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It has been a busy week for Dreadbomb., the growing alliance that has been causing huge problems for former PAPI members on their extraction, whilst also brawling with NSH in lowsec. As the pilots continue their evacuation from Delve, their Keepstar chain runs through space now controlled by Dreadbomb (DB). As ships jump towards the TEST Keepstar in U-QVWD, a number of ships have taken a wrong turn and ended up in UQ-PWD, where DB have been camping a bait beacon. The results have been disastrous.

Lowsec Escalates Again

In addition to their harassment of PAPI’s evac, Dreadbomb joined Dock Workers in an ambush against NullSechnaya Sholupen (NSH) this week on August 11 in Schoorasana, Sinq Laison. The battle saw Dreadbomb and Dock Workers win the ISK war 300bn killed to 63bn. The fight also saw the first ever kill of a Dagon, the Blood Raiders Force Auxillary. This FAX, which is really a specialist capital-neutralizing platform, was revealed to be a DW alt in a non-blue corporation and was killed by Dreadbomb. Therefore, the first death of this ship type was actually an unintentional blue-on-blue.

Dreads, dreads everywhere. Image: MWRWarrior

NSH have been flexing their muscles in Sinq Laison and Bleak Lands for the past few weeks, building on their strengthened USTZ following the highly publicized move of two key corporations from Northern Coalition. However, with only 40 Dreads and 32 Carriers on the field, NSH were heavily outnumbered and outgunned. Dreadbomb and Dock Workers caught NSH by surprise, dropping 97 Dreads and a titan, plus a sizeable Machariel fleet – the fight was over in 20-minutes.

A New Regional Power?

Dreadbomb has greatly increased their territory over the past few months, despite their alignment towards TEST and Legacy. They contributed to the burning of Catch at the expense of BRAVE and have expanded, now controlling systems in Catch, Immensea, Tenerifis, as well as their home of Providence. Dreadbomb is now the 5th largest sov-owning alliance in the game.

Using this increase in power to their advantage, Dreadbomb. and their friends from Deepwater Hooligans have established a bait beacon in the system of UQ-PWD. As PAPI alliances continued their evacuation north, they stop in the Providence system of FSW-3C, with the next planned stop being the TEST Keepstar in U-QVWD. The simple error of mistaking UQ- for U-Q has cost PAPI over 450bn in losses thus far. At this time, their losses include: a Ragnarok, two Hels, six Rorquals (including this beauty – Loot Fairy says yes), six Thanatos, five Revelations, three Naglfars, three Nidhoggurs, two Lif, two Moros, an Apostle, a Chimera and a 33bn Ark. With most of these ships used as suitcases, other subcaps dropped from the wrecks. These were dispatched in short order.

Chaos is a ladder

The power vacuum left by the end of the Legacy Coalition has opened the doors for many medium-sized groups to expand. It is uncertain whether DB leader Seddow will maintain his relationship with TEST in the post-Beeitnam War environment. However, at present Dreadbomb – the leading alliance in Rekking Crew – has stepped in to fill these gaps. Catch; previously the home of BRAVE, is now occupied by a combination of Dracarys, the CNTZ Imperium-aligned alliance, DB, and Against All Authorities. Immensea is controlled by DB, with Deepwater Hooligans and XIX holding constellations. Esoteria is now under the jurisdiction of the newly minted Pan-Intergalactic Business Community. “we’ll go where ever we can get content. Which is possible since we have some really good pilots, FC’s and support” said Vas Deferens, Head General Director of Diplomacy. It is understood that Rekking Crew will ally themselves with PIBC, with AoM and with Evictus, breaking ties with FI.RE.

To quote the Game of Thrones character Litterfinger, “Chaos isn’t a pit; chaos is a ladder.” With the Imperium’s torching of Legacy’s home region, followed by the TEST-led coalition’s spectacular collapse in the past week, we see huge potential for new superpowers to emerge from the ashes. “The end of the war has completely reinvigorated our members’ desire to play,” Vas Deferens continued. “As before, we were struggling to find any scraps of content, as everyone was for the most part fixated on Delve. As the map is shaking up, we watch from the beacon, waiting to see where everyone settles. And from there we can really make more concrete plans for the future.”

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  • Deni'z von Meanace

    Not sure how they alligned with TEST while killing it’s members by phishing beacon in fake UQ. Also not sure if it’s called a content by setting traps on JG and killing lonely pilots on it. If they could mange to clash with equal power ( will see how the neighbors from FI.RE would act) and prove themselves as confident pvpers we could call them as new powerhouse.

    August 14, 2021 at 9:59 AM
    • William Doe Deni'z von Meanace

      Agreed, I am curious how they and FI.RE will interact with each other now that Rekking Crew is blue to PIBC. Once TEST’s fully sets up shop in Outer Passage, I think we may see a new set of smaller battles in the south, though this time in the southeast between XIX against RC+PIBC, could even see FRT hop in that action too.
      Also, it is a bit of fuckery, but I wish Verite.space/sov.space would acknowledge Dracarys as an Imperium affiliate or ally as it seems they’ve been that for some time but it’s categorized under neutral states. Or maybe they are just that and aren’t enough to be considered an Imperium ally or affiliate like French ConneXion.

      August 14, 2021 at 10:24 AM
  • Majestic

    As I told before – this war was extinction level event for Legacy/TEST. They failed and loudly collapsed on themselves.
    ‘Weak Willy’ General showed himself as bad leader and simple teenager. No thinking, no proper planning, only YOLO actions and abuse of sudden power. Result – collapse and jail (I hope he will be removed from any position and awoxed in his Titan).

    Lies can take you far enough, but can’t protect you forever…

    August 14, 2021 at 10:48 AM
  • Lord Benz

    “To quote the Game of Thrones character Litterfinger”

    Its “Littlefinger” my dude

    August 14, 2021 at 5:22 PM
  • Kimsemus

    “NSH have been flexing their muscles in Sinq Laison and Bleak Lands for the past few weeks”

    NSH have not won a single major engagement since arriving in Schoo and have failed to contest any major objectives while losing so many TFIs the market can’t physically replace their comp and a number of caps but… ok.

    August 15, 2021 at 3:45 AM
  • Elithiel en Gravonere

    This is actually really good. Speaking as an individual here but still linked to our Hive Mind: I have longed to see the South made up of a lot of smaller coalitions/alliances on our border, rather than Legacy. We can have gudfites with them without bothering to take over their space. They’ll know the Imperium will have no desire to take that space, so it’ll come down to just having nice battles with them every so often as desired. Given we’re going after TEST, most of them won’t really be a threat. We may speed bump a few if they took part in the war but overall, strategically, having smaller alliances and coalitions occupy that space is good for the Imperium. We did the same in Pure Blind and it gave smaller groups the opportunity to move in and have some space of their own. With the west of the map being the imperium, these groups will know they don’t have to worry about encroachment from ourside. So they’ll need to figure out what their relationships are with FI.RE coalition.

    Of course, we’ll be defending our allies and our Stain Russian friends if anyone seriously thinks of hurting them, don’t bother. But other than that, I think these smaller coalitions/alliances will have plenty of space and room to grow. We need to move from a bilateral galaxy (PandaFam/Imperium) to one of a multipolar galaxy. Sure the two big coalitions will remain, but I do think we’ll need to allow room for the medium sized and small sized alliances too. In short, I think it’ll be good for the game if we don’t have a blue donut. Papi tried to make that happen. Goons are trying to make the opposite happen.

    August 16, 2021 at 2:45 AM