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Bill McDonough 2020-02-28

FEBRUARY 28—CCP announced today that FanFest 2020 is cancelled. The move comes in response to the continuing spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and is being taken as a precautionary measure. In the announcement, and accompanying EVE Pulse video CCP Dopamine…

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PLEX On Sale & EVE Russia Tickets Available Now

Calyle Morrison 2020-02-27

EVE Russia CCP announced that tickets for EVE Russia 2020 in Moscow are now available. The gathering is scheduled for June 13-14 at Centre Hall with prices set at 2060 rubles per ticket, or about $31.35 USD. This covers both days…

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Yeet-A-Fleet Returns, Accompanied By HAW Nerfs

mistwarden 2020-02-27

Over the Christmas event period, CCP introduced the “Reindeer filaments”, which quickly became one of the most popular items released in years. Loosely styled after Abyssal PvE filaments, these Reindeer variants would instead instantly transport groups of players to a…

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GEF Expedition, Best Expedition: XW-6TC Fight

Kor Anon 2020-02-27

Pandemic Horde lost 207 ships late Wednesday, February 26, after a little structure bashing in Venal by the ‘Goon Expeditionary Force’ (GEF) worked to get PH’s attention. “We were shooting a Horde Fortizar to get them to fight us”, GEF…

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Goodbye 32-Bit Client

Calyle Morrison 2020-02-26

CCP has retired EVE’s 32-bit game client effective Wednesday, February 26. This marks the “deprecation” of the now outdated client that served the player base since 2003. The move was first mentioned in 2005 and more recently outlined in January when…

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Getting Greedy in the Deep Abyss

Principles1 2020-02-26

As I sit here reminiscing about my frequent breaks from a game with which I seem to have a more-love-than-hate relationship, I find that it was wormhole space (or W-space, as I learned to call it) that ultimately pulled me…

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Returned to New Content, and Triglavians?

Calyle Morrison 2020-02-25

I started my EVE career as a Caldari newbro a little over four years ago and dabbled a tiny bit in several aspects of the game. I’ve spent a few weeks out in null sec, almost a month in wormhole…

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Devblog – Market Changes

Rhivre 2020-02-24

February 24—CCP released a devblog covering some major market changes coming on March 10. There are a lot of changes incoming, so head over and read the devblog here while this post gives you the highlights. To give you the TL:DR…

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Battleships Get Frigate Escape Bays

Jin'taan 2020-02-21

CCP announced February 20th the introduction of Frigate Escape Bays for Battleships. CCP Dopamine posted a dev-blog announcing the change, due in March, which will allow all Battleships (T1, Navy and Faction) and potentially T2 variants such as Black Ops…

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Shrinking on the Vine | CCP Tests the Starvation Economy

JuriusDoctor 2020-02-21

CCP has started what they allude to as a ‘shortage phase’ in a recent dev blog aimed at “endeavoring towards a healthier mineral distribution through New Eden”—though it is, in a very real way, the beginning of a planned and intentional…

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The Imperium Welcomes Ranger Regiment as Trial Members

Bill McDonough 2020-02-16

Ranger Regiment has joined the Imperium. In a post of the same title on the official Goonfleet forums, Goonswarm alliance CEO and Imperium autocrat the Mittani announced the move and extended the coalition’s hand in friendship. “I would like to…

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EVE Vegas 2020 Dates Announced

Dirk Stetille 2020-02-15

At 00:00 UTC on February 15, the crew responsible for EVE Vegas 2020 dropped a new announcement regarding this year’s event. The Reddit and Twitter threads announced that EVE Vegas 2020 is happening in late October 2020. Vegas 2020 will…

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February Patch Notes – Mining Changes, Guardian’s Gala, Hypernet and more

Rhivre 2020-02-14

The latest patch from CCP was deployed on Tranquility on February 11. As well as the expected Guardian’s Gala event and increased connections in Wormholes, there were some surprise additions. While the full notes can be found here (they will…

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Guardian’s Gala, Wormholer’s Edition

mistwarden 2020-02-11

It’s coming up on eleven years of EVE Online capsuleers exploring wormholes and blowing each other up in them. Introduced as a feature of the Apocrypha expansion in March 2009, this was a whole new world for the citizens of…