PAPI’s Retreat Daily Report: Day 11


Header art by Major Sniper.

INN is reporting daily on the Imperium’s reconquest of Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period Basis. Not included in the reporting at this time is Lowsec and Highsec ganking.

The Imperium continues to reinforce structures across Delve, Querious, Fountain, and Period Basis to stop unanchoring timers. In addition, many structures are being destroyed on a daily basis.

No update on pending timers is available today.


Another trillion ISK in PAPI assets were lost yesterday as part of their pell-mell retreat from the Imperium regions. The Imperium has turned its attention largely away from IHUBs in recent days to focus on structures in particular. Additionally, larger numbers of TCUs are being flipped.

PAPI Jump Bridges Destroyed:

F-KCZ (Querious) (Killed by Siberian Squads)
VYJ-DA (Esoteria) (AOM structure killed by Ferrata Victrix)


IGE-NE (Querious)
P-ZMZV (Querious)
NDII-Q (Querious)
4HS-CR (Fountain)
AL8-V4 (Fountain)


5-CQDA (Delve)
JP4-AA (Delve)
KEE-N6 (Delve)
S-6HHN (Delve)
0TKF-6 (Querious)
60M-TG (Querious)
9-HM04 (Querious)
9SBB-9 (Querious)
BX2-ZX (Querious)
C-7SBM (Querious)
DS-LO3 (Querious)
ED-L9T (Querious)
I1Y-IU (Querious)
LS-V29 (Querious)
RF-CN3 (Querious)
TV8-HS (Querious)
U-HYZN (Querious)
UQY-IK (Querious)
VT-G2P (Querious)
YOP-0T (Querious)
YW-SYT (Querious)
Z-UZZN (Querious)
00GD-D (Fountain)
5-D82P (Fountain)
8ESL-G (Fountain)
APM-6K (Fountain)
C1XD-X (Fountain)
I-CUVX (Fountain)
WMH-SO (Fountain)
12 TCUSs were lost by The Celestial Empire in Fountain
4-07MU (Catch, lost by Sev3rance to Dracarys.)
RR-D05 (Catch, lost by Sev3rance to Dracarys.)
Z-K495 (Branch, lost by Fraternity)

Notable PAPI Losses:

2 Keepstars (401.36 billion) (Delve)
12 Fortizars (198.08 billion) (Delve, Querious, Fountain)
8 Astrahus (Delve, Querioius, Fountain)
2 Sotiyos (103.37 billion) (Delve, Period Basis)
3 Raitarus (9.82 billion) (Delve)
2 Azbels (12.11 billion) (Delve)
5 Tataras (82.1 billion) (Delve)
33 Athanors (Delve, Querious, Fountain, Khanid)
40 POCOs (Delve, Querious, Fountain)
1 Supercarrier (35.18 billion) (Etherium Reach, killed by V0LTA)
3 Carriers (25.9 billion) (Catch, the Dreadbomb. beacon in UQ-PWD provides)
4 Dreadnoughts (24.83 billion) (Catch; the beacon provides)
1 Jump Freighter (15.27 billion) (Querious)
3 Freighters (32.36 billion) (Domain, Querious; one of these 3 was a Sev3rance Obelisk worth 24.6 billion killed in Querious)

We will be bringing you future updates on a daily basis until the Imperium has completed the reclamation.

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  • This campaign cost them so much omg how they could recover from this

    August 14, 2021 at 12:08 AM
    • kwnyupstate . Kristenn

      First they need to recover enough to pay back their trillions in SRP debt and THEN try to go positive.

      August 14, 2021 at 12:21 AM
      • Garreth Vlox kwnyupstate .

        And they get to do it all in the poverty era… nice timing vily you picked a great moment to bankrupt your alliance.

        August 14, 2021 at 12:54 AM
        • Xelistren Garreth Vlox

          1 word could have prevented their debt had it never been spoken. Shame.

          August 14, 2021 at 5:01 AM
          • Garreth Vlox Xelistren

            “we had to do something…”

            August 14, 2021 at 9:31 PM
        • Orihara Izaya Garreth Vlox

          Eh, this is still a lot less than a titan brawl. At the current replacement value of titans, what’s a trillion? 5 titans? 6? In any big, decisive 1DQ brawl titans would’ve fallen by the *hundreds*.

          Not that these losses aren’t relevant or a waste of the resources used to build them, but they can do without some extra Keepstars in terms of defense. Not without their titans and supers though, which is why PAPI had been frightened to deploy them ever since they saw at M2 that they really might just lose *everything*: their titans, and *then* their structures and territory.

          August 14, 2021 at 5:05 AM
          • Guilford Australis Orihara Izaya

            We made the same argument about the 40 krabstars PAPI was so proud of killing. We dropped Keepstars everywhere when we had so much money we didn’t even know what to spend it on. Few of those need to be replaced. But PAPI (including a writer here at INN) insisted that was a crippling loss.

            They can’t have it both ways. Losing a significant number of Keepstars is either a crippling blow or not a big deal because they don’t need to be replaced. They can’t in good faith deny The Imperium’s position while appealing to the same position for themselves.

            August 14, 2021 at 12:04 PM
          • Orihara Izaya Guilford Australis

            I never agreed with whoever said it was crippling. Having keepstars destroyed is certainly a loss, but not necessarily the worst possible one.

            Some difference lies in the fact that while the Imperium’s home space infrastructure was burned down, which they fully intend to replace now (as is necessary if the Imperium is to engage on a punitive campaign and not leave Delve undefended), as of this moment only PAPI’s forward bases are being demolished for the most part. Sure, some were talking big in “permanently moving to Delve” and such, and to those who actually abandoned their home space, this is indeed bad. To others (e.g. FRT, PanFam), they simply need to fall back on what they always had back at home.

            August 15, 2021 at 3:02 AM
          • Garreth Vlox Orihara Izaya

            What keeps are they going to dock those titans and supers in after evacing and leaving all their keeps to burn? They are too broke to SRP their own titans so where will they find the money for more keeps to dock their remaining supers/titans? Remember they were throwing keeps away in NPC delve for most of a month, now they are feeding them along their path of escape, this all adds up, especially when they were already on the losing end of the war long isk war, AND they recently admitted their finances were almost entirely propped up by the TTT, and CCP just kneecapped them with a tax change… This all ads up to some pretty dire financial circumstances where every single major asset, (keeps, titans, supers, caps) is going to count.

            August 14, 2021 at 9:30 PM