Conflict in Insmother: 300B ISK Destroyed So Far


Drone Regions Federation (DRF) and Red Menace Coalition (RMC) are inflicting massive losses on each other as they battle in Insmother. Over the past three days, both of the Russian coalitions have committed huge forces for their respective causes, and have collectively (and approximately) caused an impressive 300 billion ISK in damages.


On November 16 in the Insomother system of C-J6MT, Legion of xXDeathXx, PL, SOLAR FLEET, SOLAR WING, Triumvirate., and NC. engaged Red Alliance, The Initiative., Soviet-Union, and Dream Fleet. This 76 billion ISK engagement was the latest in a series of three grand and expensive fights that have occurred in the same system since November 8. The previous two throwdowns are described below.

November 8

The Drone Regions Federation attempted to headshot the staging system of the Red Menace Coalition, C-J6MT. With both sides bringing as many members as they could to the battle, the fight was sure to be bloody and indeed it was! The Stain-Wagon Coalition (SW) also came to RMC’s aide. RMC and friends brought in Tengus, Lokis, Cerberuses, and a fat 64-man bomber fleet. DRF’s offensive force consisted of eight Archons, a huge Typhoon and Machariel fleet, Legions, Proteii, and a whopping 90-man bomber fleet. Thanks to spy eyes, DRF knew exactly where the SW was coming from and elected to bridge directly into C-J6MT and engage the SW Loki fleet on the 88A-RA gate. Forces from both sides piled on top of each other, and brawled it out until the iHub/station nodes spawned. RMC ultimately claimed victory for the day, but not after C-J6MT saw over 1,250 capsuleers in local and 130b ISK in kills.

Amazingly done video by Nester Petrovich of the RMC Tengu Fleet:

Battle in C-J6MT RMC 100AB Tengu Highlights

November 15

DRF returned to punch RMC’s TCU in the face. 103 billion ISK was destroyed in this engagement across several systems, with most of the damage done in C-J6MT. RMC and friends attempted to defend the TCU with Tengus, Cerberuses, and a 90-man bomber fleet, while DRF and their aides assaulted with Machariels, Tengus, Cerberuses, Ishtars, and a smaller 24-man stealth bomber wing. This fight, although slightly smaller than the former, still managed to involve nearly 1,000 pilots. RMC was not able to hold up against the mounting DRF forces as TCU nodes spawned and were ultimately defeated, losing their TCU in the system. Sovereignty in the system changed from Red Alliance to Legion of xXDeathXx on November 15 at 17:08 EVE time.

SU,DRF+RA vs. GemiCO,PL,NC ,SOLAR+TRI (Battle in C-J6MT 15.11.2015)


Many alliances played a significant role in the war for C-J6MT. Thus far, RMC has dealt 108 billion ISK in damages to the aggressor, while DRF has lead the ISK war, dealing nearly 200 billion ISK. It is safe to say that Russian players have had a hell of a lot of fun killing space ships over the past week and a half, and some sources say that blood has only just started to pour.

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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