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Invisible Monsters – A Glimpse into the Mysterious Denizens of Wormhole Space

Shokalokaboom 2018-08-14

Header Art by Redline XIII One of the most enigmatic areas of space in Eve Online technically doesn’t even exist in New Eden at all: the Anoikis Galaxy. This is Wormhole Space, known as “J-Space” to the locals.  The term…

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August Update and Beyond

mistwarden 2018-08-13

CCP recently announced Eve’s next update, due on August 14th. We’ll receive new designs for both the Navitas and Thalia as well as new textures and visual effects. The Tayra, Bustard Badger ad Crane are getting redesigned as well, with…

21 Eve Online

The Rise and Fall of 7th Estate

INN Staff 2018-08-11

Header Image by Major Sniper. We have been bringing you coverage recently of the newest coalition in New Eden, 7th Estate, comprising of Red Noise., Manifesto., Synergy of Steel, Blue Sun Interstellar Technologies, and Sl0W CHILDREN AT PLAY.  Our coverage…

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X47L-Q final timer

Rhivre 2018-08-08

Good evening, and welcome to our liveblog of the final timer for the NC. staging Keepstar in X46L-Q. You may have seen the armor timer on July 31.  I will be covering the events until late EUTZ, so if I…

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An Article Moſt Balanced & Fair, In Which We Courteouſly Diſcuſs Laſt Week’s Fight

Paramemetic 2018-08-08

On this, the morning of what may well become known as the Second Battle of X47L-Q, or else perhaps as the Great Flight, it is my duty and my honored privilege to bring to you a summary of the last…

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The Server – A TiDi Poem

Paramemetic 2018-08-08

The Server By Edgar Allen Fofofofofofofofofofofo Once upon a Wednesday dreary, while we pondered, weak and weary, Over many a tired and tedious staging fort of which we bored– As we shipspun, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As…

2 Interview

Killah Bee and the X47 Home Team

Savvy Kneel 2018-08-08

As INN readers know, we’ve been trying to capture a variety of perspectives on last week’s X47 Keepstar fight. Counting down to the Keepstar’s final timer, we checked in with NCdot’s Killah Bee to see what the fight looked like…

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The Adventures of Jay Amazingness

Rhom Achensa 2018-08-07

For most pilots drawn into battle at Northern Coalition’s staging Keepstar in X47L-Q, the fight dragged on in soul-crushing time dilation for hours, waiting for targets to lock and modules to activate. Those lucky few able to fire their guns…

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X47L-Q Behind the Scenes: Thomas Lear and the Battle in O-N8XZ

Roudin 2018-08-07

Image by Redline. Many words have been written about the fighting in X47L-Q. But X47 was not the only action going on. At the same time, fighting took place in the Imperium’s mid-point system of O-N8XZ. Both reinforcements moving toward…

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X74L-Q From The Eyes of the Little Guy

CaseyLP 2018-08-06

Greetings, fellow Capsuleers. My name is CaseyLP, and I’m a humble member of Mecha Enterprises Fleet: a corporation within the Federation Uprising alliance, a Lowsec Faction Warfare alliance, as well as a sov holding alliance, owning six systems in the…

10 Interview

X47L-Q: An Interview With Asher Elias

Roudin 2018-08-06

Image by Empanada. As part of INN’s look at the fighting over the X47L-Q Keepstar, we reached out to Asher Elias. Asher was the lead FC for the armor timer, and the man who made the critical decision to drop…

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X47L-Q: A Dragon’s Eye View

Bill McDonough 2018-08-06

Image by Redline. The Keepstar battle in X47L-Q marked one of the largest fights in EVE Online history. In terms of titans killed, it places behind only B-R5RB. And it far outpaces even that battle in the sheer amount of…

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Killah Bee: NC Keepstar ‘will die’

Rhom Achensa 2018-08-06

In an impromptu coalition update in the evening of Sunday August 5, Northern Coalition(dot) Campaign Commander Killah Bee said he expects The Imperium will destroy the Keepstar in X47L-Q on August 8. The north has been reeling in recent weeks…

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7th Estate SOTA

Rhivre 2018-08-05

Jin’taan’s coalition, 7th Estate, have just held their second SOTA. The newly formed coalition have now held 2 SOTAs in a month. Last time we heard from them they were going to be running guerrilla style attacks on PanFam and Fraternity…