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Breaking News: Imperial Legacy, FEDUP, Destroy Multiple CO2 Structures Uncontested

Shokalokaboom 2018-08-22

Forces from the Imperium and Legacy Coalition hit multiple CO2 structures in Fade today.  The intial incursion saw Imperium Baltec and Hammerfleets travel to X36Y-G for the structure timer of the Circle-of-Two Fortizar there. Half an hour later, a second…

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Fortizars Down; First Two New Faction Fortizars Popped

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-18

Here at INN, we have been reporting on the emergence of faction Fortizars for a long time. We shared details of the various types of new Fortizars as they were announced by CCP. We shared CCP’s plans for rollout of the new structures, and we…

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DevBlog: Here Come the Faction Fortizars

Savvy Kneel 2018-05-04

CCP made it official with news of the upcoming Outpost Replacement Event in the team’s latest DevBlog. It has been news for months now that they will be turning outposts into faction citadels, kicking off a wave of sov-related action…

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Curse Fortizar Battle: Unorthodox Strategies in Action

Ketriaava 2017-11-09

Earlier today, a Fortizar belonging to Freedom Among the Stars entered the vulnerability timer for its Armor section in the Curse system of XX9-WV. Forces from Imperium (Goonswarm, Initiative, and TNT), Hard Dr0p, and other small groups arrived to the…

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Massacre in MTO2-2 – 302b ISK in ships destroyed

Macky Avelli 2017-10-19

Perrigen Falls continue to run red with podgoo this week after a sizable battle in MTO2-2 left 302b ISK worth of smoldering wrecks behind. Guardians of the Galaxy had a Fortizar anchoring on October 16th, and many of the major…

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Action in AX-DOT – PL Fortizars Defended With Heavy Casualties

Hopeful Turtle 2017-10-11

At around 2000 on the 10th of October, 2017, two large forces – one from the Coalition of Northern Alliances, the other from Imperium/Legacy (hereafter referred to as the Legacy Federation) – clashed in the system of AX-DOT over a…

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Initiative Fortizar In X-M2LR Reinforced

Thel Ancora 2017-09-06

At 1930 in X-M2LR, Syndicate region, The Initiative Fortizar came out of reinforced for its armor timer. Mercenary Coalition and The Initiative have been fighting over this system for some time. The Northern Coalition fleet paused the Fortizar two minutes…

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Yokai Liberation Public Fleet Announced

Rhiannon Williams 2017-08-11

Some of you may or may not be aware of my in-game role in EVE Online as co-founder of the Sixth Empire alliance along with His Holiness Max Singularity, our beloved Spacepope. Some may be aware our alliance’s role is…

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Breaking News – Fight in 5H-SM2

Rhivre 2017-06-13

A fight broke out in 5H-SM2 in Wicked Creek at around 1900 UTC when an FCON Fortizar which was reinforced yesterday by Space Violence came into armor timer. FCON called in support for the timer after The Imperium arrived to…

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The Imperium secures Beachhead in FCON Homeland

Moomin Amatin 2017-04-24

A Twisted Tale of Treachery Odd things can sometimes happen when you are simply off flying around space. Sometimes it will be a simple conversation with a hostile or a space celebrity of some sort. Other times in can be…

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Cloud Ring Erupts in Mayhem as Forces clash over Suddenly Spaceships Fortizar in 50 bn ISK brawl

Quendan 2017-03-31

Cloud Ring became a flash point tonight when a Fortizar in the system of 6-4V20 owned by Suddenly Spaceships came into its armour timer at 19:30 Eve time. NC., together with DARKNESS. and other allies mobilised 650 pilots for the attack against…

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Two Revenants down in The Forge

Rhivre 2016-10-14

On 13 October at around 19:00 Eve time in the Oijanen system of The Forge , a Fortizar belonging to Synergy of Steel [SYN] became vulnerable. Circle-of-Two [CO2], Project. Mayhem.[16-13], Snuffed Out [B.B.C] and allies turned up to attack. A defense fleet was formed…

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Submission 2016-09-18

  FOUNTAIN: RP2-QQ — At around 18:00 EVE time on September 16, a battle involving over 500 pilots occurred as LowSechnaya Sholupen (LSH) and allies returned home from guarding an onlining Fortizar citadel. In the roughly one hour long engagement, over 136…