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Beeitnam: A Retrospective

Ban Syrin 2021-09-15

For the last 62 weeks, action around New Eden pitted a coalition of over 100 alliances against the Imperium as they intended to invade and unseat the Imperium as the new power brokers of null sec. Some leaders declared a…

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Beeitnam: Week 61

Ban Syrin 2021-09-06

Week 61 was down again after week 60’s still busy action. INN tracked 14 hostile actions, a more normal week in line with previous months. Delve was largely home to the action, but nearly all of the action was structure bashes…

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Beeitnam: Week 60

Ban Syrin 2021-08-30

Week 60 was down after week 59’s still busy action. INN tracked 25 hostile actions, a more normal week in line with previous months. Delve was largely home to the action, but nearly all of the action was structure bashes across…

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Beeitnam: Week 59

Ban Syrin 2021-08-23

Week 59 was down after week 58’s staggering structure bash numbers. INN tracked 46 hostile actions, still a busy week by most of the war’s standard. Delve was largely home to the action, but nearly all of the action was…

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Top Ten Things for the Imperium to Consider

Gray Doc 2021-08-22

The Top Ten list here begins a new series. From time to time, on an irregular basis, we’ll publish a Top Ten list. This is open to other writers as well. Feel free to create your own Top Ten on some aspect of EVE and submit it for possible publication.

Here, then, is my Top Ten list regarding what the Imperium must learn from Beeitnam (so far).

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Vily: secretly a bee?

Stitcher 2021-08-19

While out in Querious killing a couple of fortizars a few nights ago, an interesting conspiracy theory came up on voice comms. It’s the sort of thing that requires a tinfoil hat and a wall festooned with thumbtacks and string….

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Horde Resets Dozens of Former PAPI Members

VanPatton 2021-08-17

Ever since the end of WWB, many have been curious about the future of the now broken PAPI. Aside from the usual talk of TEST and BRAVE being in anarchy, the other PAPI members have seemed pretty safe. Living far…

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The Tower of Legends Falls

Elthar Nox 2021-08-13

The PAPI Keepstar in T5ZI-S, “The Tower of Legends” lies in ruin, much like their plans to remove the Imperium from EVE Online. At 01:30 on the 13th of August, the Keepstar which was the focal point of the PAPI…

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Beeitnam: Week 57

Ban Syrin 2021-08-09

Previously, this war has been referred to as “World War Bee.” Once the PAPI coalition began its retreat on August 2, 2021, members of the Imperium began referring to the conflict as Beeitnam, an allusion to the series of conflicts…

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Honey-golden linings: A Response to Seir

Gray Doc 2021-08-07

Having read Seir Luciel’s most recent article entitled “Silver Linings for PAPI; Considerations for Goons,” I wanted to respond for several reasons.  First, Seir is my son and I love him. I admire him, as well: his toughness, his intellectual…

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Battle Report: BlackOps In The Backfield

Elthar Nox 2021-08-04

The Initiative crushed any hopes of a PAPI sneak attack during the last assault on the O-EIMK constellation. Before the first Keepstar started unanchoring, a major battle engulfed the Imperium’s last remaining systems. Critical to that fight was the clash…

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World War Bee: Week 56

Ban Syrin 2021-08-02

Week 56 of World War Bee was down from week 55, with 12 hostile actions reported. Delve and its environs were home to most of the action. [Editor’s Note: As the war has reached its anniversary, INN’s tracker is now split…

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PAPI’s Perfunctory Plan

Moomin Amatin 2021-07-28

Just a couple of weeks ago PAPI leaders were announcing that there was “equilibrium.” This was where they had told their members that they were happy with the “balance of power.” Hence, PAPI members were free to take a couple…

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World War Bee: Week 55

Ban Syrin 2021-07-26

Week 55 of World War Bee was up from  week 54, with 20 total hostile actions reported, another increase as the war enters what may be its final weeks with an exciting set of escalations early in the week. Delve…