Beeitnam: Week 58


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Week 58 was a big week for the war. INN tracked 127 hostile actions, far and away the most of Beeitnam. Delve was largely home to the action, but nearly all of the action was structure bashes across the Imperium home regions as they scoured their space of hostile citadels.

[Editor’s Note: As the war has reached its anniversary, INN’s tracker is now split between the July 2020 to June 2021 events and July 2021 onwards. The first year’s data remains broken, but the author is tentatively hopeful the Year 2 data will calculate moving forward.]

There were two fights in week 58 that exceeded 20 billion ISK in cumulative losses. Both were massive 3rd party battles against former PAPI-aligned forces. The first was a brutal slugfest in Lonetrek between Fraternity and Snuffed Out, while the second was a big brawl in Sinq Laison between Nullsechnaya Sholupen (NSH) and Dreadbomb. Both of these were covered elsewhere on INN.

The three major theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring as well as western Delve), the South (the rest of Delve, Querious, and Period Basis), and the East (Paragon Soul, Catch, Stain, Immensea, and Esoteria).


The North was rather busy this week, as the purging of PAPI structures took off in earnest. PAPI forces lost seven Fortizars across the Northern regions of the war, one Sotiyo, two Azbels, and two Tataras.


The Eastern theater was relatively lively, as Dreadbomb put up a cyno beacon within jump distance of former Legacy members’ retreat path, catching two Hels and a Ragnarok titan. Additionally, Imperium member, Dracarys, lost a Fortizar in Catch, while former PAPI alliance Deepwater Hooligans lost a Fortizar in Immensea.


The South was on fire this week as the Imperium burned down PAPI structures, many belonging to TEST in particular, and generally made TEST’s extraction as painful as possible. Sunday had the Imperium killing two Tataras, three regular Fortizars, one faction Fortizar, two Wyverns in NPC Delve, and an Azbel. Monday, PAPI lost two Sotiyos, five Fortizars across Delve and Querious, a Tatara, and a Nyx.

Tuesday saw more of the same, as structure bashes continued, with PAPI losing a whopping nine Fortizars across Delve and Querious, five more Tataras across the South, and then five Sotiyos as well. On the Imperium side, the Initiative lost a Hel. Wednesday was even busier, as PAPI lost two Keepstars, a shocking total of fourteen Fortizars across the Southern theater with the destruction reaching other former Legacy alliances, two Sotiyos, then five more dead Tataras, and two Azbels. Additionally, Pandemic Legion lost a Hel. Thursday, PAPI forces lost another two Keepstars, nine more regular Fortizars across the Southern theater as a whole, a faction Fortizar, a Sotiyo, three separate Tataras, and an Azbel.

Friday, PAPI lost two Keepstars again, six Fortizars across the Southern theater in general, a Tatara, and three more Azbels. Saturday, PAPI forces lost six Fortizars in the South again and two more Azbels, bringing the total lost by PAPI in citadels for the week to roughly 3.5 trillion ISK.


Around the galaxy, Eternal Requiem lost a Keepstar, Warped Intentions lost a Hel, and Brave lost an Aeon. As mentioned previously, Fraternity and Snuffed Out locked horns in Lonetrek, with Snuffed Out killing three titans and two supercarriers as well as some dreadnoughts, for a nearly eighty capitals. The battle report ended up favoring Fraternity as they killed 540.2 billion ISK for 386.9 billion in losses.

Similarly, in Sinq Laison, NSH and Dreadbomb tangled with NSH taking the worst of it, losing 270.5 billion ISK for 102.8 billion in kills.

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      Nah, time to go gym and grow some muscle to threat you know who

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