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DRF Coalition Meeting – Pulling back to Insmother

Rhivre 2018-04-22

April 21, UAxDeath called a coalition meeting of the Drone Region Federation to discuss their current situation and their future moves. The background for this meeting is the ongoing incursion into their space by Skill Urself (including a Keepstar kill…

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Triumvirate Keepstar destroyed by Drone Region Federation, Legacy Coalition

Paramemetic 2018-02-06

Despite a noble effort to defend it, Triumvirate and allies lost their Keepstar citadel in A24L-V to an overwhelming assault by pilots from Drone Region Federation, Legacy Coalition, and Pandemic Horde. The final structure reinforcement timer began at 0000 New…

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Phoenix Down: Inside the FCON Failure Cascade

JuriusDoctor 2017-11-13

‘Failure Cascade.’ These might be the two most socially and psychologically frightening words in New Eden; they are either spoken as a whisper of despair or a roar of triumph. Almost a decade ago the Mittani wrote an article describing the…

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Mahan Denied – DRF Sotiyo down in 83-YGI

Hopeful Turtle 2017-10-27

Over the evening of October 24, Guardians of the Galaxy and Drone Region Federation fleets clashed en masse in the system of 83-YGI over a Sotiyo. The Sotiyo was rumoured to contain 4 supercapitals in build, and therefore constituted a…

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Massacre in MTO2-2 – 302b ISK in ships destroyed

Macky Avelli 2017-10-19

Perrigen Falls continue to run red with podgoo this week after a sizable battle in MTO2-2 left 302b ISK worth of smoldering wrecks behind. Guardians of the Galaxy had a Fortizar anchoring on October 16th, and many of the major…

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Conflict in Insmother: 300B ISK Destroyed So Far

Submission 2015-11-18

Drone Regions Federation (DRF) and Red Menace Coalition (RMC) are inflicting massive losses on each other as they battle in Insmother. Over the past three days, both of the Russian coalitions have committed huge forces for their respective causes, and…

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62: The Crisis of the Northern Coalition

TMC Archives 2011-05-24

Vale of the Silent has fallen, Geminate is long-lost, Majesta Empire and RAGE (for their sake, I have helpfully eliminated no less than four periods in their alliance name) are in retreat, evacuating to Tribute,  the bastion of Morsus Mihi…