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Second Vendetta to die in Eve

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-04-17

Today, the second ever Vendetta kill happened in the Forge low-sec system of Oijanen. Valued at 128,721,211,459.01 isk to be perfectly accurate, this beautiful beast was shot by 1003 pilots. Kill me, please It was however not due to a good…

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Snuffed Out and Friends Dunk Renters in Cobalt Edge

Londala Pox 2017-03-25

As large as the New Eden universe is, nothing brings us all together better than a nice wormhole chain. An example of this just happened in the remote area of Cobalt Edge, where supercarriers from the renter empire Shadow of…

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Revenant down to FCON in Immensea

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-03-16

A Revenant faction supercarrier has been downed on the 16th of March by FCON, in the region of Immensea. If you do not know what a Revenant is, it is the first pirate supercarrier, from Sansha’s Nation. The hull alone…

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Ex-FCON Nyx, Leviathan Down in Black Rise

TMC Archives 2016-06-13

PRISM, Black Rise. On June 12, Snuffed Out and Project.Mayhem destroyed an ex-FCON Leviathan and Nyx. With the Imperium pushed out of its sovereignty and as corporations move to other alliances, supercapital pilots are left stuck with their big ships in hostile…

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Submission 2016-05-24

NAGAMANEN, The Citadel — What started as a POS bash on May 23 turned into a massive supercapital brawl on the Deven gate in Nagamanen. A committed force of Snuffed Out members jumped in their supercarriers, resulting in a nearly…

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TMC Archives 2016-05-23

At 00:58 EVE time in the system of Erila in The Citadel, a Revenant belonging to Damien Shroud of Project.Mayhem. was destroyed by a TEST capital and supercapital fleet. Worth 127 billion ISK, the faction supercarrier is the sixth of…

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Titans Dropped over Moon in Fountain

Arrendis 2016-05-23

At roughly 10:30 EVE time in the Fountain system of TEG-SD, The-Culture/ChaosTheory fought Violence of Action/Cede Nullis/Fountain Core over a dysprosium moon in the system. The-Culture/ChaosTheory won both the ISK war and the strategic objective of destroying the Fountain Core…

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Imperium Obliterates MBC in Saranen

Submission 2016-05-19

SARANEN, Lonetrek — The Imperium, after being camped for days on their station, undocked and dealt a sound blow to the MBC. On May 16, just before 0100 EVE time, a fight kicked off on the Imperium’s staging station in…

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Citadel Destroyed in Fountain Fight

TMC Archives 2016-05-15

On May 13 at 19:40 EVE time in the Fountain system of B17O-R, The-Culture and allies ChaosTheory fought a group of various Fountain alliances over the fate of an Astrahus Citadel in the system. Though The-Culture/ChaosTheory (TC/CT) won the ISK…

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Submission 2016-04-22

Region: Lonetrek System: Saranen – Imperium Staging System On April 21, just after 10:50 EVE time, a twenty-man dreadnought fleet belonging to Goonswarm Federation was completely wiped out by Pandemic Legion. It all began as an attempt to bait ‘The…

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Local Was Primary : A 120B ISK Cap Fight in Kamela

Submission 2016-04-15

  It is 0200. Your broadcast system goes off: “EVERYONE be on in two hours!” Systems load and you find that the enemy had been scouting a control tower that is building capital ships. “Time to save this shit,” you…

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Imperium Loses Capital Engagement in Pure Blind

Anschau 2016-04-08

The Imperium lost a dozen dreadnoughts and carriers last night around 23:00 EVE as an unexpected capital engagement escalated in the Pure Blind system of X-7OMU. A Hel from Psychotic Tendencies (TISHU) was returning home from a solo roam in L-TS8S to break up…

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Submission 2016-03-25

The Stage On March 19, just after 22:30 EVE time, a nearly hour and a half-long battle began, shocking three systems across Fade and Pure Blind. The Imperium formed as many members as they could to defend the freeport timer for…

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Submission 2016-03-11

“This trap was setup for months. We patiently waited for the release of the gong…” – DlCard, Senior Member of Snuffed Out The Stage Lonetrek region, Hakonen. From March 9, 23:27 to March 10, 00:30 EVE time, heavy gunfire ripped through the…