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1 Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous “Beyond Chapter One” – What crime deserves this punishment?

Paramemetic 2018-01-22

Times have been hard for Elite’s players lately, with very few actually looking forward to updates. Since the disastrous release of multi-crew last year with Horizons 2.3, all but the most ardent forum defenders have remained skeptical of announced updates….

0 Eve Online

The Little Aeon that Could

mistwarden 2018-01-22

Sometimes, everything goes to plan. Sometimes you find yourself inside a supercarrier sat in front of an operational hostile Keepstar. On January 17, in true Goon fashion, the latter happened. For those who were not present, an Aeon found itself…

15 Op-Ed

A Bigger Boat

David Matterall 2018-01-21

One of my favorite moments in film was a jump scare in Jaws. Brodi chums the waters to attract the eponymous man-eating shark, but when the beast peeps his head out the water, the tables are turned. Stunned, Brodi backs…

4 Editorial

Perception, meet Reality

Canis Fangborn 2018-01-21

Welcome to Goonswarm… So, there I am, minding my own business (ok, I was ship-spinning in Dairy Queen – don’t judge me) when a pop-up grabs my attention. <name redacted – opsec> wishes to initiate a conversation with you. “Oh…

36 Op-Ed

How Being Risk-Averse Breaks EVE Online

Sothrasil 2018-01-21

Eve is a very complicated system, and the tiniest change can lead to great effects, but it can also be slow to react. Yes, I am going to make a point about Interceptors, how their inherent nullification is breaking the…

4 News

Devpost: Update on Structures 2.0

mistwarden 2018-01-20

Early on January 20, CCP Fozzie posted an FAQ addressing some of the issues that players have raised over the proposed changes in the Upwell 2.0 patch. The Standup Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator(GTFO) This module allows the citadel gunner to…

2 Eve Online


David Matterall 2018-01-19

The Razor’s Edge is a column written from the precarious middle that lies between the forever warring powers, BoB and GOONS (modern-day Northern Coalition and The Imperium, respectively). The forever war continued in the wake of 2016’s volatility – Imperium…

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mistwarden 2018-01-19

On December 12 last year, Team TriLambda released a devblog about the devastating news of the passing of CCP Blaze. Blaze worked as a senior software engineer within the audio and graphics team at CCP Iceland. Six unique skins were…

5 Devblog

Devblog – Upwell 2.0 for february 13th details are up

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2018-01-19

This was announced back in Eve Vegas: Upwell 2.0 is coming with a load of changes to try and balance the Upwell family.  And today, Team Five-O gave us this huge dev blog with loads more details about the major changes…

11 Eve Online

Liveblog – 9-4RP2 Keepstar Armor Timer Round 2

Rhivre 2018-01-17

Good evening, and welcome to our coverage of the second fight for the armour timer in 9-4RP2. To recap what has already happened: on January 15 Imperium reinforced the Pandemic Horde Freanchstar in 9-4RP2. Last night, forces formed up for…

5 Eve Online

Breaking News, Capital Battle Breaks Out In 5c-RPA

mistwarden 2018-01-17

Breaking news, fighting in 5C-RPA. Four Solar fleet supers and a titan are down. Solar fleet is engaging in a fleet battle with fraternity again in the Insmother region of space again. This area of space is becoming a popular…

6 Eve Online

PL Blockade Wakes Up Providence

JMoravia 2018-01-17

There were rumblings for all of December in the normally quiet nullsec region of Providence that Pandemic Legion was coming, and the dam finally broke two weeks ago. On Friday, January 5, PL dropped an Infrastructure Hub in the system…

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Liveblog – Keepstar Timer in 9-4RP2

Rhivre 2018-01-16

Good evening, and welcome to our coverage of the Keepstar armour timer in 9-4RP2. The Imperium reinforced the Horde Keepstar last night, and are rumoured to be forming up for the armour timer right now. At present there are 1600 in…

16 Eve Online


Hopeful Turtle 2018-01-15

At 2020 EVE, INN was made aware of Imperium fleet movements in Cloud Ring. It has now become apparent that the intention is to attack the Pandemic Horde 9-4RP2 Keepstar. The Imperium has carriers, Machariels and Jackdaws on grid, and…