019-02-14

Following an announcement last year that EVE’s annual Alliance Tournament would be “co-sponsored” by the UK-based EVE fan organization EVE_NT, which removed it from CCP’s direct oversight and raised suspicions that it no longer represented a priority for the developer,…

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Tenth Anniversary: Band of Brothers – A Shattered Alliance

Guilford Australis 2019-02-13

Ten years ago last week Band of Brothers, the original superpower in EVE Online, lost all their systems in a single night, and then disbanded the alliance. The following weeks saw Band of Brothers (BoB) dissolve into a few minor corporations,…

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mistwarden 2019-02-11

CCP has released a new devblog today about the state of the chat system. For the last 11  months, the system has been having issues, including incorrect population count and incorrect pilot data in the local member’s list. These issues…

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For INIT, Friday Night Is Fight Night

JMoravia 2019-02-11

Most citizens of New Eden know of the galactic southeast as the place where the massive Legacy and Winter Coalitions have been engaged in hostilities for a little over a year. Legacy have generally gotten the better of this fighting,…

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February Release Notes – Guardian’s Gala; Overview, Neocom Changes

Guilford Australis 2019-02-10

CCP will introduce new overview settings for cynosural fields, changes to the Neocom user interface, a long list of minor tweaks and updates, and a new Guardian’s Gala event when the February release goes live during downtime on February 12….

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MiniLuv Announces Annual Protest

Dirk Stetille 2019-02-09

A spectre is haunting highsec–the spectre of MiniLuv. In recent years, the Ministry of Love has organised and executed an annual weekend of protests against unjust causes within our game and our community. These protests take place using the moniker…

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ALOD: Jump Freighter Bonanza

JMoravia 2019-02-08

It’s probably not often that the same player has not one but two of zKillboard’s six most valuable kills for a given week – solo.  Yet that was the accomplishment enjoyed by Ataryx between 1 and 3 February, following his ganks of…

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INN Reader Survey – A Survey for You, A Reader!

Paramemetic 2019-02-08

If you don’t like :words:, go ahead and click here. Go on. Click it. Otherwise, the detail: The Imperium News Network has always been dedicated to bringing you the best Eve-related news and commentary in the best format possible. In…

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Playing EVE While Color-Blind

JMoravia 2019-02-05

Color-blindness is one of the most common disabilities in the world, affecting as many as 1 in every 12 men and 1 in every 50 women. The United States, population 330 million, is home to roughly 13.5 million color-blind men…

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The Trade War Rages On

mistwarden 2019-02-03

The first days of February brought a fresh attack on the Perimeter Tranquility Trading Tower from the forces of Northern Coalition (NCdot) and NCdot’s partners in PanFam. The defending force, Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST), was supported by the Imperium…