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Dreadbomb Dreadbombs

Elthar Nox 2021-08-14

It has been a busy week for Dreadbomb., the growing alliance that has been causing huge problems for former PAPI members on their extraction, whilst also brawling with NSH in lowsec. As the pilots continue their evacuation from Delve, their…

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Breaking news – Locust Fleet Rorquals down to Dreadbomb

mistwarden 2019-12-01

Over 60 Rorquals died in Fountain today during an Imperium Locust Fleet, killed by a dreadbomb from PanFam and friends. INN has received claims taking credit from Olmeca Gold, Chossuh, and the recently-purged Pittsburgh2989. This is the first time an…

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When saving the Rorqual goes wrong—379b lost in Fountain

Macky Avelli 2019-04-06

What may have seemed like a fairly routine “Rorqual-damsel-in-distress” situation wound up being a bit of a disaster as the rescuing parties lost ships to the tune of 379b to a Pandemic Horde / WE FORM V0LTA dreadbomb. Though Fountain…

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BREAKING: Titans Down in Pure Blind, Major Dreadbomb Takes a Toll

Ketriaava 2018-03-24

Early on March 24, several DARKNESS. titans were destroyed by a massive dreadbomb by various combined lowsec and southern forces in the Pure Blind system of ROIR-Y. The initial engagement that sparked the severe response was reported to have been…

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PL dreadbomb: 350b destroyed in Delve

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-04-28

Around downtime today, Pandemic Legion dreadbombed rorquals belonging to Gaara’s Sniper (who donated the original D-W Keepstar after finding a trillion in loose change in his sofa) in Delve. When the dust settled, at least 34 Rorqual wrecks were floating in space. Along…

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BREAKING: 14 KF Rorquals Killed in PL Dreadbomb

Arrendis 2017-04-15

As many as fourteen (14) Rorquals are reported to have been destroyed in a single Pandemic Legion dreadbomb in western Querious. Zkill currently shows nine (9) of the killmails, along with the losses of a Minokawa, Nidhoggur, and Thanatos that may…