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17 Eve Online

A Flaccid “End Game” PAPI Announcement

Aneu 2021-07-24

In an awe-inspiringly flaccid Legacy announcement, TEST FC and professionally-mythical deity Progodlegend announced that PAPI would be re-starting their offensive against 1DQ1-A. Initial re-engagement is slated to being this week with sub-capital assets, while members are strongly encouraged to re-subscribe…

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Battle Report: Escalation in Vale

Elthar Nox 2021-07-24

Snuffed Out poke the Panda Snuffed Out have lost a large dread brawl in Vale of the Silent against Fraternity. Early reports indicate that Snuffed Out, the primarily Low Sec alliance, outnumbered 2:1, have suffered their largest defeat of their…

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Devblog: CCP’s 2021 Roadmap!

Elthar Nox 2021-07-23

CCP have pulled back the curtains and openly communicated with the players in a long, revealing and insightful July Update Devblog. Key activity for the future is highlighted, along with the end of scarcity (huzzah!) that is scheduled for Q4…

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PAPI’s Big Announcement: Some Speculation

Aneu 2021-07-21

If you are interested in anything nullsec, or the great war currently going on, then you will have undoubtedly heard that there is a “big” announcement coming on the 24th of this month. It’s a day being heralded as the…

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Decadence, not might, is the answer

Osir1s 2021-07-20

It appears quite a few people in PAPI have this dream that they are saving the game by uniting and removing the Imperium from the game.

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World War Bee: Week 54

Ban Syrin 2021-07-19

Week 54 of World War Bee was up slightly from  week 53, with 15 total hostile actions reported, putting the week just above some of the absolute lows. Delve and its environs were home to most of the action. [Editor’s…

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The Grand Heist is here!

Elthar Nox 2021-07-16

Space crowbars at the ready – it’s time for some serious interstellar robbery. The Great Heist is here, landing in New Eden at the end of July. For months players have been speculating about when these much fabled “Reserve Keys”…

13 Eve Online

The Alliance Tournament: The Reaction

Elthar Nox 2021-07-15

Thousands of EVE players flocked to CCP’s Youtube channel today, hyping themselves into a frenzy over the well-publicized “announcement” trailer. For days speculation was rife. The stage was set, the curtain closed; what could be so important that CCP decide…

12 Breaking News

Breaking News: CCP Announce Alliance Tournament XVII

Dirk Stetille 2021-07-14

At 1500 UTC today (July 14, 2021), CCP dropped an announcement in a video posted to the EVE Online YouTube channel. Prior to going live, the YouTube trailer had been subject to a timed “premiere” countdown of 24 hours, fuelling…

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World War Bee: Week 53

Ban Syrin 2021-07-14

Week 53 of World War Bee was down again from  week 52, with 13 total hostile actions reported, the second-lowest of the year-long war. Delve and its environs were home to most of the action. [Editor’s Note: As the war…

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I Told You So

Undeadenemy 2021-07-14

Regular readers of INN may have seen some of the articles I wrote in the past covering the state of the game, and the types of changes it needed to see in order to avoid the catastrophic changes CCP has…

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DevBlog – Paci and Enforcer Buff by the WHPD Chief

Elthar Nox 2021-07-13

As the Pacifier and Enforcer get a buff, INN passed the reins over to Vinnegar Douche, Chief of The Wormhole Police to bring you the good news. Dear Dirtbags, It’s me, Vinne. Now, I’m sure many of you dirty crooks…

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9 Days in Tarkov: How an EVE Bittervet Became a Newbee Again

Ganthrithor 2021-07-11

Out-of-control economies, you say? Learning cliffs? A hellscape of dead newbies and knowledge-gap chasms with no tutorials to help ease your crossing? A semi-persistent world where you stand to lose everything you bring to every fight, where you can quickly end up bankrupt, intensely frustrated, and ready to quit the game?

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World War Bee: a Retrospective on M2-XFE

Gray Doc 2021-07-09

The turning point in WWB was the Debacle of M2-XFE. When histories are written of this war, even those currently being written, the two-battle sequence that took place in M2- will be seen as the time the scales of war…