FOUNTAIN: RP2-QQ — At around 18:00 EVE time on September 16, a battle involving over 500 pilots occurred as LowSechnaya Sholupen (LSH) and allies returned home from guarding an onlining Fortizar citadel. In the roughly one hour long engagement, over 136 billion ISK was destroyed, with LowSechnaya Sholupen and allies losing over 99b ISK and The-Culture/ChaosTheory/Northern Coalition (TC/CT/NC) collectively losing around 27b ISK.

The strategic objective that precipitated the fight was a LSH Fortizar being onlined in an adjacent system. The system was too heavily defended, so TC/CT commander Raknor Bile made the call to not jump in. Once LSH/allies left the system, however, the collected opposing forces engaged them, and LSH cynoed in dreadnoughts, force auxiliaries, and carriers. In response, TC deployed their own capitals, with more dreadnoughts than LSH had total capitals.

As the fight began in earnest, the colossal damage output of the TC/CT Rattlesnake fleet and support from the NC armor T3 fleet blew through enemy subcapitals and capitals extremely quickly, with combatants reporting that the FCs could not broadcast targets fast enough once enemy logistics broke early on. After a party of carnage, LSH and allies managed to extract their remaining forces and return home.

In a fight where the few beat the many, it is proved again to know what you’re up against before you go all in. The fight over influence in the West continues, with TC/CT still appearing to be top dog.

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