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The Extinguishing of FI.RE?

Elthar Nox 2023-01-14

War has returned to New Eden. In a series of announcements, both Pandemic Horde (PH) and The Initiative. (INIT) have declared war on the FI.RE Coalition, intending to end FI.RE’s reign over the south. The aggressor’s goals: the clearance of…

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Amarr Militia Pushed Back to Eugidi in Faction Warfare

OldNoEyes 2022-11-16

The rapid reconquering of Amamake by Ushra’Khan on October 29th took many by surprise, including Ushra’Khan themselves. After steeling themselves for a difficult campaign, the alliance took Amamake in only 24 hours, facing virtually no resistance.  It was an unexpected…

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Ushra’Khan Execute the Siege of Amamake

OldNoEyes 2022-10-29

As I write this, a whirlwind assault has recently been completed on Amamake, ending in an astoundingly quick victory for Ushra’Khan, who reclaimed the system months after it was seized by Amarr militia. As a key border system, Amamake holds…

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Death in Perfection: How Stories Can Transform EVE

OldNoEyes 2022-10-26

“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” – Phillip Pullman A couple of years ago, I brought home a 25-pound black cube. Inside was one of the most obscure and complex tabletop…

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Weekend Sales, Plex Prices, and Poor Communication

FroggyStorm 2022-09-25

In an unprecedented move, CCP implemented a 40% reduction in the cost of plex. Sort of. The 40% reduction was to the number of plex necessary to redeem 1 month of play time. The implementation was poorly executed and not…

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Asher Ascends to the Apex of the Alliance

Romulus Loches 2022-07-29

Yesterday in a mid-week Fireside Chat it was announced that Asher Elias will be the new leader of Goonswarm Federation and the Imperium Coalition. He gave a short speech that he had specifically prepared for the occasion which has been…

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The War on Gate Rats

FroggyStorm 2022-07-20

For some time now many nullsec activities have been under extreme pressure. One single menace has driven spikes into camping, shooting structures, and even just traveling around. The relentless crushing force has driven not just adaptation, but in many cases…

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State of the Goonion – June 19 2022

Rhivre 2022-06-19

18 months after the last address, given just ahead of the battles of M2-XFE, a State of the Goonion (SOTG) was held on June 19 at 1800 UTC. What follows below is the text of the speech given by The…

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CSM 17 Results Announced

Dirk Stetille 2022-06-16

Earlier this evening, the election results for the 17th Council of Stellar Management were announced, detailing the next ten player representatives to serve a year consulting with CCP and providing player feedback on issues within EVE Online. CCP Community Team…

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CSM 17 Voting To Begin

Arrendis 2022-06-06

On Tuesday, June 7 2022, voting will begin for CSM 17. Voting will run for one week, until June 14, with the final results of the voting tallied and announced two days later, on Thursday, June 16. With the new…

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EVE | PLEX and Omega Changes are Live

JuriusDoctor 2022-05-22

On Tuesday May 17, the anticipated price changes for EVE Online went live with increases to both the price of PLEX and monthly subscriptions (Omega). These changes were first announced over a month ago, with the price for a direct-monthly…

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CCP Paragon Live Stage

Rhivre 2022-04-25

Late on April 22, following the announcement of the EVE subscription price hikes, CCP Paragon took to the CCP Discord live stage to provide some further explanation of the change to players. The recording of this can be found on…

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Breaking News: CSM17 Election Cycle Announced

Gwailar 2022-04-20

CCP has announced today the beginning of the CSM election cycle for CSM 17. The application period for those interested in participating as a candidate begins May 2 and closes May 16. The voting period will be from June 7-14,…

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BREAKING NEWS: THE BASTION set to close doors

Aradus Gunnell 2022-04-16

Late on April 16, Carneros (executor of The Bastion alliance, and a member of the Imperium) called a meeting of his corporation CEOs to announce that The Bastion would officially close its doors on May 6, 2022. While this was a…