PAPI’s Perfunctory Plan


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Just a couple of weeks ago PAPI leaders were announcing that there was “equilibrium.” This was where they had told their members that they were happy with the “balance of power.” Hence, PAPI members were free to take a couple of months off from the normal war pace. For some PAPI people, this “equilibrium” talk was the final straw. Two corporations from NCdot alliance decided that they had had enough and voted with their feet. This move led Vince Draken, leader of NCDot, to declare them traitors and he vowed furious retribution.

Other PAPI member coalitions had already moved away from Delve. FIRE had moved to the East to secure more rental space and Winter Coalition had gone North. The “Wardens of Eve” were almost in position in their respective homelands, ready to deal “justice” as they saw fit and extort income from smaller organizations.

The number of PAPI forces appearing in their main staging system of T5Z was dropping day after day. Things were getting so bad that a fun fleet from the Imperium ended up reinforcing PAPI citadels in their home system. The Mittani, leader of the Imperium, was even spotted salvaging and looting in a Noctis. The reffing was a task that PAPI leadership had declared impossible, and therefore they had not conducted a similar exercise in the Imperium home of 1DQ.

From “Equilibrium” to Sudden Reactions

Even PAPI leadership could not ignore the trajectory of this sorry state of affairs. Urgent action had to be taken and it had to be BIG. What we heard was an “announcement of an announcement of a move op.” But the good news for PAPI members is that once all the people who left the war front return, even though they were supposed to have never left, then there will be a “massive battle(s)” for the fate of 1DQ. The more astute of you may remember that Gobbins, leader of Pandemic Horde, said after the M2 debacle that there would be no big battle involving capital ships. Oh, how quickly the times change.

The PAPI announcement says that PAPI will now do a blockade of NPC Delve while preparing to assault 1DQ. The PAPI plan is to force their way into the 1DQ constellation and use their superior numbers. You would be forgiven if you question why this plan has taken over a year for the PAPI leadership team to develop.

You Have 14/21/28/60 days!

As ever with PAPI leadership, the announcement message, coming from multiple parties, is not quite on the same page. Although they have now declared a plan for 1DQ, they still seem unsure of the timetable. This is likely indicative of a difference in their respective interests.

For example, Fraternity, lead alliance of Winter Coalition, are very keen to move on and progress their own interests, which remain very much focused on their “valued ally” The Legacy Coalition. Fraternity have more than one score to settle on that front. Other members of PAPI also have their own interests to think of for the future.

Therefore, each of the leaders have presented different versions this new plan. Legacy leaders are understandably keen to make this all last as long as possible. Winter Coalition seem to have a much faster path to resolving World War Bee.

That is right. I said “resolving World War Bee.” No matter what happens now PAPI have set a new goal post, and this one is going to be really hard to move. PAPI has to finish the war by destroying 1DQ or admit that they have failed in their stated task. This time they have put a loose time frame on when results have to be delivered.

The reality, however, is that PAPI members will need to have a number of assurances: Will SRP be available and will it be paid in a timely manner? Will ships be available for PAPI pilots to reship into as they are stuffed into the slaughter that is bound to happen in 1DQ? Will PAPI leadership behave in completely honorable ways and not pursue their own self interests?

The Last Stand

So the scene is now set, more move ops aside, where PAPI will make a concerted effort to take and destroy 1DQ. The “keys” to success according to PAPI leadership are more numbers and the use of T3 ships. There were hints that other tactics were planned, but they were secret. Very likely they are “cunning plans” that would make the house of Baldrick glow with pride.

As the week of move ops for PAPI members advances, the members of the Imperium are not sitting idly by. Imperium pilots have already been hard at work keeping the proposed NPC Delve stations un-blockaded. The intent of PAPI was to prevent supplies getting to 1DQ. The forges of 1DQ are burning very brightly, especially when compared with their rivals in T5Z.

On the weekend of the 30th of July the PAPI “Big Push” is expected. Imperium members know that they are still vastly out numbered. All the odds are still very much stacked against them, but that reality holds no fear for them. Any Imperium member who was not fully committed to defending their homeland had ample opportunity to move on. PAPI screeched loudly about the “anaconda strategy.” There would be no escape route for Imperium members. Every Imperium member remaining is prepared to be drowned in the blood of their enemies.

With an uncertain outcome, this is almost unthinkable, as PAPI have had every advantage at their disposal. The pilot numbers, FCs, ships and ability to freely access industry and economic activities. But this story is not yet over. There is a glimmer of hope now for the Imperium that was unthinkable a year ago. If the Imperium can resist this final assault, then PAPI leaders have said they will return home.

