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Editorial – Come write for us

Here at INN, we aim to cover all the news in New Eden, with a focus on the stories that are happening where you are. The big stories are what everyone knows about in Eve, the 300b cap fights, the 5k people in the system, the 5 hour long fights with all the big names present. While we absolutely cover these, we also love writing about what you and your corp, alliance, sig, or group of friends have been up to, what has been getting you excited this week in New Eden. These are often more entertaining to read about than the big set-piece battles.

As part of that, we are always looking to take on new writers, to expand our reach, and to pick up more of these stories of day-to-day life in New Eden. If you think you would like to help us record the goings on in Eve, then it is very easy to join us.

You can drop a submission in here and one of our editors will edit it up, and get it published. If you do a submission, you will get a 500m payment. This can be paid once per month.

If you would like to try out being on our team, then pop into our Discord and ping @editors to chat with one of our senior editors. Being a staff writer means you can get paid for multiple articles per month.

We have some very simple requirements. One article per 30d, this can be of any length, from a very short breaking news hit, to several thousand words. If you do not write an article for 30d, then all that happens is we move you to inactive, and when you have the time and want to come back, we reactivate you.

For news stories, you do not necessarily have to go out pavement pounding across New Eden. Our editorial staff will often find stories and our other writers drop items of interest into the channels, which they may not have time to cover themselves.

We have teams of writers, each headed up by a senior editor. We find that this helps writers feel more engaged, and make contacts with people you would not otherwise bump into in New Eden. The editors are there to mentor the teams, as well as editing your work. They can help you come up and develop your ideas, and will plan the publishing schedule for their team.

Oh, yes, payment, the most important thing! We pay as standard 500m per article. For extremely short breaking news stories and other short pieces of a few hundred words, we pay 250m. These usually come with a time constraint, so we also pay 100m on top of that for getting the article in quickly.

If this sounds like something you want to try out, drop by our discord, or send in an article via submissions with “Application” in the title, and one of our editors will chat to you about joining us.

We are also looking for people to join our streaming team, and the details for this are below:

Imperium News Stream Team is Hiring!

Imperium News Stream Team is looking for individuals looking to grow their channel and provide a new personality to the team! We’re looking for BREAKING NEWS Camera people and commentators in EU TZ for Breaking News Streams and Scheduled streamers for EVE Online and a variety of other games in other time slots! If you’re looking to gain a new audience and more exposure to your channel with great perks.

Apply HERE >> Application Form

Minimum Requirement for Being on the INN Twitch Team – Twitch Affiliate

Breaking News Cameraman Streamer Requirements: (EVE Online)

  • No Webcam required.
  • Working Mic is Required.
  • Ability to get into a cloaky ship (Interceptor preferred) and watch from afar.
  • Know how to make safe points near battle and stay safe for birds eye view.
  • Maintain the minimum quality of 1280×720 30FPS streaming minimum in Potato Mode in EVE client may be required sometimes to stream the larger TIDI fights
  • Available to be on call for fights with sometimes little notice. (Notice is given as far advance as possible.)
  • Stable Internet Connection.
  • Ability to hear and adjust volume levels of guests and commentators when needed.

Breaking News Commentator Requirements: (EVE Online)

  • Commentate accurate information on what is shown on screen and previous engagements (if applicable for structure bashes).
  • Be able to talk for long durations and work in news room style reporting and interact with co-hosts and twitch audience in chat.
  • Communication with Cameraman when needed for better viewing angle.

Imperium News – Variety Streamer

  • Twitch Affiliate
  • Streaming Experience with ability to maintain high quality and appearance. – Additional training can be provided to improve.
  • Working Webcam that is clearly visible
  • Working Mic that you can be heard clearly
  • Ability to stream for at least 2 hours per week.(Slots are 2 Hours Min 6 hour Max in a single sitting)
  • Ability to stream at 1280x720p at 30 FPS Minimum.
  • ** Preferred Streaming: 1920×1080 – 30-60 FPS. **
  • Constant chat interaction.


  • Profit sharing
  • Exclusive first access to brand new FREE games to stream when available.
  • Exclusive Hosting from Imperium News Twitch Channel to your channel from being on the twitch stream team to help boost your channel viewership.
  • INN Stream Team Community Events which may also provide game keys to play with the stream team.