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Arrendis -135 posts

At over a decade, EVE is the third-longest bad habit of my life. When not playing EVE, I'm usually spouting off about something in a way that's going to make someone irritated. And to the incomparable Fluffy von Bloodletter (aka Hank)... miss you buddy. The last two years just haven't been the same.

Dirk Stetille -60 posts

Words nerd with a penchant for philosophy and getting angry about politics. In EVE Online, I'm a Goonswarm Diplomat and a Tournament Enthusiast!

Quendan -49 posts

Ralos Emiris

Rhivre -151 posts

I have been lurking in stations for 12 years in Eve, and playing pretty much every other MMO that comes out along the way. When I am not gaming, I am an administrator.....the person bugging you for the form filled out in triplicate from 3 weeks ago? That's me!


I'm a kiwi who's been involved in print and digital gaming media for ages.