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Death in Perfection: How Stories Can Transform EVE

OldNoEyes 2022-10-26

“After nourishment, shelter, and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” – Phillip Pullman A couple of years ago, I brought home a 25-pound black cube. Inside was one of the most obscure and complex tabletop…

10 Eve Online

The War on Gate Rats

FroggyStorm 2022-07-20

For some time now many nullsec activities have been under extreme pressure. One single menace has driven spikes into camping, shooting structures, and even just traveling around. The relentless crushing force has driven not just adaptation, but in many cases…

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BREAKING NEWS: The Mittani Steps Down

Dirk Stetille 2022-07-15

Earlier today, in an alliance ping and a post to the Goonfleet forums, The Mittani officially resigned as the Executor of Goonswarm Federation and corporation CEO of GoonWaffe. He is replaced in GoonWaffe by Interim CEO TheAdj, and an announcement…

14 Eve Online

CSM 17 Results Announced

Dirk Stetille 2022-06-16

Earlier this evening, the election results for the 17th Council of Stellar Management were announced, detailing the next ten player representatives to serve a year consulting with CCP and providing player feedback on issues within EVE Online. CCP Community Team…

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The Community Was EVE: A Four-Year Retrospective

Dirk Stetille 2022-05-06

In recent weeks, CCP Games has been mired in controversy, after controversy, after controversy, in the run up to EVE Online’s first Fanfest event in four years. I’m talking, of course, about selling in-game ships for real money with no…

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What Is Play To Earn?

Osir1s 2022-05-06

And Why Are We Talking About It? We’re discussing Play-To-Earn ahead of Fanfest 2022, which starts on May 5. One part of the speculation about CCP’s upcoming announcements has been the discussion around cryptocurrencies, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and how emerging…

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CCP’s Rate Hike: 33% Inflation? Really?

FroggyStorm 2022-04-23

Be warned, dear reader, that I am writing this in the heat of the moment . My cynicism has taken the helm, and we are at full throttle. Raise the Rates, Full Speed Ahead Reddit, Discord, and all EVE related…

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Breaking News: CCP Pulls A Netflix With Major Price Hikes

Bardghost Isu 2022-04-22

Earlier today, CCP Games released a major devblog, in which they announced a significant price increase for both Omega subscriptions and the cost of PLEX packs on the EVE Store. The cost increases are provided in USD, with a small…

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Blockchain and EVE—Greed’s Still Good

Arrendis 2022-04-13

On April 11, CCP released a ‘news’ article entitled ‘Blockchain and EVE Online’. In the article—with a ‘CCP Hellmar’ byline—CCP has finally attempted to address some of their customers’ concerns about many of the statements CEO Hilmar Pétursson has made…

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CCP Release Patch 20.04 on the Road to Fanfest

Osir1s 2022-04-06

CCP continued their major patch streak on April 5, with patch 20.04. This patch brings considerable changes to Upwell Structures offensive capability, as well as offering more convenience for nullsec and lowsec miners. The daily reward system also saw considerable…

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Breaking(ish) News: CSM Suitonia becomes CCP Kestrel

Dirk Stetille 2022-04-02

The headline says it all – Council of Stellar Management 12, 13, and 16 member Suitonia resigned from the current CSM on March 31, 2022. Unlike the other CSM 16 resignee ProGodLegend (who resigned in mid-January for RL pursuits), Suitonia…

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CCP Speaks: Ending the Prospector Pack

FroggyStorm 2022-03-19

A period of frustration from the players surrounding CCP’s Prospector Pack is over. CCP has FINALLY responded, in the form of a statement attached to the official forum version of the Open Letter to CCP from the CSM. Unfortunately, the…

1 Eve Online

A Treacherous Road to an Angry Fanfest.

Aneu 2022-03-18

Dear Capsuleers, I come to you having re-written this piece twice now due to CCP, yet again, taking one step forward and then deciding to take a significant backflip backward. Firstly, let’s give CCP some well-deserved acknowledgment for implementing some…

1 Eve Online

Players Organize Campaign to Protest CCP’s Recent Monetization

Osir1s 2022-03-16

In case you somehow haven’t heard yet, on March 9 CCP Games announced they would be selling a new Prospector Pack. This pack includes 30 days of Omega, 100 Plex, and a “Ready to Fly Retriever”, though many in Eve…