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DevBlog announces new chat system for March, end of EVE Voice

Paramemetic 2018-02-20

With the March update, the EVE client chat interface will be getting a complete overhaul, according to a recent Dev Blog.  As part of this update, CCP will no longer be including voice chat in game.  The change comes as…

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BREAKING: Battle in 1L-OEK

Ketriaava 2018-02-20

More than 1000 pilots from alliances involved in the Southeastern War have descended upon 1L-OEK for a sizable brawl between major belligerent powers. The cause of the fight is believed to have been a Test Alliance Please Ignore Astrahus that…

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Shall We Play A Game? Emergent AI Results In All-NPC Fight

Rhivre 2018-02-20

“The CDIA Working Group on Emergent Threats has assessed the intercepted tactical communiques from Blood Raider Covenant field commanders, together with the material from Joint Harvesting provided by the Amarr Navy. It seems clear to us that the attack by…

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Providence Update: Provi-Bloc Splinters

JMoravia 2018-02-19

February 17 was no ordinary day in Providence . It started out with a literal bang, as Yulai Federation,a Provi-Bloc alliance, took down a hostile Raitaru. It finished with a whimper – and the sound of jump freighters hauling all…

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Devblog announces March balance changes

Paramemetic 2018-02-19

Responding to CSM feedback at the Winter Summit, the CCP dev team has announced its plans for a balance pass in March. The move is based on two primary concerns from players, being that more frequent small changes is better…

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A trip down memory lane

Weynard 2018-02-19

With Triumvirate announcing their withdrawal from the Insmother region and their tenacity as an underdog fighting the mighty DRF being lauded, something tickled the back of my mind. The recent engagements in Insmother seem peculiar in the sense that, as…

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To Be an FC

Submission 2018-02-18

[Editor’s Note: This was sent to us by DubStep GravyCat] To you, what is an FC? Just another player? Someone who thinks they can be the next Jay Amazingness? Are they the faceless person on comms who you listen to…

8 Structures killed spikes across New Eden in the wake of Upwell 2.0 Eve Online

Structures Slaughtered Across New Eden

Hopeful Turtle 2018-02-18

On Tuesday, Feb 13 2018, CCP implemented the Upwell 2.0 structure changes. In case you missed what the changes are specifically, you can look here. Already, New Eden’s citadels are feeling the effects of these changes. We know from CCP…

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Frenchswarm is back, and we have a Baguette!

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2018-02-17

As a good part of the French-speaking community in the Imperium is now aware: the Frenchswarm is back! But what is the Frenchswarm? Who are they? What do they do? And what is a goddamn baguette?! Well, let’s start off simply:…

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Tidi fest = Credit Card Pest (CCP)?

Canis Fangborn 2018-02-16

9-4 was barely slipping from the news when we got the chance to do it all over again. A24 was the next system to be invaded by more pilots than the CCP servers could handle. Two timers had gone by…

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The Meta Wheels are Turning

Moomin Amatin 2018-02-15

This is an odd story to write. There is no simple version and it will likely seem disjointed at points. But this is necessary to convey some of the more far-reaching story arcs that are created within Eve. It is…

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Triumvirate to concede Insmother, promise guerrilla campaign of revenge

Paramemetic 2018-02-14

In an unexpected announcement today originally posted on Triumvirate’s forums and then reposted to Reddit, Triumvirate leadership announced that it will withdraw from Insmother. This is the most recent development in the 7 month long conflict between Drone Region Federation…

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Providence Update: PL Ascendant

JMoravia 2018-02-14

The ten days since INN’s last Providence update have been extremely eventful, with an unexpected PL offensive coming just a few days before an even more unexpected public announcement from Provi-Bloc leadership. Prior to February 3, PL held sovereignty in…

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February 13 Patch Released with Patch Notes

Paramemetic 2018-02-13

With the successful deployment of the February patch, CCP has released finalized patch notes.  As expected, the most noteworthy changes are those to assault frigates, which become significantly more powerful, and Upwell structures, which become significantly more vulnerable. Additional changes…