Beeitnam: Week 59


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Week 59 was down after week 58’s staggering structure bash numbers. INN tracked 46 hostile actions, still a busy week by most of the war’s standard. Delve was largely home to the action, but nearly all of the action was structure bashes across the Imperium home regions, as they scoured their space of hostile citadels.

[Editor’s Note: As the war has reached its anniversary, INN’s tracker is now split between the July 2020 to June 2021 events and July 2021 onwards. The first year’s data remains broken, but the author is tentatively hopeful the Year 2 data will calculate moving forward.]

There were no fights in week 59 that exceeded 20 billion ISK in cumulative losses.

The three major theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring as well as western Delve), the South (the rest of Delve, Querious, and Period Basis), and the East (Paragon Soul, Catch, Stain, Immensea, and Esoteria).


The North quieted down again this week, with the only major killmail being a TEST Tatara in Y-2ANO.


The East, as with recent weeks, has been quite relaxed, particularly since major PAPI-aligned forces have mostly evacuated the area, leaving new alliances to pop up on the sovereignty maps.


The South remained busy as the Imperium continued their purge of hostile structures. Sunday, the Imperium killed a pair of Azbels, a pair of Tataras, and three Keepstars in Delve and Querious. Monday, the Imperium destroyed another pair of Azbels, a Tatara, and a pair of Fortizars. Tuesday, the bashes continued with former PAPI forces losing an Azbel, three separate Tataras, and then five more Fortizars.

Wednesday, former PAPI bloc members lost another Azbel, two more Tataras, and then another whopping seven more Fortizars. Thursday, the Imperium killed five more Fortizars in their space. Friday, TEST lost two Keepstars in Period Basis and a Fortizar in Querious.


This week had some interesting highlights across the galaxy. SLYCE lost a Fortizar in Lonetrek to Snuffed Out. TEST lost a Hel in Tash-Murkon. TEST later lost a Fortizar in their new home of Outer Passage to an Imperium bomber group. Pandemic Horde announced a standings reset with dozens of groups from the former PAPI bloc. Fraternity lost a Nyx in The Bleak Lands and Warped Intentions lost a Leviathan titan in Kador.

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  • Guilford Australis

    It’s a good morning in Beeitnam, to paraphrase the famous actor.

    August 23, 2021 at 2:45 PM