haNIBAL’S Top Ten, or Six, Things to Get Right


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This is an official Top Ten Things. I ran out at six, so deal with it, and just face the fact that 6 ain’t 10 but it’s higher than 5. Well, since we got that sorted, let’s begin.

6. Own your word

I, like many others, believe that Propaganda is a deeply rooted and vital instrument in the Art of EVE warfare. We all just witnessed, in recent events, how powerful propaganda can be and what kind of dangerous double-edged sword it can be in the hands of the mighty war waging coalitions. It definitely sets the tone and the goals that the individual factions trying to achieve. It’s so important, CCP has created a contest for Propaganda. One may use it to boost and improve the morale of the troops, or to wreck havoc on the foe, portraying them as an evil, game-harming entity. 

If you enter the realm of rhetoric, political talks, and propaganda, understand this key: get your phrasing and proclamations just right and never, under any circumstances, back peddle on your propaganda. If you hype your mission, you had better stick to your words and figure out how to deliver on your promises; otherwise, your own drastic claims or propaganda is gonna bite you in the ass and inflict more damage on your own group than anything else. 

Respect and a good reputation have to be earned and with leaders changing their words like a flag in the wind, no one will want to buckle up and fight for you.

5. Step up and get shit done

Don’t just be the F1 monkey you are; get your hands dirty and help your community. Both on the corporation and alliance level, you’ll find some people doing everything in their power to get the machine and the system running. Thanks to all these hardworking, motivated people, there are things like buyback programs, game mechanic tutoring, complex markets to purchase everything you need, SRP services, and many more things. Please don’t just take it for granted. Get yourself up and ask around where you could help and make your group, corp, or alliance a better, more fun and engaging place. 

P. S. Thanks to all these people, who are making it possible to play and enjoy this game on this kind of high level. You guys definitely don’t get the credit you deserve.

4. take the risk

Only the one who dares has an actual chance to win. Blue balls, fleets standing down, and professional capital ship spinning doesn’t get us anywhere, nor does it write history. Many might not agree, or call me names, but I truly believe that taking the opportunity to attack and actually fight out the M2-XFE timers was right. These are the moments every nullsec player waits for. These are the moments which define a war and become history. We can surely argue about whether or not it was the right tactical decision for PAPI to attack M2 the second day, or if it was correctly planned and executed well. But that’s not the point here. Plenty of things were against PAPI and Goons did well in using all their advantages, including the CCP server with its crushing tidi issues. However, I would like to point out again, even with all odds against Papi, in the final M2-XFE, they at least tried and risked it all. 

So kudos to you PAPI and I hope to see more alliances risking more in the future!

3. the players make the game

This goes to all the real leaders and mighty want-to-be Commanding Officers out there. 

Don’t forget that without line members you wouldn’t be up there sitting on your mighty Keepstar throne, with your pc-mouse in one hand and XXX in your other hand. Sure, it’s funny to hear an FC shout and go completely mental on comms during a fleet once in a while, but who’s keen to fly or get shit done for you if you’re just a hysterical, grumpy person all the time? Just take a moment to appreciate your people and get your corporation or alliance culture to a better and more amazing community standard. Lead, for once, with a good example and not just to get the biggest slice of Quafe for yourself. 

2. take a break

Burn out is an actual thing in EVE; I have seen plenty of really fun and cool people get seriously burned out and take damage from it. If you notice it in yourself, just step back. Let your close friends know and force yourself to let the chores be chores and do something else fun in-game or in real-life! If you’re noticing your game buddies showing burnout behavior, take them aside, give them a heads up, and talk to them. Many times people just don’t see how they’re going down this dark road and it’s always good to have people watch out for you. 

1. don’t take it too seriously

We all tend to take ourselves and these fun little pixels way too seriously. Remember to have a fun time! Surely EVE, in itself, is a  very grind-intensive and a time-consuming game and it takes ages to get actually skilled (yeah I know there is something like skill injectors, but who cares, since they only enable you to do something and don’t make you actually good at something). I believe that there is a very fine line to keep in mind: to go for your dreams of maybe becoming a powerful warlord, an amazing solo PvPer, or industrial tycoon, but without getting lost in the grind. More and more you hear veteran players giving the advice to just do stuff you’re enjoying, cause the personal boring and lame grind is always gonna win and we simply have enough frustrating things happening in real life.

Feel free to roast me in the comments section!

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  • EVE Player #27482716

    Good stuff

    August 31, 2021 at 10:19 AM
  • Guilford Australis

    I think point 6 is actually the most important.

    I can identify with scientific precision the moment PAPI lost the war. And it wasn’t M2. In fact, it was before the fighting even began. PAPI lost the war the moment Vily uttered the word “extermination.”

    See, we had been thinking this would be a fun mash-up between the superpowers of EVE. You can go back and watch the Meta Show episodes from before the fighting even began where The Mittani is absolutely giddy with excitement about the prospect of war with TEST, PanFam, and FRT.

    But then Vily said he would exterminate us and drive us out of the game because we’re supposedly Very Bad People, and our position shifted instantly from “this will be fun even if it goes badly” to “hell no.” Then PGL reinforced this stupidity by saying in his Town Hall on 12/13/20 that TEST would own all our space, and our position shifted again, from “hell no” to “since you asked for it, we’re going to humiliate, belittle, mock, defeat, and destroy you. Fun time is over.”

    PGL and Vily, by promising things they couldn’t deliver, served up to The Imperium the resolve to win on a silver platter. Legacy has disbanded, and TEST is a refugee colony in Outer Passage. PGL and Vily bear 100% of the responsibility for PAPI’s failure.

    August 31, 2021 at 11:58 AM
  • Garreth Vlox

    “Many might not agree, or call me names, but I truly believe that taking the opportunity to attack and actually fight out the M2-XFE timers was right.”

    Attacking m2- was a great idea, the opportunity to fight on a keepstar NOT in 1dq1 where the imperium would need to cyno in re-inforcements who would be at the same jump in disadvantage was too good of an opportunity to pass up. The INITIAL fight was pulled off flawlessly, everyone was jumped in on PAPI’s fort, they loaded up grid while waiting for the timer to end, warped in a few minutes before it came out so they wouldn’t lose any time on the countdown , and traded almost perfectly even in terms of titans on the first fight. The issues begin at downtime when PAPI’s mile wide yellow streak became glarlingly apparently when they refused to log back in and allowed a large part of their titan/super fleet to become trapped. This stupdity of that decision was then amplified with poor organzation leading up to round 2 which ultimately lead to an UNBELIEVABLY stupid decision to jump titans and supers point blank into anti-cap fighters with no time to load grid.

    August 31, 2021 at 10:38 PM