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Snuffed Out and Friends Dunk Renters in Cobalt Edge

Londala Pox 2017-03-25

As large as the New Eden universe is, nothing brings us all together better than a nice wormhole chain. An example of this just happened in the remote area of Cobalt Edge, where supercarriers from the renter empire Shadow of xXDEATHXx met a tragic end in the system of 1M7-RK. After the dust cleared, Project.Mayhem,…

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Goonswarm Federation: A New Member’s Perspective

WintersWolf 2017-03-25

This piece is intended to give new or even veteran players an idea of what life in Goonswarm Federation is like from the perspective of a new member. However before I discourse at great length about life in Goonswarm and the Imperium, I would like to take a moment to explain where I have come…

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The Greatest Talk Shows Every Week: INN Lineup for the weekend of 25 MAR 2017

MacCloud 2017-03-24

We’re coming at you again with a plethora of awesome talk shows for you this weekend! Please be aware some of them have changed time due to the Daylight Saving Time changes in the US over the past few weeks. Come check us out!   Open Comms Show – 01:00 UTC Dreydan Trovirr, Dirk MacGirk…

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Introducing Refineries and New Moon Mining

David Matterall 2017-03-24

CCP has yet to announce the next official expansion, but a few days ago they announced one of its major features, Refineries. These were referred to as “drilling platforms” in discussions revolving around EVE’s new structures. The Upwell Consortium continues to evolve, with the introduction of Citadels last year, and Engineering Platforms six months ago….

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The Eve Help Channel: What is it Good For?

Kael Decadence 2017-03-24

EVE IS HARD When the Ascension patch released a few months ago and brought Alpha Clones into the fold, I wrote my first article and created a Discord group from that idea called “EVE an Hour”. While the server never really caught on because of ISD insisting that I was not allowed to advertise my help…

1 PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds Enters Early Access News

PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds Enters Early Access

WintersWolf 2017-03-24

FOUR YEARS IN THE MAKING From humble beginnings as a genre defining game-mode for DayZ mod on ARMA 2, PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale standalone game that has finally hit a milestone many gamers have been waiting for. After extensive development, Battlegrounds is now available through Early Access on Steam, where players can now…

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Co2 declares war on The Imperium

Moomin Amatin 2017-03-23

Now with extra advanced notice In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Co2 has announced that they are “at war with the Goon Swarm Federation, The Imperium“. Now a call for war is definitely not the surprising element here. It is rather, surprising that Co2 have decided to announce this one, which is in stark…

2 Multicrew in Elite Dangerous. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous: 2.3 Beta Impressions

Paramemetic 2017-03-23

Frontier opened up the beta for the Elite Dangerous 2.3 update several weeks ago, initially lacking its flagship multicrew functionality. The character creator has been more or less exactly as advertised, with players able to work with over 50 presets for each gender and a very robust editor allowing for creations ranging from beautiful to…

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0% tax citadels are bad, and why you should think so too

Jeronica 2017-03-22

History of the hub 0% citadels Trading for free is bad. But before we start going into this, let’s start by saying that this is an opinion piece, and as such there will be many people who will oppose this idea. I’ve kept my opinions to myself for the most part, but more and more…

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PLEX Changes Analysis and Issues

Rhivre 2017-03-21

Last week, CCP announced that Aurum and PLEX will be changing, as we covered in an article here. There have been a lot of passionate responses to this change on Reddit and the Eve-O forums since the announcement was made, and CCP Rise popped into Talking in Stations this week to discuss the changes in more…

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Curse App Rebranded As Twitch Desktop App: Amazon Closing In On Steam?

Dan Cyr 2017-03-20

Amazon is taking another step towards becoming a one stop shopping destination for everything imaginable with their rebranding of the Curse App to the Twitch Desktop App. Is this the beginning of the end some of the smaller PC game portals, and a real threat to Steam? The Curse App got its start in…

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Kerbal Space Program: Making History DLC Announced

Turk Fezzik 2017-03-20

A few days ago, Squad announced a new expansion for Kerbal Space Program, a massive localization patch, and The Kerbal Chronicles digital magazine. The Making History expansion includes a mission builder and a set of premade missions based on historical events. The localization patch brings Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian, and Spanish localization to the client….

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The Culture Aeon Dies In 78B Brawl in CHA2-Q

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-03-20

The region of Fountain has been the subject of a recent eviction campaign of LowSechnaya Sholupen, and their allies, by The Culture as “They do not play well with others.” The latest incident on March 20 began relatively small, but escalated to involve multiple fleets totally over 800 pilots, and saw the destruction of over…

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How renting has changed my view of the sandbox

codypollard 2017-03-19

For most of my four year EVE career, I have mainly been a PVPer. The ISK I made through ratting and the market was only ever made to be put back into losing more ships. The concept of investing in PVE ships and skills was something I left to the “care bears” because there were…