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Lord of the Rings Online Offers Minas Morgul Pre-Order

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2019-10-13

Standing Stone Games has opened preorders for the 7th expansion to their game, Lord of the Rings Online. This one will open up the dead city of Minas Morgul and allow players to kill the giant spider Shelob. As Lord…

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ISK Efficiency and the Dominance of the Jag

Saphira Hawk 2019-10-10

As the title suggests, this piece will be about the current ISK efficiency balance between attackers and defenders in the space of larger alliances, mostly Pandemic Horde and Goonswarm Federation. The focus on those areas comes as these are primary…

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Eve Online October Update: New Triglavian Content

mistwarden 2019-10-09

Spoilers about really cool stuff in the game that got me excited to play and talk about Eve Online below. You have been warned. The latest update for Eve Online has been delivered, bringing a new Triglavian site for players…

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An Evening Killing Triglavians

mistwarden 2019-10-06

It’s my firm belief that CCP believes, for now, that the Triglavians are the future of EVE’s gameplay and features. We’ve seen the Triglavians invade more and more systems as they moved into lowsec regions, even hitting starter and new-player…

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FW Leaders Agree to Moratorium on Mission Farming

Quendan 2019-10-05

Leaders of major corporations and alliances active in the Minmatar-Amarr Faction Warfare (FW) zone have agreed to not contest systems that contain lowsec FW agents to curb mission farming, a recent Reddit post has revealed. This moratorium is intended for…

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Elite Dangerous Community in Uproar After Botched Patch

Quendan 2019-10-02

On September 18, Frontier Developments released an update to Elite Dangerous which introduced numerous bugs, and has led to community leaders and content creators getting riled up against the developer. This culminated in a suggestion document signed by representatives of…

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WinterCo Keepstars: Buy Five, Let Five Go Free

mistwarden 2019-10-01

With the war engines slowly starting to wear down in Detorid, it’s been reported on reddit that Winter Coalition leadership recently came to the negotiating table with Legacy Coalition, offering a deal regarding a number of Keepstars in the contested…

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Jin’terviews – Merkelchen on the CSM 14 Summer Summit

Jin'taan 2019-09-28

Earlier this week, before the release of the CSM minutes, I had the chance to sit down with Merkelchen in order to discuss his thoughts on the summit. Whilst the news cycle will undoubtedly be focusing on those minutes, it’s…

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Raindancing, Demigods and A Conspicious Lack of Vision: CSM Summit Minutes Released

Quendan 2019-09-27

CCP have released the Summit Minutes of CSM 14. Weighing in at around 70 pages, it details most of the 20+ Sessions that pertained between 2-5 September in Iceland. This opinionated bullet-pointed summary details some of the key points of…

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Ganthrithor 2019-09-25

This is the first of a series of articles intended to address the current failings of EVE’s nullsec game mechanics and to compare these mechanics to those of antiquity in a likely-foolhardy attempt to advocate for a complete revamp of…

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PSA: Triglavian Invasion in New Player Hub

mistwarden 2019-09-23

As we all know, the Triglavian Collective has been invading high-security space in recent months, and following the most recent patch, they have expanded their invasion front further to include low-sec. However, low-sec areas are not the only place the…

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Jin’talks – What Has CCP Gotten Right in 2019?

Jin'taan 2019-09-23

It was pointed out to me in a few conversations recently that my articles have been predominantly negative, as I’ve looked at aspects of the game that I don’t think have been well handled, from Citadels through Supercapitals to the…

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Showdown in Detorid

mistwarden 2019-09-23

A hotly anticipated assault on Winter Coalition iHubs was carried out across downtime and the early afternoon of September 22, in the Detorid region. With seventeen iHubs on the menu (including the key IAS-I5 keepstar system), both Legacy and Winter…

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Inner Hell’s Hole Control Mastery Equals N0MEX Keepstar Kill

Robert Miller 2019-09-22

Early Saturday, September 21, Anomalous Existence [N0MEX] lost its Keepstar in J150869, a C2 wormhole they’ve called home since early 2013. The loss cost the corp and its alliance Spatial Instability [SPIN] an estimated 500b ISK, which included subcaps, caps…