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2 A Vanquisher titan in EVE Online. Eve Online

Darkness Scams Client: Trust No One

Thel Ancora 2016-12-02

A week ago if you asked just about anyone who the three most trustworthy people in EVE Online were, most would tell you Chribba, Grendall and Darknesss. Darknesss, formally a very trusted third party who secured over 1300 supercapitals and 19 trillion ISK in total, chose to close this third party business and cash out…

2 valmodsplash 7 Days to Die

7 Days To Die: Valmod Review

Andrew Sturgis 2016-12-02

7 Days to Die is a challenging game in its Vanilla form. The first hours of a new world are spent scrounging and preparing. You have six days of prepping for that seventh night horde of zombies. The scarcity of resources, tenacity of the zombies, and progression of a character imbues the game with a…

4 wot_adventannouncement_16_684x280_del_eng World of Tanks

Tankmas is here!

Jack Hulatt 2016-12-02

As the festive season begins once again, what better way to spend your days than mass vehicular destruction. Yes, it’s that time of year again and the World of Tanks tankvent calendar is back upon us once again, over at, bringing daily deals and festive offers every, well, day. Every day a new rare…

11 tishudead Eve Online

MBC Alliance Psychotic Tendencies [TISHU] is Dead, Imperium Citizens Rejoice

Alexander "The Mittani" Gianturco 2016-12-02

Another anti-Imperium MBC alliance from the Casino War bites the dust.  Psychotic Tendencies [TISHU] is gone, their last major corporation leaving that alliance hours ago. Like TISHU itself, former leader Lex Arson’s twitter is nowhere to be found. Asked for comment, a high-ranking Imperium official offered the following statement before descending into uncontrollable spasms of mocking…

13 cybernetics Eve Online

Life of an Alpha Clone: Not All Created Equal

Lekly 2016-12-01

The Question The Ascension release has enabled large numbers of players to either return to the game or new players to enjoy the Eve universe without having to financially commit until they are ready.  However, something that most people may not realize is that not all Alpha clones are the same.  There are some crucial…

3 An Imperial Clipper near a ringed gas giant in Elite Dangerous. Editorial

Elite Dangerous: A Study in Differences

FroggyStorm 2016-12-01

Elite is not Eve. In many ways, Eve will forever stand alone as a game that has defined what a MMO can become when the social element transcends what is possible within the software of the game itself. Elite Dangerous does, however, share a rather surprising number of aspects with Eve. In this piece I…

5 drifters Interview

SERAPH’s crusade against the Drifter menace

Quendan 2016-11-30

Who are the Drifters? CCPs newest storyline is one that new players get thrown into right when they enter the game, as the tutorial takes them through the steps needed to destroy a Drifter hive. However, many players will never see Drifters again – except for those who have made it their mission in EVE…

4 Foundation Update Review

No Man’s Sky – The Foundation Update

Modern Inferno 2016-11-30

No Man’s Sky 1.0 (Game Background) Make no mistake, No Man’s Sky is probably the most controversial game in recent memory. Since release, Hello Games (the developers) has mostly been media-silent since release of the game in response to the backlash from the community regarding the gap between promises about the game, and what was…

6 iskstarterbluehorz Eve Online

Crowdfunding hits EVE

Quendan 2016-11-30

After CCP put an end to gambling, many community projects – streamers, news sites and a variety of labours of love – need funding as they readjust to the reality of pockets being rather shallow. They need to find new sources of income, bootstrap their operations, align with an entity, or ask the people they…

7 alphapositiveimage01 User Submitted

Alpha Positive

Mynxee 2016-11-29

The Ascension expansion brought us Alpha clones on November 15, 2016. In the short time since Alpha clones have appeared in New Eden, the tone in the community has been remarkably positive. Everyone seems to be welcoming Alphas (or “Alpacas” as they were dubbed by Twitter’s #tweetfleet) with open arms and interested in helping them get…

6 spyplane User Submitted

New Eden’s Emerging Power’s Must Train Information Warfare 5

amarshall9000 2016-11-29

In the wake of the Tribute war, I have observed that there are bitter feelings and tensions on both sides of the spectrum.  When one thinks about war in New Eden, one thinks about the defining battles such as Asakai or B-R.  Outside of the two remaining superpowers, (The Goonswarm Federation and the Pandemic Family,)…

9 roleplay Featured

Real, not Role Play

Caleb Ayrania 2016-11-28

In EVE Online we are all well and firmly conditioned to the term “EVE is Real”, it’s been repeated by the CCP marketing since it was coined in 2011. The following is about how much deeper and more complicated that term really is. The choice of using Alex “The Mittani” Gianturco as the example, is…

20 offshoring Eve Online

New Eden Trading Company

Rhivre 2016-11-28

We have previously written about the New Eden Trade Network when it was first announced back in October.  The project has now moved forward enough that C4w3 was able to make an announcement on Reddit on November 21 for the official opening of the Trade Network. Overview As part of the launch of the network, the…

5 tmc Editorial

To The End of TheMittani.Com

Andrew Sturgis 2016-11-27

In August of 2012, a new Eve Online news site launched with the goal of providing content that adhered to a higher standard. Now, a little over four years later, domain will be but a memory in the annals of the internet. This isn’t the end to the writers, the content, or the organization…