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5 Eve Online

Goonswarm Federation takes down BR Sotiyo v2.0 in Delve

Dan Cyr 2017-07-27

The mysterious Blood Raider Sotiyo has once again been conquered by Goonswarm Federation. Being first in line to the BR Sotiyo is nothing new to the Imperium of course, having been the first coalition to destroy one upon their release…

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Albion Online is Live

Chase Gamwell 2017-07-26

Albion Online is a brand new sandbox MMORPG, and on July 17, 2017 after five years in testing, it finally released. While the game is geared towards group PvPers, there is more than enough to see and do in Albion…

7 Eve Online

The Next Crusade – The Fall of Kamela

Johnny Crowe 2017-07-26

‘The Heroes of Saik’ coalition have slowly brought back order to Kamela. The Empire has reached out to the Minmatar Rebels with but one word: Surrender. Their message is clear: this crusade will not be stopped. What started off a…

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Ketriaava 2017-07-25

Hi there. Before I begin, I want to provide a personal note. For all our complaining and jadedness, CCP truly puts in a great deal of effort to promote transparency and attentiveness to feedback. It really is there, and it’s…

6 User Submitted

Manifesto.’s Position and Take on Wicked Creek Drama

Submission 2017-07-25

Editor’s note: This piece was submitted to us by Quendishir from Manifesto., and has been published as-is aside from minor grammar and spelling tweaks. This is one of those pieces that simply comes out, because a narrative is attempting to…

24 Editorial

Test – Revenge, Brilliance or Stupidity?

Moomin Amatin 2017-07-24

Fly my pretties! July 22 saw the in game map light up from activity of pilots in space in the system of D-PN, which is the home of Test Alliance. Rumours had already been abound as a post was made…

4 Eve Online

The Last Haul – You Can’t Fight Fate

Johnny Crowe 2017-07-23

 With 91 Billion ISK a man could change the very map itself. With a very heavy heart, I was given the honor of speaking with the man nUMbEr5iSaLivE. I’m sure many of you know by now, in the early, hazy…

13 Eve Online

One Hel of a Heist

Annexe 2017-07-23

It was a cold and stormy night in Fountain… The Set-Up The system of DBRN-Z was close to deserted, having been camped by a lone TNT pilot by the name of Rusty Boon, for in his sights, an abandoned super-carrier…

10 Eve Online

TEST Alliance Deploys

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-07-22

TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) have recently begun a move East, with the current destination unknown. With the current political climate in the South East of New Eden, it would appear that their intention is to reposition with plans to…

2 Review

Elite Dangerous: Premonition — A Book Review

FroggyStorm 2017-07-22

Last week, Elite Dangerous’ creator, Frontier Developments, released a new book. Titled Elite Dangerous: Premonition, the volume is a canonical story within the universe. INN, in the interest of keeping abreast of, and reporting on, the lore aspect of ED,…

4 Eve Online

The Drafting Table: Cyclone

Robby Kasparic 2017-07-21

Welcome back to another issue of The Drafting Table. This time we continue looking at Minmatar battlecruisers as the Cyclone storms onto the stage. Backstory After the lackluster performance of the Hurricane, I still wanted to take advantage of my…

2 Eve Online

Scanning Pre-DevBlog – Some Quality of Life Updates

Lekly 2017-07-20

From the looks of this pre-DevBlog post, there will be some changes coming in August that have been long awaited. Here is a copy of the post for the people who have clicked on too many links in local and…

24 Editorial

The Agency Event: Go back to the Farm

Vulxanis Viceroy 2017-07-20

The new event called “The Agency” was launched this week. It takes all the redeeming factors of the Shadow of the Serpent event, and then bashes you over the head with the baby rattle of poor execution. Unlike its predecessor, which had loot…

9 Devblog

Devblog – Moon Mining Changes

Rhivre 2017-07-19

CCP released a devblog today, July 19, to give out more information about the moon mining changes coming this winter. The blog reiterates what we already know about the moon mining. Each moon can only have 1 refinery on it…