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Romulus Loches 2019-11-19

When Pearl Abyss purchased CCP just over a year ago, one of the concerns voiced by many Eve Online players was that it would become a Pay-To-Win game with tons of micro-transactions. In essence (no, not the region) this would…

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The Hare and the Tortoise: Downfall of Combat Interceptors

Saphira Hawk 2019-11-18

For a long long time, CCP has slowly rebalanced different ship classes to make them more popular, in most cases making them faster than their previous iterations. To some extent this was to make the game feel faster and more…

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Saphira Hawk 2019-11-11

According to the EVE Online twitter feed, the ‘Beat Around The Boosh’ patch announced by CCP Rise at EVE Vegas 2019 goes live on November 12. This update brings significant nerfs to the Bosonic Field Generator, Micro Jump Field Generator and…

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Art Vandolay 2019-11-09

Art by Redline XIII The months proceeding my transition into a Regional Arbitrage Trader saw my profits soar and my time spent at the market plummet. My success was consistent sustainable, fending off traders-bane: Burnout. My diversification strategy worked perfectly,…

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Bill McDonough 2019-11-08

In a tweet released earlier today, Verone, a.k.a. ex-CCP Falcon, announced his departure from CCP. The announcement came after nearly a week of speculation on reddit and other sites, stemming mostly from Falcon’s absence at EVE Vegas, as well as an extended…

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Invasion Chapter Two

Art Vandolay 2019-11-07

CCP confirms the name and release date of the 26th free expansion for Eve Online with the announcement of EVE Online: Invasion Chapter 2 to be released, coincidentally, November 26th.  Invasion Chapter 2 is the first expansion since the introduction…

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Announcing Reboot of The Meta Show

Bill McDonough 2019-11-06

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 6, 2019 INN Announcement: Reboot of “The Meta Show” Addition of New Co-Host, Format and Style The Imperium News Network, EVE Online’s largest player-run media enterprise, is announcing today that it is rebooting its flagship EVE…

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Life and Times of a Space Trader (Part Three)

Art Vandolay 2019-11-06

Sitting in front of the Market Interface updating orders every five minutes is not fun.  It is profitable and maximum ISK/Hour but leads to quick burnout and abysmal Fun/Hour. I came back to Eve with a vengeance to not only…

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INN 2019 Holiday Charity Drive!

LifeshifterX 2019-11-05

This year The Imperium News Stream Team is hosting a 24hr Holiday Charity drive to support Gamers Outreach, a charity that supports kids in the hospital by giving them the ease of entertainment through a Gaming Kart! The Streams will…

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Life and Times of a Space Trader (Part Two)

Art Vandolay 2019-11-02

Art by Redline XIII In part one I briefly outlined my origins, of which every point would define and guide my future choices in Eve, even to this day, 12 years later.  Further defining was the discovery that unfun game…

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BFG Changes: The Flyswatter without a racket

Saphira Hawk 2019-11-01

Art by Redline XIII So at EvE Vegas 2019, CCP made several announcements regarding ship balancing, some of which were just around the corner and some far into the future. The response CCP got from the players regarding all the changes…

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PSA – 100% Loot drop and Interceptor changes delayed to October 30

Rhivre 2019-10-29

The Halloween Event that launched yesterday with the Login event was scheduled to have 100% loot drops from ships, and changes to Interceptors going live today.  Unfortunately, a tweet from CCP Rise just after downtime informed everyone that there were issues…

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Life and Times of a Space Trader (Part One)

Art Vandolay 2019-10-29

Art by Redline XIII Editor’s Note: This is part one of a five-part series. Part five will delve into the mechanics of market trading for those who are interested in winning Eve at someone else’s expense. Mining, Mistakes, and the…

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Halloween Event now live, 100% Loot Drop, Interceptor Changes, Free SP

Quendan 2019-10-28

This year’s Halloween event brings login rewards for players logging in from downtime on October 28 to November 3, 2019, combat interceptor balance changes, 100% loot drop chance for destroyed player ships, and new SKINs to buy in the New…