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Beeitnam: Week 58

Ban Syrin 2021-08-16

Week 58 was a big week for the war. INN tracked 127 hostile actions, far and away the most of Beeitnam. Delve was largely home to the action, but nearly all of the action was structure bashes across the Imperium…

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Retaking Fountain, Plus an Ark

Ban Syrin 2020-09-19

Monday, September 7, was part of a sluggish week 10 in World War Bee and The Initiative (INIT), an alliance known for taking the fight to its enemies, wasn’t about to let that opportunity slide. As EUTZ  prime time rolled around,…

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Metrics that Matter

Cato Azizora 2020-09-17

The fall of Fountain was lauded as a major accomplishment by the attacking PanFam forces. It would be dishonest to pretend that losing Fountain and the structures in the region did not hurt, despite many assets being evacuated beforehand. It…

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World War Bee: Week 10

Ban Syrin 2020-09-14

Week 10 of World War Bee hit a new low in action as forces continued to reposition across the Southwest of New Eden. INN’s tally of fights in the war for week 10 is a mere six fights of consequence,…

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A Lone Sabre & Small Gangs vs An Erebus

Kyle Saltz 2020-09-07

Empyrean Guard (Tactical Narcotics Team) member Durgar Tulan was passing time in station when he caught an intel report that a Titan was gating through Fountain towards Cloud Ring. At first Durgar thought it was impossible, that maybe the intel was…

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World War Bee: Week Four

Ban Syrin 2020-08-03

Week four of World War Bee saw a fair amount of action, and some major strategic shifts. The ISK split in the major theaters continues to be roughly 60%-40% in favor of the attackers. In the two main theaters of…

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World War Bee: Week Three

Ban Syrin 2020-07-27

Three weeks into World War Bee and the advantage between its parties has stabilized at about a 60-40% ISK loss split. That equals roughly 2.9 trillion ISK lost by the Imperium and 2 trillion ISK by PandaFam and Legacy. By aggregating battle…

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Lucky 13: The Imperium’s Newest Keepstar Has Culture

Arrendis 2017-10-17

Shortly before 1900 UTC on October 16, members of the Imperium were greeted with a ping to All from The Mittani: A thing happened – a quiet thing. Nothing to see here: ~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani…

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Iron Armada: Sov, Structures, and Fountain

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-10-02

Author’s Note: While all opinions in this article are intended to be neutral and describe things as they are, as a member of Iron Armada, my opinion is biased, and may come out during my writing. Aegis Sovereignty, more commonly…

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An Interview at The Iron Throne

JuriusDoctor 2017-09-23

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Tridgit – executor to Iron Armada – about the recent changes on the front lines of Fountain. Together with Feign Disorder and Wild Hunt, the Heathens Coalition has secured a strong footing in…

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The Culture Aeon Dies In 78B Brawl in CHA2-Q

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-03-20

The region of Fountain has been the subject of a recent eviction campaign of LowSechnaya Sholupen, and their allies, by The Culture as “They do not play well with others.” The latest incident on March 20 began relatively small, but…

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Submission 2016-09-18

  FOUNTAIN: RP2-QQ — At around 18:00 EVE time on September 16, a battle involving over 500 pilots occurred as LowSechnaya Sholupen (LSH) and allies returned home from guarding an onlining Fortizar citadel. In the roughly one hour long engagement, over 136…

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Titans Dropped over Moon in Fountain

Arrendis 2016-05-23

At roughly 10:30 EVE time in the Fountain system of TEG-SD, The-Culture/ChaosTheory fought Violence of Action/Cede Nullis/Fountain Core over a dysprosium moon in the system. The-Culture/ChaosTheory won both the ISK war and the strategic objective of destroying the Fountain Core…

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Citadel Destroyed in Fountain Fight

TMC Archives 2016-05-15

On May 13 at 19:40 EVE time in the Fountain system of B17O-R, The-Culture and allies ChaosTheory fought a group of various Fountain alliances over the fate of an Astrahus Citadel in the system. Though The-Culture/ChaosTheory (TC/CT) won the ISK…