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3 CCP has nerfed an OP mechanic involving deathclones after the Imperium worked to highlight its exploitability. News

Death Clone Trickery Nerfed By… The Imperium?

Macky Avelli 2017-12-13

EVE Online has evolved quite a bit since its release in 2003. Since then we’ve seen all kinds of changes. Many of them eliminated legacy code and old game mechanics that don’t work with the newer systems. A recent nerf…

12 Devblog

DevBlog – A tribute to CCP Blaze: the ‘Blaze’ squadron skins

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-12-12

In this recent devblog, CCP gave us some details on the skin that was recently discovered on Singularity. This skin is, however, coming with sad news: the passing away of CCP Blaze. CCP Blaze was a Senior Software Engineer working on…

6 Eve Online

Diplomacy in New Eden: Best of Enemies

JuriusDoctor 2017-12-11

This article represents the second article in a five-part series on Diplomacy in EVE Online. Part one of this series examined diplomacy in EVE Online, and from a higher perspective, diplomacy’s function; why it is an effective pursuit, when it is inappropriate,…

0 Eve Online

EVE Online Forums Experience Interruption

Bill McDonough 2017-12-11

On December 10, 2017, the EVE Online Forums experienced a temporary service outage. The interruption is related to the Discourse software platform used by the new forums. Though there’s no firm timetable for the forums to be restored, Discourse’s Twitter…

4 Eve Online

Refinery Spec/Patch Trip Report – ISK Overdose

Submission 2017-12-10

(This article originally appeared on the forums, written by Goonswarm Director Aryth. Aryth has graciously allowed us to present his wisdom to the greater player community.) We did it. We are rich as fuck and called it all exactly…

13 A Rorqual in EVE Online Eve Online

The War on Rorquals

Lekly 2017-12-10

Since the Ascension patch that brought about the changes to Rorquals, the ships have become overwhelmingly popular. It is a great way to pull in large sums of ISK in the form of ore, even more so with the moon…

1 Science

Space News Update: December 2017

Rhiannon Williams 2017-12-09

This time spacefans we’re looking more closely at some of my favourite exoplanets, an unusual black hole and have you ever wondered what the Solar system sounds like? Now you can find out! WASP 18-b HAS SMOTHERING ATMOSPHERE As we…

10 Eve Online

Arms Race Alphas: Adjusting the Meta

Bill McDonough 2017-12-06

With the release of the newest expansion, Arms Race, CCP has updated and revised the Alpha Clone skill selection. Gone are the days of Alphas being limited to one race, and hull types no larger than a cruiser with T1…

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Alpha Clones and the Incursion Squad: A look behind the Curtain

Johnny Crowe 2017-12-05

Introductions The Incursion Squad is a social group within the Imperium that handles the highly lucrative Sansha Incursions in and around Imperium space. These incursions, for those who don’t know, are PvE instances that ‘invade’ a constellation of space for…

4 Eve Online

CCP Announces SoE Monument Will Be in Republic Space

Bill McDonough 2017-12-04

Lanngisi, Metropolis Region – In a new World News posting today, in-universe reporter Ret Gloriaxx revealed the location of the Project Discovery monument coming in tomorrow’s Arms Race release. The monument will be located at the Sisters of EVE Biological…

1 Eve Online

Silver Magnate Joins Recent List of Expensive Losses

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2017-12-04

On December 4, in Amamake, koral123 lost his Silver Magnate to Fred Silf.  According to his Reddit AMA, koral123 entered a novice complex and hesitated, allowing Fred Silf to scram and attck, because “[e]ven though most of the guys kill…

3 Eve Online

Hangar Beauties: Expensive Ship Losses Becoming Routine

JuriusDoctor 2017-12-04

We all love the ALOD: the Awful Loss of the Day. These are expensive ships lost for apparently stupid reasons. There’s a deep sense of schadenfreude inherent in EVE Online, and in the culture of the game; that space should be…

5 Eve Online

Mercenary Coalition Donates A Keepstar to the Spacepope

INN Staff 2017-12-03

Mercenary Coalition has transferred ownership of their Tortuga Keepstar over to the Sixth Empire alliance of Max Singularity, the ‘Space Pope’ of New Eden. Max and the Sixth Empire released the following press release: Feiryred, one of the Spacepope’s most…

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PSA – Post Downtime Issues Dec. 3rd

Rhivre 2017-12-03

After scheduled downtime today at 1100 UTC, TQ is inaccessible for the majority of players. CCP have posted that the cause is issues with the SSO servers, and as of 1155 UTC they are still working on the issue. This comes…