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World War Bee: Week Four

Ban Syrin 2020-08-03

Week four of World War Bee saw a fair amount of action, and some major strategic shifts. The ISK split in the major theaters continues to be roughly 60%-40% in favor of the attackers. In the two main theaters of…

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CCP 2020 EVE Security Update

Bill McDonough 2020-08-01

On July 29, CCP released their EVE Security Update for 2020. In it, they put up a bunch of interesting numbers: botting accounts banned, number of reports files, number of accounts filing reports, and more, all for the first seven…

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June 2020 Monthly Economic Report Analysis and EVE’s Potential Economic Crisis

RedlineXIII 2020-07-29

The Monthly Economic Report for June was released on July 23rd, and it paints a clear picture of the consequences created by changes to money-making activities and the ships that perform those activities. We can see that NPC bounties are…

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Eve Echoes Corporation and Alliance AMA Summary

Cassian Anders 2020-07-28

On July 16, a day after the closure of the final beta test, the developers of Eve Echoes hosted an AMA focused on the topic of corporations and alliances. Acknowledgement is given to YouMel Gaming, who did an excellent job…

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A Very Conservative War

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2020-07-27

“De l’audace, encore de l’audace, toujours de l’audace . . .” -Georges Danton. War never changes, at least in EVE Online. No matter how many times CCP changes the sov system, the ship mechanics, the resource mechanics, the fundamental truth…

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World War Bee: Week Three

Ban Syrin 2020-07-27

Three weeks into World War Bee and the advantage between its parties has stabilized at about a 60-40% ISK loss split. That equals roughly 2.9 trillion ISK lost by the Imperium and 2 trillion ISK by PandaFam and Legacy. By aggregating battle…

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Breaking News: Eve Echoes Official Launch Date Announced

Cassian Anders 2020-07-26

On July 25, CCP and NetEase unveiled the long-awaited release date for EVE Echoes, the mobile-based adaptation of EVE Online. The release will occur on August 13, and this was published on the official Eve Echoes Twitter page. We're excited…

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This is Why we Fight

Diclorian Pilot 2020-07-25

I’m a fleet commander in the Imperium. A friend presented me with an idea for a job a week before the end of the NIP. I was told to gather my pilots. That means people with whom I fly, but also…

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Are Goons Bad For EVE?

Cato Azizora 2020-07-24

Every time there is a war against Goonswarm, and by extension the Imperium as a whole, a propaganda myth emerges. Since the time of Band of Brothers the claim that “Goons are bad for EVE” has been heard. Even the…

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L-A5XP: How PAPI Took Taurus

Calyle Morrison 2020-07-22

EDITOR’S NOTE: A look at the biggest battle to date in World War Bee from the point of view of the PAPI FCs involved.  Tuesday, July 14 – Around roughly 2200 hours, Pandemic Alliance Please Ignore [PAPI] deployed a sizable sub…

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Salvaging My Way to Riches

Major Sniper 2020-07-22

As a new bro I’d heard my corp mates tell me that I could make more ISK if I salvaged, but I thought that’d be a waste of time. I was really looking for a corp that would help me…

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EVE Unveils a New Molea Memorial

Ban Syrin 2020-07-22

A July 21 patch yielded a surprise for capsuleers as CCP debuted a new memorial structure at the Molea Cemetery for Fallen Capsuleers. The new memorial is three basalt columns, floating in a triad around a beautiful cyno-visual orb with…

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World War Bee: Week Two

Ban Syrin 2020-07-20

Two weeks into World War Bee and New Eden’s null sec war has finally had a major engagement. Fountain was extremely busy as PandaFam and associates battered the castle doors, taking down some iHubs in the region. The total ISK…

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Flyposters and the War on Graffiti

Calyle Morrison 2020-07-19

With war broken out amongst the null blocs and EVE celebrating various galactic holidays, clean up crews across the cluster are working overtime to ensure that the space lanes are litter free. But while salvagers will be getting plump on…