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2 livecoverage-keepstar2 Eve Online

Final Timer at M-OEE8, Imperium Tournament, and much much more!

Rhivre 2016-12-10

Good Evening, and welcome to our Saturday night coverage of the events in M-OEE8 where the final keepstar timer is due at around 1850 Eve time.  We also have the inaugural Imperium Tournament happening tonight, over on our twitch, which starts at 1845, which we will be bringing you updates from during the evening. We are…

1 archeage-rev1 Archeage

ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation – A Breath of Fresh Air

Modern Inferno 2016-12-10

ArcheAge 3.0: Revelation Today, ArcheAge releases it’s biggest expansion yet. Revelation introduces two new races to the game, the Warborn and Dwarves. With the inclusion of these new races, there are six new zones for players to explore.  The most interesting addition with this expansion is the new “Fresh Start” servers. These new servers allow…

1 imperiumtournamanet Eve Online

Bread and circuses: The Imperium Tournament

Quendan 2016-12-10

Tournaments. Ever since CCP began promoting the e-sports side of the game with its first official tournament in 2005, various player run tournaments have sprung into life. Where the alliance tournaments serve as the soccer world cup of EVE Online, where contestants can win prizes worth so much that they serve as alliance income at the risk…

1 2016-11-28-00-44-55 Guide

A Deeper Dive Into Industry in EVE Online

vicarious 2016-12-10

In my last article, we looked at the basics of making things in EVE. That covered everything from obtaining the required minerals, understanding what Blueprints are, and installing Blueprints into a station’s factory to run production jobs. This follow-up tutorial will build on those concepts. Here, we will study how to use the more advanced mechanics…

5 colonia1 Elite Dangerous

Colonia: Same as it Ever Was

Paramemetic 2016-12-09

Elite: Dangerous, Frontier Developments’ arcade spaceflight and galactic trucking simulator, had a promising launch in a simulated galaxy that promised players a persistent, multiplayer experience, where you could play how you want and be who you want – in space. Unfortunately, it has never quite lived up to the hype. Questionable design decisions like the use…

5 A Rifter in EVE Online User Submitted

Alpha Hunger Games

Deckhard Aura 2016-12-09

As Alpha Clones undock for the first time and old bitter-vets return to EVE to see the changes with trepidation or anticipation or… maybe both. One question on many minds is how viable will Alpha Clones be? Or maybe, will they really do more than just add easier spy alts for existing players? Will it…

1 Image Credit USMC and NASA News

Semper Fi, John Glenn

Andrew Sturgis 2016-12-09

On December 8, 2016, the world lost a pioneer. At the age of 95, John Herschel Glenn Jr. passed away in Columbus, Ohio. He will be remembered for his record-setting career with NASA, service in the United States Marine Corps, and as a United States Senator. He is survived by his wife, Annie Glenn, his…

6 imperiumtournamanet News

The Imperium Tournament 12/10 & 12/11 1845-2300 EVE on INN Twitch

Rhivre 2016-12-09

This weekend, the Imperium will be holding the inaugural coalition tournament.  Running from 1845-2300 on Saturday and Sunday, and streamed on the Imperium News twitch channel, this will bring together pilots from across Eve to battle it out on CCPs tournament server, Thunderdome. TEAMS: [Reavers] – Captain: Asher Elias [Buttes Inc] – Captain: Jay Amazingness [Asian Squad]…

2 maxresdefault1 Review

Review: Empire Without Limit

Caleb Ayrania 2016-12-08

Review of the BBC series about the history of Rome..”Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit” The number of history connoisseurs in EVE is way outside of statistical representation elsewhere. For them, and everyone else, I decided to point your attention to a fairly recent documentary from the BBC about the glorious history of the…

9 rorqual-space User Submitted

December 7 Rorqual Re-re-balance Announcement

Cameron Keikira 2016-12-07

At approximately 16:00 UTC on December 7, CCP Fozzie posted the following to the EVE Online Forums: Hey everyone. We’ve been keeping a close eye on how people are using the newly rebalanced Rorquals and it’s been really exciting watching how well people have taken to the new gameplay. We have decided that we need…

9 revenant-down Eve Online

Revenant and Three Titans Down in Delve

Jack Hulatt 2016-12-07

On December 5, 2016, three Imperium titans, along with a Revenant supercarrier, and  other supercapitals and capital ships were killed by a fleet comprising Pandemic Legion, Hard Knocks, and several other groups. The Imperium lost 600bn ISK in ships, compared to PL and allies 170bn in losses. The attack was engineered by former Imperium members that…

7 drifters Eve Online

Drifters’ Blood-Drenched Shadow War Spills Into The Light

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2016-12-06

When the Drifters first appeared, they were something mysterious to investigate and discover. They were dangerous, of course, but so is uranium. The first groups to look into the Drifters were along this theme: investigation and exploration. That changed when the Drifters murdered Her Majesty, Empress Jamyl I—may she rest in the eternal peace and…

7 citadel-attack News

The Final Countdown for the Co2 Keepstar

Moomin Amatin 2016-12-06

The Time is Now There has been a war between Co2/Test and PanFam in the northern regions of New Eden. Co2 have now almost lost all of their territory in Tribute and PanFam have started to encroach on space within the Vale of the Silent. Co2 have all but abandoned Tribute with only a token…

4 inside-game Review

A Peek Inside

Chase Gamwell 2016-12-05

A young boy clad in red runs through the forest. It’s dark and he’s alone. Between the trees, he sees something – a truck. The boy continues forward as it pulls away. Ahead, two masked figures with flashlights peer into the darkness. The boy stays hidden, but a noise draws them near. As the figures…