At 00:58 EVE time in the system of Erila in The Citadel, a Revenant belonging to Damien Shroud of Project.Mayhem. was destroyed by a TEST capital and supercapital fleet. Worth 127 billion ISK, the faction supercarrier is the sixth of its kind to be killed.

After having one of their towers destroyed by Project.Mayhem., TEST was on the lookout for avenues of revenge. Vily, former Imperium FC who now FCs for TEST, reports that PM was initially baited by his alt’s Naglfar. Around 25-30 assorted supercapitals were ready to jump, a Nyx having been dropped on a lone TEST dread beforehand.

Vily was initially crestfallen when just two black ops battleships came in, but his hopes began rising with the jumping of several hostile dreadnoughts. Then, the Revenant dropped in, causing Vily to promptly freak out, as heard in the video of the event.

The Revenant initially bumped off the cyno and managed to cloak, but heavy interdictors that had jumped in were ordered to burn upwards by Vily. The HIC wing managed to decloak and tackle the rare vessel. Supercapitals and capitals jumped in and did away with the under-tanked supercarrier in less than a minute. Blue Ice, former Brave Newbies block FC, was unable to fire off his doomsday from his Ragnarok in time.

The dead supercarrier belonged to an account owned by Project.Mayhem. Leader and main FC Tau AD, a Russian player who has been playing the game for a long time. TMC has reached out for comment from Tau AD, and will update this article when and if it is received.

TMC would like to thank Vily for his contributions to this article.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Siaka Stevens.

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