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  • Xa1n

    How the mighty are fallen.

    July 28, 2021 at 7:26 AM
  • Xelistren

    I don’t think sapi can get enough numbers to finish the war. Interest on their side dropped for a reason all to well known to the world. Of the major fights they haven’t won 1 of them. Meanwhile the goons delayed successfully the placing of stuff in one system and then later proceeded to destroy large numbers of sapi capital fleet in the great misstep of sapi leadership. outside of those 2 fights not once did we see the grand fights of old. The fact that in only now came up as an idea to blockaid 1DQ shows how incompetent sapi leadership is. If that isn’t enough several sapi leaders have been getting sighted in EE more frequently lately showing even they don’t think they will win.

    July 28, 2021 at 8:28 AM
  • William Doe

    I’ve been frequenting and lurking r/Eve since last week whereas basically in this entire war I’ve only been there a handful of times. I’m glad Redditswarm is up and about pretty much controlling the war narrative there of all places – it’s made it a lot more fun and tolerable to read whereas in the past I avoided it like the plague. One thing that I find interesting is FRT’s position in it all.

    It does seem that Norhaus has played these chumps in sapi pretty damn well. He could be the one who gave an ultimatum that PAPI makes an effort in the next 60 days or less to take 1DQ or they walk and go back up in the north doing their own thing completely. That could be the catalyst as to why CRAPI made the wet fart announcement of this war’s final events for the upcoming weeks.

    I’m sure the battle will be very bloody and difficult for the Imperium. But I think they are entirely capable of surviving whatever sapi throws at them to survive before sapi just runs out of steam (or in this case ships and morale) and it dies out on their end before they claim some bullshit morale victory or whatever and PanFam fucks off for the most part heading back home afterwards.

    If it unfolds in that way with a win for the Imperium, I am most interested to see how the Imperium and FRT/WinterCo will deal with each other as TEST is next, BRAVE’s in the way, and FRT will almost certainly head over to Esoteria to destroy AoM. Maybe a new NIP/NAP between the Imperium and FRT will be established just so they can destroy their hated enemies? I’m seeing more and more members of the Imperium, especially redditswarm actually give praise to Norhaus and FRT as of late. Maybe it’s because Norhaus seems like the only alliance leader in CRAPI to not downplay the Imperium overall.

    July 28, 2021 at 10:22 AM
    • Menaiya William Doe

      Its kind of like Test and company stuck a cork in the bottom of a beehive and kicked a few times. Kind of scary what happens next when the cork is loosed.

      July 28, 2021 at 11:02 AM
    • Havish Montak William Doe

      Mittens already said no diplomacy. My reading of that is that there will be no deals ever made with and SAPI coalition member. I have a list of 100 alliances big and small, and will go purging their assets from EvE after this war.

      July 28, 2021 at 1:13 PM
      • chimpy Havish Montak

        The reality is probably there’s some wiggle room in there. FRT have not badmouthed Goons or gone all “exterminate” on them. Where an alliance has behaved honourably and not mouthed off, it would be in Goons interests to let them fall out of the disintergrating blue donut into a relatively neutral position. This is clearly not the case for the core PAPI drivers Test etc… those are fucked. It’s not even about ego, being called bad names etc.. It’s more of an intelligence test. If the leaders of a large alliance or corp have taken part in the war on the PAPI side but havn’t sperged off at the mouth it shows intelligence on their part. They have displayed sufficient diplomatic savvy that they are the sort of people you want to work with. Compare this to the “exterminate” type leaders who have displayed a stunning lack of comprehension of the conqeuences of their actions and a total absence of planning. Headless chickens with strings at their backs you pull on to make them squawk. These people you want to get as far away from as possible. Their only use now is as fuel to keep the woodchipper running.

        July 28, 2021 at 2:00 PM
        • William Doe chimpy

          That’s what I am thinking too. Whereas FRT would be the type I think diplomacy with the Imperium may be feasible with. I can see the complete opposite with the likes in BRAVE who’ve been duped into being TEST’s meatshield puppets. BRAVE’s fucked after this war because they’ve set up shop in Querious and it may be dawning on them now that they’re going to get obliterated especially with the “grrrrrr gons” mentality. I’ve seen enough posts of redditswarm where there’s enough of Imperium members who’re trying to be nice and telling BRAVE members to jump ship and ditch BRAVE (not even joining Karmafleet either, just anywhere but where they are).

          July 28, 2021 at 10:48 PM
          • Deni'z von Meanace William Doe

            Unfortunately it’s not the same Brave years ago, being in a toxic relationship with TESTicles, they became toxic as well.

