Breaking News – Fight in 5H-SM2


A fight broke out in 5H-SM2 in Wicked Creek at around 1900 UTC when an FCON Fortizar which was reinforced yesterday by Space Violence came into armor timer.

FCON called in support for the timer after The Imperium arrived to attack in Maelstroms. A subcap fight broke out, and The Imperium were appearing to be winning the fight at first.

A Triumvirate. Leviathan appeared on the field and used it’s Bosonic Field Generator. Space Violence commander Kendarr called for a Dreadbomb from Imperium, which was duly provided. Approximately 35 Dreads entered the fight, and the Leviathan dropped to 33% shields.

Triumvirate. and friends escalated with their own supers, dreads and FAX, and repped the Levi.  The Imperium forces began picking off the Dreadnoughts in the fleet with what remained of their own Dreads, as they were taking heavy losses by this point.  Once The Imperium Dreadnoughts had been destroyed, Triumvirate then turned their attention to the FCON Dread fleet.

Pandemic Legion was also on the field in subcaps, mostly shooting at FCON, but also taking potshots at passing caps.

The battle report shows heavy losses sustained by both sides in terms of Dreadnoughts, with The Imperium losing 217b, and the remainder of the field losing 90.7B according to the latest update.

We reached out to a senior Goonswarm Fleet Commander, who told us that “Nagalfars have a lock range of 115km”

Thanks to Jay Amazingness for giving us the backstory on the fight.

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