10 Eve Online

The War on Gate Rats

FroggyStorm 2022-07-20

For some time now many nullsec activities have been under extreme pressure. One single menace has driven spikes into camping, shooting structures, and even just traveling around. The relentless crushing force has driven not just adaptation, but in many cases…

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Breaking News: CSM17 Election Cycle Announced

Gwailar 2022-04-20

CCP has announced today the beginning of the CSM election cycle for CSM 17. The application period for those interested in participating as a candidate begins May 2 and closes May 16. The voting period will be from June 7-14,…

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The Economics of Veterancy

Rasa Greywalker 2022-01-18

One of the most widely known principles in economics is that of Supply and Demand. Just as in real world economies, this principle is one of those at the core of the EVE economy. Without the markets of New Eden…

22 Eve Online

Exterminate This!

Elthar Nox 2022-01-04

Doctor Who is coming to New Eden. Yes, you heard that correctly. EVE Online is doing its first crossover in its near 20-year life. The Doctor Who event, named “The Interstellar Convergence” will start on February 1st 2020 stretching for…

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Lessons In Eve: Dunning-Kruger

Moomin Amatin 2021-11-22

We can learn many lessons from EVE Online. I do not mean we can learn about what a module does what under specific circumstances or such like “learnings.” I mean that EVE Online can teach us about ourselves and others….


Moving Day

Aradus Gunnell 2021-11-19

The last few weeks have been a wild ride for me. I’ve completely jumped into a side of EVE Online I’ve never been in before; hell, I didn’t think I even WANTED to be in. I joined the Imperium and moved…

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Eve Pure

Adreland Deninard 2021-11-17

I’m a voracious consumer of EVE-related Twitch content, channels like New Eden Post, Imperium News Network, Eve Universe, and many others.  Some are very informative; some are entertaining smack down contests.  However, more and more on Twitch I see a trend of…

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The Interim War Period and You!

Adreland Deninard 2021-11-10

About a month after the end of Eve Online’s recent galactic war between the forces of the Imperium and PAPI, a friend who is fairly new to the game shot me a message over Discord: “So, when does the next…

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October Faction Warfare Report

Frozen Fallout 2021-11-06

Good Morning New Eden! I am Frozen Fallout and this is the Faction Warfare (FW) report for October. I run the Federation Front Line Report, a Gallente Propaganda Podcast. This podcast was created to keep everyone up to date on…

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Real (EVE) Life Skills

hANIBAL 777 2021-10-08

Playing EVE Online is more than just a game! These EVE skills translate easily into real life; they help you develop and hone your life skills, which you already use. Let me elaborate on this statement and dive a bit…

10 Eve Online

The Delve Crusade

Adreland Deninard 2021-09-24

In 1096 the first of several religious wars, known as The Crusades, began when the Byzantine Emperor Alexis Komnenous requested the aid of Pope Urban II against the Seljuk Turks. The attackers wanted to capture the Muslim-controlled Holy Land.  In…

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Two Faction Titans in One Night

Elthar Nox 2021-09-14

Dock Workers (DOCK-)and friends pulled off a remarkable bait and trap in Turnur, Metropolis, killing a Molok, Vanquisher, and a number of other capitals. The battle, which took place over an Athanor, saw a dramatic escalation from a battleship engagement…

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A Holiday in Pochven

Shocku 2021-09-09

The Labor Day sun streamed in the window as I squinted at my monitor, twiddling with the menus to turn the brightness up as I couldn’t see a dang thing in this new place I’d filamented into.  After 13 months…

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haNIBAL’S Top Ten, or Six, Things to Get Right

hANIBAL 777 2021-08-31

This is an official Top Ten Things. I ran out at six, so deal with it, and just face the fact that 6 ain’t 10 but it’s higher than 5. Well, since we got that sorted, let’s begin. 6. Own…