Massacre in MTO2-2 – 302b ISK in ships destroyed


Perrigen Falls continue to run red with podgoo this week after a sizable battle in MTO2-2 left 302b ISK worth of smoldering wrecks behind. Guardians of the Galaxy had a Fortizar anchoring on October 16th, and many of the major nullsec entities came out for the fight. We contacted GSF FC Corbzila and PL FC Killah Bee to get the scoop on how things actually went down.

Everybody Loves A Good Fight

From the sounds of things, many of the parties involved with this one were keen to be there for the anchoring of this Fortizar, as the last Keepstar anchoring by GotG wound up being quite the scrap. Of course, the lead players in this thing were once again Guardians of the Galaxy and and the Drone Region Federation, but others from Goonswarm Federation, Legacy Coalition, and PanFam were there to fill the supporting roles.

Killah Bee told us that with things having been so crazy at the Keepstar battle just a few days earlier, they were well prepared for another massive fight for the Fortizar anchoring. Shortly after PanFam’s arrival on grid at the Fortizar, DRF Abaddons dropped in right on top of the PanFam forces. This was a bit of a mistake on the DRF FC’s part, as this put them at a disadvantage. It didn’t take long for the PL and GotG defense to whittle down the attacking force of Abaddons and Machariels, and send them packing back towards the HD-JVQ gate. With the Fortizar well defended, it was a mission success for PanFam. They waited for things to cool down, and made their way home.

Send In The Goons

It was around this time that Corbzila and his Cerberus fleet were arriving after making their way through the Thera wormhole gauntlet. They sustained minor losses to Volta on their way through the wormholes, but managed to make it into the target system with most of their fleet intact.  Upon hearing scouting reports of DARKNESS capitals landing on the HD-JVQ gate, Corb warped in his fleet and joined in on the chaos.

The GSF Cerberus fleet got a DARKNESS Apostle and Archon tackled, and had the Apostle dealt with in orderly fashion. The Archon broke tackle and escaped however, due in part to a lack of light tackle in the GSF fleet. In the scramble, the GSF fleet managed to also get a DARKNESS Erebus caught in a bubble. They were unable to capitalize on the situation though, as the GotG Mach fleet warped in to defend the Erebus, and all hell proceeded to break loose shortly thereafter.

The GSF fleet killed their fair share of Machariels in the scrap, and held their own enough to bounce around and get their licks in on a few different parties in this battle. As things were cooling down Corbzila launched probes and found a Nyx that had disconnected at some point in the battle. Though the DC’d Nyx had support in the form of a GotG Machariel fleet, the Goons were able to melt the Nyx and get outta there before things got too hairy. Corbzila made a point of mentioning that on their way out of the system, they killed some Machariels, as well as a Damnation which was due in large part to the efforts of a relatively new player Alakai Mani in a handout tackle frigate, who scored the hero tackle on the Damnation as it was trying to warp off.

All told the battle report for MTO2-2 that day ran up a bill of approximately 302b. This brings the total losses in the past week somewhere close 1 trillion ISK in that system alone.  Is this just the beginning of what will be a heated conflict in the north east? We’ll be there to report it!

Thanks to Corbzila and Killah Bee for their helpful info!

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  • hurf

    “Alakai Mani in a handout tackle frigate, who scored the hero tackle on the Damnation as it was trying to warp off.”

    The little Atron that could! Remember bees: All ships matter!

    October 19, 2017 at 9:33 AM
    • Totali Notabot hurf

      he got like half a bil for this tackle
      not kidding

      October 19, 2017 at 10:48 AM
  • hurf

    learning about the lifes and dealings of pet alliances seems like :effort:

    October 19, 2017 at 7:56 PM
  • JustToComment

    Two main parties yet you dont interview any of them..

    October 20, 2017 at 1:27 PM