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9 Eve Online

Meta Mechanics: The Interceptor

Lekly 2017-02-26

In EVE, every class of ships is designed to fulfill a specific role above all others. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do things with a ship that it wasn’t originally designed for, just that it requires a bit more effort to make things work. Often, a ship fitted to do a job that it…

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RIP Honeymonstar (F7C-H0-2017-02-25 14:56)

Sister Bliss 2017-02-26

After 3 years and 346 days of traversing the universe firing doomsday after doomsday & grinding campaign after campaign, medal war hero of Stain 2013 and INIT. Avatar Titan pilot Honeymonstar was eventually destroyed after collectively massacring a combined PanFam/GOTG cap fleet with a daring quad-BFG “Blunderbuss” manoevre along with fellow Titan pilots Isabella Thresher,…

5 Eve Online

SuperCap Brawl in F7C-H0 Destroys Over 750 Billion

Londala Pox 2017-02-26

Around 1300 EVE Time on February 25, the Cloud Ring system of F7C-H0 saw fighting between capitals and supercapitals that destroyed over 750b ISK. As Jita burned, The Initiative (INIT.) made an attempt to retake a set of moons that had recently fallen to Pandemic Horde and their allies. When the dust settled, both sides…

5 Eve Online


Dan Cyr 2017-02-25

The stakes were high in BY-MSY on Feb 23 as TEST Alliance Please Ignore brought out the big guns to battle Stainwagon and allies, with Soviet-Union and Red Alliance ships forming the bulk of the fleet. The battle that ran up a total loss of 330 billion ISK between both sides and was fought between over…

16 Burn Jita logo Eve Online

The “death” of Burn Jita

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-02-24

Gankers love spinning a good story just as much as they love blasting ships out of the sky, and this past week was full of interesting tales. On Friday, February 17, news broke on Reddit that famed multiboxing ganker Jason Kusion had absconded from CODE. with the contents of the corporation hangers.  Evepraisals produced by…

2 Eve Online

ALOD: Azbel Blueprint tanked Ares ganked in Enderailen

Dan Cyr 2017-02-24

A spot of bad luck for the Butlerian Crusade and a black mark on their killboard as corp member Frankster Ijonen was caught asleep at the switch with a 25b Azbel blueprint in the cargohold. The lucky kill was scored by Vale Of Silence corp members Philip Batten and Plug5 in the generally quiet Enderailen…

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First Annual Statecraft CSM Debates

Rhivre 2017-02-24

With CSM season well and truly upon us, the candidates are all busy doing the rounds of the various podcasts and streams that are doing interviews (such as the ones being run by our very own Matterall on his Talking In Stations shows), getting their voice out there before voting starts on 6 March. These…

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The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: INN Videos and Lineup for the weekend of 25 FEB 2017

MacCloud 2017-02-24

Ready to catch up on all the latest and greatest news from Eve Online this week on our now fully re branded and renamed Channel? We have the talk shows for you this coming weekend including:   Open Comms Show – 02:00 UTC Dreydan Trovirr, Dirk MacGirk and the Open Comms crew are joined…

1 Fiction

Winter Three: Chapter Five

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2017-02-23

Voss reaches friendly lines only to find out that things are not going well. Previously: Chapter I : Chapter II : Chapter III : Chapter IV The complete novella is on sale at Amazon in ebook or paperback.   Chapter V   Captain Falk was true to his word. No Luteans bothered us on the way to the…

4 Eve Online

Eve Online Players to Help Search for Exoplanets

Rhiannon Williams 2017-02-23

After today’s exciting announcement by NASA regarding new exoplanets that may be capable of hosting life (I’ll be going to that in a bit more depth very soon), CCP announced today, a new addition to its Citizen Science Programme, which will allow capsuleers to help scientists like myself find new worlds and hopefully new life!…

7 Capital fight in FZC News

Horde Hotdrops The Imperium and Initiative Over Tower

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-02-22

Pandemic Horde baited Goonswarm and The Initiative. into a capital brawl over a tower belonging to the Fweddit of the Initiative. The battle lasted from roughly between 03:00-04:30 EVE time in the system of F7C-H0 of Cloud Ring. According to the battle report, almost 900 characters took part in the fight that lasted nearly a little over an…

11 Editorial

Market History Data Problems

Rhivre 2017-02-21

The markets in Eve are used by everyone, whether you are dumping your loot to buy orders, building ships, or trading the weekly price swings.  For those who interact with the market for more than instant buys and sells, a key component of their interaction is the market history, which shows you the historical prices…

2 Fiction

Winter Three: Chapter Four

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2017-02-20

The chaos and carnage of the drop convinced Voss that this was not going to be a cakewalk. She’s going find out that being on the ground will not be easier. Previously: Chapter I : Chapter II : Chapter III The complete novella is on sale at Amazon in ebook or paperback.   Chapter IV   Nine hundred…

8 Eve Online

The Apostle in Amarr

Rhiannon Williams 2017-02-19

*may contain propaganda* An Apostle in Amarr? Isn’t that a capital ship? Why yes it is! In hi-sec? Why yes it is! News just in is the that his Holiness Max Singularity VI, First of his Name, otherwise known as our very own Spacepope, the Spiritual Leader and co-founder of the Sixth Empire alliance with…