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WWB: Is the End in Sight?

Robert Miller 2021-01-22

The M2 Massacre, as it’s been called by some, has markedly shifted the narrative of World War Bee, for both Imperium and PAPI members. Temporarily misplacing some 300 titans in a bubble farm can’t be a good thing no matter…

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The Battle for the POPE Basgerin Sotiyo

Moomin Amatin 2021-01-22

Editor’s note: Written in real-time, we’ve left this battle report as it came in, with all the intensity of a first-person present-tense account. INN already reported on the background for the events about to unfold here. In the simplest of…

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Surplus Is Not the Problem: Suggestions For CCP

Undeadenemy 2021-01-21

First, I want to thank CCP for doing an analysis of the game’s ecosystem at large. I also want to thank Sophia ‘Alizibeth’ S for the excellent, drill instructor style ass-chewing of said analysis. It managed to be both personal…

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The Counterintuitive Economy of EVE Online

Simon Chui 2021-01-20

Many aspects of the EVE Online economy superficially resemble real-world market economies, which might tempt us to try using real-world economic theories to understand the game. But EVE differs from the real world in fundamental ways and misunderstanding these differences can lead to mistakes.

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Space Pope Under Siege

Undeadenemy 2021-01-20

FLASH – Snuffed Out Attempting to Ransom Space Pope Max Singularity’s Sixth Empire <POPE> Alliance, Threatens to Destroy Sotiyo “Children’s Orphanage.” Timer is Thursday, January 21, 22:39 UTC. Sinq Laison – Firille – Basgerin – Sotiyo “Children’s Orphanage” His Holiness…

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CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: January 12-18

Undeadenemy 2021-01-19

Another week, another update. CCP has been slacking this month, so we only have a single piece of information to give you, and we can’t even shore it up with a dev blog. Also, unless you move fast, you’ll probably…

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The Clearly Successful Breakout of M2?

Johnny Crowe 2021-01-19

I found myself once more in a tidi slugfest, though this one was different than most. My enemies actually thought they were winning the fight. I had decided to roll out in an Eagle fleet; there was a fight to be had, but…

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World War Bee: Week 28

Ban Syrin 2021-01-18

Week 28 of World War Bee picked up from a quieter week 27, with 29 fights and 39 total hostile actions. Delve and Catch were very busy with a number of big fights, although Querious and others saw fights. INN’s…

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Top 10 Wishes for 2021

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2021-01-17

As I write this, there are scant few hours left in the year 2020, the annus horribilis. In the spirit of everlasting hope and boundless optimism, here’s to 2021 being a better year. In the spirit of the new year and…

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Legacy Leaders Discuss Future Plans

Gray Doc 2021-01-16

In New Eden, with the second battle of M2 proving so costly for PAPI, several of their leaders have updated their troops on the current state of their respective alliances, including plans for busting out of the M2 hellcamp and…

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PAPI’s M2 Breakout Fails

Robert Miller 2021-01-15

PAPI attempted to rescue over 300 titans in M2-XFE early Saturday morning but were held off by Imperium forces in a tidi battle that lasted about three hours and brought over 1,500 pilots into system. The breakout attempt followed weeks…

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World War Bee: Six-Month Summary, Part 2

Moomin Amatin 2021-01-15

This is the next in a series looking at the past six months World War Bee. In Part 1 I covered who the main actors were in our first piece, as well as some of the complex history between the…

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The Wealth of Alliances

Multiple Authors 2021-01-14

The subjects of every state ought to contribute towards the support of the government, as nearly as possible, in proportion to their respective abilities… Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations EVE Online has a complex economic system because it provides…

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CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: January 4-11 2021

Undeadenemy 2021-01-12

New year, new week in review. News from CCP has been light so far this year, so we took last week off. Things are still pretty light this week, with just a few points to note, but they’re worth mentioning,…