            July 29, 2021 at 3:39 AM
          • Havish Montak William Doe

            The name of Brave needs to be destroyed. It drifted away from its starting values of helping new players to actively trying to destroy new players in this Pickle Rick debacle. I have no preferences on where their members go.

            July 29, 2021 at 7:12 AM
          • Malcanis William Doe

            Brave have made it extremely clear on multiple occasions that they will never accept anything from goons. So be it.

            July 29, 2021 at 11:01 AM
          • chimpy Malcanis

            When it comes to live ammunition they don’t get to refuse.

            July 29, 2021 at 11:33 AM
        • Havish Montak chimpy

          They all joined the war of extermination. By supporting it, I hope they have sealed their position as forever enemies like NC. and PL.

          July 29, 2021 at 7:09 AM
          • Malcanis Havish Montak

            True but there can be an… understanding that they’re behind other, more deserving recipients of attention on the list.

            July 29, 2021 at 11:00 AM
          • chimpy Havish Montak

            Your statement would lead to Goons finding themselves in the exact problem that PAPI finds themselves in currently. You are almost putting the disintegrating blue donut back together. It is not in Goon’s interests to hold the blue donut together. A major part of the Goon strategy during this entire war has been to drive a wedge between the PAPI committee members. Goons propaganda has focused heavily on that and it’s been very effective. The very last fukking thing to do now is glue PAPI back together. So NO treating them all as one is a very bad idea. Choose the worst of them and make an example out of those, allow relations to normalise with those who’ve shown enough sense and intelligence to lift their foot off the gas and move away whilst not running off at the mouth. Enjoy kicking over Test and Brave, smear their asses over the entire server, make an example of them pour encourager les autres, but do not make the mistake of making your own blue donut.

            July 29, 2021 at 11:18 AM
  • chimpy

    Imagine life in a trench in World War 1. Your life expectancy when you go over the top is measured in seconds. What must those guys have been thinking? Did they even know or care about what they were fighting over? Now imagine telling them they had to buy their own bullets, and that maybe, in a few months, if they were still alive, they might get the money for the bullets back, possibly……

    July 28, 2021 at 11:45 AM
  • Guilford Australis

    PAPI is paralyzed, unable to move forward and unable to back out. Their leaders have spent 13 months gaslighting line members with ridiculous promises everyone in EVE knows they can’t keep, accompanied by endless delays to disguise the reality that they’re in over their heads and can’t finish what they started.

    Their leaders are passive, bumbling imbeciles who retreat into very obvious deflections like “we need a few more weeks of move ops,” “we’ll make an announcement about that,” “we’ll start rolling out new subcap doctrines in a few weeks,” “we’re taking a break for the summer,” etc. to delay the inevitable failure everyone knows is coming.

    PAPI has become a joke of a farce, a model of dysfunction that can’t accomplish its stated goals for the war because it lacks the willpower and leadership to do so.

    July 28, 2021 at 11:55 AM
  • kwnyupstate .

    PAPI won’t have nearly as many super and titan pilots joining the battle knowing there is no way they will be SRPed since they still haven’t SRPed M-2. The war for those pilots is a war of convenience whereas for the Imperium it is a war of necessity.
    SRP will be a challenge even for the Imperium if a lot of titans get lost but those pilots have a much stronger incentive to fight.
    My prediction will be Imperium super and titan numbers will be greater than PAPI.
    I also think that PAPI will test the waters with sub-caps and if they don’t see victory won’t even risk the big toys even though they are claiming they will go all in.
    If PAPI can’t make decent progress this weekend then the Imperium will have the momentum to win.

    July 28, 2021 at 4:37 PM
    • Novartis kwnyupstate .

      imperium capitals and supers pilot get their big ships knowing that one day it’ll be burst up in flames, knowing one day they will lose it and believe they’ll having fun losing it. PAPI pilots, on the other hand, seems to think that their capitals and supers are meant to be like a relic, a way to flex yourself but never to be put on a harm way beyond necessity. PAPI’s way is what inducing a stagnation. Fear of losing is good, but too much fear is bad.

      July 29, 2021 at 3:18 AM
  • chthulan

    Look forward to taking Delve back….

    July 28, 2021 at 9:39 PM
    • Havish Montak chthulan

      Querious, Period basis and Fountain (For INIT, those Heroes)

      July 29, 2021 at 7:13 AM
      • Malcanis Havish Montak

        Oh there will be a Scouring in Fountain.

        July 29, 2021 at 11:03 AM
  • HerpMcGurt

    The ridiculous, carebear asset safety system makes the whole thing pointless anyways.

    July 30, 2021 at 5:56 AM