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Stan Lee Dies At 95

Bill McDonough 2018-11-12

LOS ANGELES — Stan “The Man” Lee has died. He was 95 years old. The comic book legend had been battling poor health in recent years, including what he described as “a little bout of pneumonia” this past February. He…

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Wormholers and Goons Drop a Titan in Paragon Soul

General Thade 2018-11-11

On November 11 a Leviathan titan owned by the character Pedantic was tackled by Imperium forces while roaming the Region of Paragon Soul. Hard Knocks soon got involved and they pinged for support from Lazer Hawks and No Vacancies and…

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mistwarden 2018-11-11

I attended the last mass test for EVE Online ahead of the Onslaught expansion, and got the first-hand experience of the changes to the Abyss. Those changes include the introduction of mining platforms as well as the new solo PVP…

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The “Complexity Paradox”

Arabella Meyer 2018-11-09

It is undeniable that mobile games are an extremely lucrative and profitable market to be tapping into at this point in 2018; therefore, this article is not meant to criticize that business decision, as I for one would love to…

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Live Events Continue: Ushra’Khan And AmarrMil Clash Over Kahah

Bill McDonough 2018-11-09

In a follow-up to a story INN first reported on November 5, CCP’s renewed engagement in live events with players continues. At roughly 1800 UTC on November 5, Minmatar FW alliance Ushra’Khan (U’K) undocked a Providence-class freighter in Kahah. A…

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Wormhole Chaos: WHBOO and the Strange, Bizarre, So Fun, Very Weird Eviction

Vulxanis Viceroy 2018-11-08

Ready for a roller coaster of a story? The meat of this article will be quoting an After Action Review written by Jack Haamilton, one of the FCs who brought some kind of order to the utter insanity that was…

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Navigation Devblog Prompts Chilly Reception

Gray Doc 2018-11-07

TL;DR in the form of a haiku: Winter is coming, Making snow, rain, cold . . . and war Ever more likely. On November 6, 2018, CCP released a devblog that outlined a number of changes coming in the “upcoming…

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CO2 State Of The Alliance: GigX Returns (Again)?

mistwarden 2018-11-06

On November 4, Circle of Two held a SOTA meeting to announce their plans for the future. GigX, present on his alliance’s voice comms platform, discussed the unannounced reset of CO2 by Northern Coalition(dot), his struggles with CCP Team Security,…

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Leadership Update #54, 05/11/2018, “We Are The Real Guardians…”

Sister Bliss 2018-11-06

Sunday night, we’re sitting in the kitchen sink and waiting for the telephone to ring. It’s been a chilled day after our Saturday rampage and most people are chilling or finding random stuff to bitch about. We’re keeping tabs on…

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November Streamer of the Month – Lizzie Fox

LifeshifterX 2018-11-05

The 2nd Streamer of the Month has been chosen with over 50 votes. INN debuted the Streamer of the Month contest last month to help identify and support its’s gaming streamers on its Twitch platform. We spoke to our winner,…

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Fweddit Self-Destructs 20B in Highsec Storyline Action

Bill McDonough 2018-11-05

KAHAH—November 4, 2018: Between 16:42 and 16:54 UTC, Fweddit members and alts in Fwehman Brothers Holdings, Viziam, and Flight of the Kiwis self-destructed nine freighters worth 22 billion ISK. This move is the latest activity in an ongoing storyline connected…

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DeadCo Titans trapped by PH/BL

mistwarden 2018-11-04

BREAKING NEWS Around five Dead Coalition titans and supercapital support have been bubbled and are under fire from Pandemic Horde and Black Legion in the N2IS-B system; the fight is being streamed on the twitch channel. (from the NC/PL…

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NCdot loses the Initiative and get Snuffed Out due to Darwinism

Moomin Amatin 2018-11-04

There have been some that have claimed that dread bombs are no longer effective with FAX proliferation. Well it seems that Darwinism, Snuffed Out and Initiative did not get the memo. In the very early hours of 2018-11-04 a trap…

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Space News Update: November 2018—Kepler And Dawn Missions End, BepiColumbo Begins

Rhiannon Williams 2018-11-03

This time spacefans, we say farewell to two old friends, say hi to a possible exomoon, and arrive at Mercury! So Long Kepler And Thanks For All The Exoplanets Launched in 2009 after nine years of operation, the stunningly successful…