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Diplomacy: Wallet Warriors and Winning Wars

JuriusDoctor 2018-05-26

Header art by Mintaki This is part four of a five-part series on Diplomacy in EVE Online. The previous three articles in this series dealt with the scope and shape of the diplomat in New Eden; from what their place…

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Patch Notes for “Into the Abyss”

Paramemetic 2018-05-25

In an uncharacteristically early–perhaps even premature–release, CCP Falcon has published the patch notes for “Into the Abyss.” The patch itself is due on May 29. Most of the information is consistent with our previous coverage, but as a concise review, let’s…

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DevBlog: Triglavian Ships and How to Fit Them

Savvy Kneel 2018-05-25

They were announced at Fanfest last month, and have been hinted at further in recent DevBlogs, but now CCP is sharing specific details as the release date for Into the Abyss draws closer. All Triglavian ships and modules are governed…

3 Kaemai is streaming to benefit Macmillan Cancer Support Eve Online

24 hours streaming for Macmillan Cancer Support

mistwarden 2018-05-23

Header art by Empanada Earlier in the week, I heard about a corp member planning to complete a 24 hour gaming marathon, raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity close to his heart. Kiemai will be playing a wide…

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Breaking News: Intrepid Crossing lose 250 Billion in Heimatar

JuriusDoctor 2018-05-23

In the latest of a recent spate of apparent ambushed move-ops, Intrepid Crossing [IRC] have lost over two hundred and fifty billion ISK in Heimatar. The battle took place in Hedgiviter, which is fully five jumps from their nearest Sov…

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First Blood

Savvy Kneel 2018-05-22

Header art by Empanada The call came in just as I was returning home from a ratting run a few systems over. The timing was perfect, so I parked my Algos, hopped into my tackle Atron (thank you, GSF Free…

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Breaking News: Supercap fight in Wicked Creek

Rhivre 2018-05-20

An XIX move-op seems to have gone horribly wrong in the system of C-LTXS in Wicked Creek.  Fighting has broken out between XIX and FRT (Supported by TRI). TEST are en-route from ERVK to support XIX and Goons are heading down…

21 Eve Online

Sort Dragon’s Titan Destroyed in Ambushed GOTG Move Op

mistwarden 2018-05-20

Header art by Empanada Last night, Guardians Of The Galaxy was struck a blow with the loss of two titans, one of which was piloted by Sort Dragon, and a super for over 230B ISK of damage. A collection of…

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Book Review: Saga of Seven Suns

Roudin 2018-05-20

Art by Mintaki. For the TL;DR crowd, this seven book series by Kevin J. Anderson has been called a space opera in regards to its complexity. Imagine breaking down a game of Stellaris with active empires, fallen empires, and diverse…

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Dev Blog: Alliance Tournament Sixteen Announced

Dirk Stetille 2018-05-18

Earlier today (May 18), CCP released a dev blog detailing plans for the Alliance Tournament XVI. This information has been hotly anticipated ever since Fanfest in April, where CCP revealed that this iteration of the Alliance Tournament would be going…

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DevBlog: Follow That Filament!

Savvy Kneel 2018-05-18

CCP released a new DevBlog on Thursday with details about Eve’s newest PVE mode: Abyssal Deadspace. While the devblog did not tell us anything new, it serves as a concise recap of what’s to come.  These hidden pockets will be…

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Yet another Kenshin defection lightens Darkness wallet

Paramemetic 2018-05-17

In what has quickly bypassed satire and become routine, another Kenshin director has defected, taking with him billions in capital ships and blueprints, and transferring Athanors that may comprise the entirety of Kenshin’s moon operations. The heist took place at…

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A look at learning corporations: EVE University

Hideo Date 2018-05-17

Header art by Major Sniper Learning corporations occupy a unique and important place in New Eden. They are, if luck permits, often one of the first point of contacts for new capsuleers. It is safe to say that EVE is…

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Ranger Regiment parts ways with Winter Coalition, joins GotG

Paramemetic 2018-05-17

Days after the Winter Coalition held a State of the Coalition address, Ranger Regiment (RR) has announced its departure from the largely Chinese coalition. RR, itself a predominantly Chinese alliance, will be joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. The split…