World War Bee: Week 50


Week 50 of World War Bee was down again from the already slow week 49, with 14 total hostile actions reported. Delve and its environs were home to most of the action.

[Editor’s Note: The link for INN’s cumulative battle tracker is here. INN has now hit database issues with’s tracker and will attempt to report monthly on total losses.]

There were no battles in week 50 that exceeded 20 billion ISK in cumulative losses, outside of the 1DQ1-A/T5ZI-S border skirmish battle report.

The three major theaters are the North (Fountain and the border with Aridia and Cloud Ring as well as western Delve), the South (the rest of Delve, Querious, and Period Basis), and the East (Paragon Soul, Catch, Stain, Immensea, and Esoteria).


While still slow in the North, PAPI forces lost yet another Hel in Fountain this past week.


The East was also quite slow this week as the Imperium lost a pair of Fortizars in Catch and Esoteria.


The slow week can be seen in the South with the first few days largely just being border skirmishes. Sunday’s skirmish saw the Imperium kill 6.6 billion ISK for 8.6 billion in losses. Monday, the battle report was even at a sleepy 4.5 billion ISK or so each. Tuesday, the battle report was quite strange as the Imperium killed 7 billion ISK for 39.5 billion in losses, the overwhelming bulk of which was a Goon supercarrier killed by the Imperium. Wednesday, Legacy lost an Aeon in Querious and the border skirmish battle report showed the Imperium killed 3.6 billion ISK for 5.6 billion in losses. Thursday, the border skirmish battle report showed the Imperium killed 7 billion for 9.8 billion ISK. Friday, Legacy lost a Hel and a Wyvern, each in Querious, while the border skirmish battle report showed the Imperium killed 11 billion ISK for 8.7 billion in losses. Saturday, the border skirmish battle report showed the Imperium killed 11.4 billion for 11.9 billion in losses.


As with the rest of the regions, large swaths of New Eden were quiet as well, but Legacy lost a Hel in Insmother.

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  • Moomin Amatin

    This is now the 9th week of the “siege” by PAPI forces of the 1DQ constellation. Legacy held a townhall on 2021-06-20 where they were given a totally “honest and accurate” summary of their progress. It is best summed up as saying the way things are now is the way they are going to stay.

    June 21, 2021 at 9:30 AM
  • Novartis

    Imperium is so bored that they decide to make the fireworks themselves.

    Sorry, I just can’t stop myself to write this……..

    June 21, 2021 at 10:32 AM
  • Jeet_Kundo

    What’s the story behind us blapping our own?

    June 21, 2021 at 3:11 PM
    • William Doe Jeet_Kundo

      Yeah, I’m curious myself as to why that happened.

      June 22, 2021 at 10:31 AM
      • Guilford Australis William Doe

        The CSM voting mechanics are incredibly complicated, not at all like real-life elections. There are multiple rounds or tranches of vote counts, and candidates who fail to get enough first-round votes at the top of enough players’ ballots will be eliminated.

        I’d have loved to have seen Micromancer or Jurius Doctor on the CSM, but due to the mechanics, the big coalition directors have to place their bets on four or five of their own candidates and then add neutral candidates who are likely to be supported by opposing alliances in hopes of limiting the damage.

        Gods, I could write a graduate-level seminar about the politics and maneuvering surrounding the CSM elections. But Brisc could do it better, so it might be worth sending him a question for some comments on the next Meta Show.

        June 22, 2021 at 10:36 PM