BREAKING NEWS: The Mittani Steps Down


Earlier today, in an alliance ping and a post to the Goonfleet forums, The Mittani officially resigned as the Executor of Goonswarm Federation and corporation CEO of GoonWaffe. He is replaced in GoonWaffe by Interim CEO TheAdj, and an announcement will be coming soon on the new Executor of the alliance.

The full forum post is as follows:

My people, I’m afraid that the sheer amount of smears being flung my way across the galaxy are simply too much to handle at a personal level. The fact that my divorce, the loss of my dog, and a terrible number other of outright lies and falsehoods have been heaped on top of each other has resulted in me becoming simply too radioactive to continue leading Goonswarm without my presence being a net negative for the wider tribe.

The accusations that I am aware of are unsubstantiated falsehoods, and I did not sign up to be the scapegoat for the entire galaxy. You deserve better in leadership than having to continually be confronted with MITTANI MAN BAD day in, day out; I, and my partner, deserve better than to wake each day to find some new horrific slander being levelled against me. The only honorable thing to do is exit in an orderly fashion. I have transferred shares to Xttz and will be making TheAdj Interim CEO of Goonwaffe.

A challenge of this position – sitting in the Big Chair – is that the entire rest of Eve Online feels that they can, without boundaries, restraint, or evidence, fling all kinds of shit at the leader of GSF. I do not envy my successor, but hope that my exit will clear the way towards a better future.

It has been a tremendous honor to serve you these past 12 years as CEO. We have, together, built the greatest and most interesting space empire in the history of the internet, and then we have beaten the entirety of the rest of the game with it in the greatest war in the history of the internet. Your successes, your friendships, your community, and the bonds we have formed with one another through all of the madness that is Eve Online will be memories I will keep forever.

As I transfer roles and hand assets over, the current team will continue stabilizing the organization. They have been hard at work and information and announcements will be coming. Please bear with them as they have been trying to both build new systems and improve processes, while managing a very challenging and complex situation. Please be gentle with them.

As for me, I am going to touch some grass and smoke some weed. It’s been an honor and a privilege~

In his seventeen-year history playing EVE Online, The Mittani has been an incredibly visible persona. He has been a spymaster and executor, and for the last 12 years led the transformation of Goonswarm Federation and the wider coalition from a ClusterFuck to the well-oiled Imperium it is today. His leadership took the coalition through many of the huge conflicts that mark EVE Online’s history – Asakai, The Battle of B-R5RB, the Casino War, and most recently “The War in Beeitnam”. 

The Mittani was also elected for two terms as Chairman of the CSM (back when they had a Chairman), providing feedback on the state of EVE Online to CCP Games. This feedback proved critical when, during the Incarna Expansion, CCP ran the infamous “Greed is Good” internal magazine and caused historic rioting within the playerbase. The Mittani then stepped down following Fanfest 2011 and the notorious “Wizard Hat” incident.

From all of us here at INN, we wish our friend Mittens all the best with his future endeavours, and hope he enjoys touching the grass!

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