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Catch Burns, Brave Moves

Elthar Nox 2021-03-02

The Initiative (INIT) continued their campaign of terror in Catch this weekend, preying on transports and stragglers as Brave and other Legacy groups attempted to evacuate to their ‘new homes.’ In a concentrated effort organised by INIT’s recon group, the…

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CCP Weekly Wrap Up: February 23 – March 1

Undeadenemy 2021-03-02

Isn’t it awkward when we roll over into a new month? The title is messing with my feng shui. Anyway, moving on. Bastions of War – Now Live The new patch is live, bringing buffs to Marauders. The Bastion module…

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World War Bee: Week 34

Ban Syrin 2021-03-01

Week 34 of World War Bee was about the same as week 33, with 25 fights and 50 hostile actions. Delve, Catch, and Immensea largely dominated the action. The link for INN’s cumulative New Eden campaign report is here. Since…

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One Ring to Rule Them All: A Thought Experiment Regarding EVE and Nullsec

Gray Doc 2021-03-01

Let us perform a thought experiment together. We’ll run parallel versions of a very similar scenario, reducing the nullsec presence of major alliances by one, so the end result can be expressed specifically. That expression starts with X, and represents the…

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Snuff Bluffs

Gwailar 2021-02-27

After destroying the Tranquility Trading Consortium’s (TTC) lowsec holdings in Ignoitton last week, lowsec power Snuffed Out (Snuff) announced its intention to mount a similar attack on TTC’s primary holdings, situated in the highsec system of Perimeter. Snuff’s sabre rattling…

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Changing The New Player Experience

Elthar Nox 2021-02-26

CCP’s announcement of its Expert Systems pay-to-play option has already been met with strong opposition over adding another payment option, especially one targeted specifically at new players. EVE media is awash with complaints at this latest move, in particular the…

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CCP’s “Expert Systems”

Gwailar 2021-02-25

CCP announced today the upcoming launch of a pay-to-play option to help new players get embedded in the game more quickly. Called “Expert Systems,” it will allow players to temporarily buy trained skills in the EVE store. These skills (not…

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The Role of Tribe in EVE

Gwailar 2021-02-25

New Eden is a brutal place. Scamming, theft, betrayal – a whole world of bad behavior – are part of the very fabric of this game, and because at each end of every transaction there are real people, the line…

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Renting in EVE: An Analysis

Multiple Authors 2021-02-25

In a previous article, “The Wealth of Alliances,” we explored various ways alliances create ISK and how those game mechanisms affect the general health of those groups. We suggested that some activities bring resources such as ore and blueprints into…

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CCP Weekly Wrap Up: February 16-22, 2021

Undeadenemy 2021-02-23

Guardian’s Gala – Claim Your Gifts If you are still missing log in rewards for the Guardian’s Gala, make sure to grab those before February 23 at 11:00 UTC. Rewards include the usual haul of skill points, and SKINs. You…

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M2 Hellcamp Enters its Eighth Week

Gwailar 2021-02-22

On Sunday the Imperium’s hellcamp of M2-XFE entered its eighth week. An entire fleet has stood watch on the M2 Keepstar for an unprecedented amount of time in the history of EVE. Background As many EVE players know, this story…

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FRT & The Freemen

Elthar Nox 2021-02-22

The Freemen of the North and Winter Coalition announced a ceasefire that will end hostilities and hand control of Tribute over to Fraternity. To understand this eight week-long conflict that has drawn the attention of New Eden, we spoke to…

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World War Bee: Week 33

Ban Syrin 2021-02-22

Week 33 of World War Bee was slower than week 33, with 26 fights and 52 hostile actions. Delve and Legacy’s backfields in the East were the two largest battlegrounds. [Editor’s Note: The link for INN’s cumulative battle tracker is here….

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Ignoitton TTC Structures Killed by Snuffed Out

Moomin Amatin 2021-02-21

The Tranquility Trading Consortium’s (TTC) Keepstar (KS), Tatara and Sotiyo have fallen in Ignoitton. The lowsec system of Ignoitton has seen dramatic action on Feb. 21, 2021. Snuffed Out (B B C) alliance, clearly not sated from their recent killing…