The Ministry of Truth: Beeitnam’s Greatest Hits


Header Art by Cryo Huren

The Delve phase of the war is over.

The RedditSwarm phase of the war has slowed to a crawl.

Test may be reaching the end of their move ops to frog-knows where.

Therefore, it only makes sense for the Imperium’s leadership to pass out some gold stars. The Ministry of Truth’s director – Cryo Huren – wished to shower his team of artists, propogandists, and ne’er-do-wells with recognition. Every artist knows that there is only one more important thing than gold stars on our drawings, and that is when the drawing gets posted on the fridge.

Thus, Cryo has presented us with a guided tour of his fridge-worthy selections.

Artist: Cryo Herun

Let’s Chill with Cryo’s Fridge

For the full tour, please see the complete album compiled from submissions of all the members of the MiniTru.

The story of the War in Beeitnam can be told in the art and propaganda of the period. Just like pinup girl nose art, many of these images capture different styles and characterise important events.

Art was produced for the early days of the war to capture the long term planning aspects. For example, this piece by Rain6637 captures establishing the defense of Delve.

Rain6637 captures the goon cannons being assembled around Fortress Delve

Other art focused on the tiny events and minute tactical changes in the field. These glimpses gave perspective to the Imperium line members through the fog of war. Ohrevere and Anuranonthecouch provide examples of the failure of enemy logistics, by showcasing the never-ending move ops and the price of cormorants.

Anuranonthecouch highlights one of the many corm feeds by Papi FC’s who produced cormorants.
Ohrevere tries to assist the enemy’s morale as they move fleets to feed the woodchipper.

For fear of seeming shameless, I also partook in the volume of work put out by the Ministry of Truth. I use my own example to commemorate the first two of the keepstars that failed to survive the attacks by the golden beetriever fleets in NPC Delve.

I managed to highlight two of Asher’s passions; sumo and killing keepstars as they try to online.

Of course, my contribution was soon overshadowed by consecutive kills, and the eventual bubblewrapped keepstar.

Cryo Huren captures both the bubblewrapped keep, and the reminder that what is good for a goose is also good for the Imperium.

The Turning Point: M2-XFE

As you would imagine, the M2-XFE keepstar battles formed the foundation of a new propaganda renaissance. This breath of fresh air commemorated the fights, the hell camp, and the end of the little krabstar that could.

Arps provides soothing feedback to those Papi pilots trapped in M2.
While Schwarzer Rogen settles in for a long wait.
But all good things must come to an end. Ohrevere remembers the M2 keepstar and reminds us all of the content it provided.

The End is Near

Finally, as the PAPI offensive stalled out and failed, the artists of the Ministry stepped up to capture the tone, spurring the troops to further glory.

BBtB3 highlights PGL’s troubles with the lack of investment diversity.
George Maharris reminds PAPI and the Imperium who the true scholar has been all along.
Starlord MacGreggor calls for action to heal mother Delve.
Sopleb points out the irony of the closing speeches and townhalls as everyone ran for anywhere but Delve.

It’s the Rhythm of Delve

To go along with the amazing posters, drawings, and memes, the Ministry of Truth also contributed a large volume of videos and music as well.

Not to be outdone by Cryo, master bard Looktoyourleft (srsli) provided the war playlist to offset the art pieces.

Shingly captured the opening movements of the Imperium with the Nip-Slip.

Jimmy Culebras and Sopleb both provide declassified leaks of PAPI’s stategy meetings.

Starlord MacGreggor provides live coverage of the PAPI evacuation from Delve.

Schwarzer Rogen captured live footage of both the M2- escape atempts and the 1DQ1-A assault live and from the front lines.

OhRevere even managed to capture the final meeting of PAPI as a single entity, moments before their retreat via the Trail Of Torment.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve written several articles recently on the morale war in general. I have been clear about my opinion that the butts-in-seats aspect of the morale war is one of, if not THE, key factor in turning the war in Delve from a containment to a rout. This piece is a shout out to my fellow members of the Ministry of Truth, and their efforts (on behalf of the Imperium) for EVE Online.

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  • Guilford Australis

    The Mittani predicted early in the war that the outcome wouldn’t come down to one side or the other losing more ISK or more supercapitals. The only determining factor, in his view, was whichever side had the stronger resolve to win.

    He was right. Imperium morale remained high, and effective coalition propaganda was a significant contributor to that. Our fleet participation actually *increased* over the course of the war, while PAPI, which outnumbered the Imperium 3:1, could only manage an average proportional advantage in fleet forms against us of about 1.5:1 (according to INN’s Seir Luciel, a member of Pandemic Horde) at the beginning of the war – a ratio that plummeted to 0.7:1 as PAPI line members lost the will to continue after 14 months of relentless slow-motion stupidity, broken promises, and leaked chatlogs from leaders demonstrating that they resented and distrusted each other and also lied to their line members about the attainability of their goals.

    Ultimately, large-scale coalition war is not determined by whichever side uses the game’s mechanics more effectively. To paraphrase The Mittani, it comes down to which side understands people better and is able to keep their own side engaged while using the things they know irritate, upset, and destabilize their enemies against them. We were mocked for our propaganda, but it worked, and we won.

    August 30, 2021 at 1:54 PM
  • Noob

    Rout not route.

    August 30, 2021 at 2:07 PM