CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: May 4-10 2021


Header art by Cryo Huren

Happy Capsuleer Day – EVE Turns 18

Can you believe it has been this long? EVE is now officially an adult, and that’s as far as I’m going to take that analogy. The rest of it? You did it to yourself. Anyway . . .

There are a ton of things going on for Capsuleer Day XVIII. Until the 18th of May you can grab free SP, character clothing, and ships through the log-in campaign. Make sure to grab all of it. There’s also an 18-PLEX SKIN Sale in the New Eden Store.

Abyssal Proving Grounds – 18-Cruiser FFA

I bet this was a doozy. If you see this before 11:00 UTC on the day this article comes out, go throw your hat in the ring. Permitted hulls are: Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber, Maller, Moa, Vexor, Rupture, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Celestis, and Bellicose. This time, modules are limited to Meta 4 and below, and again, no pirate implants. They really should run this one out until the 18th as well, but alas, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Sounds like fun.

Exploit Notification – Preventing Spawning of Observatory Flashpoint Sites

Don’t do it. You’ll get banned.

Project Discovery Update Stream

On May 5th, CCP TV hosted several scientists of various fields to give an update on the progress Project Discovery has been making. Check out the VOD!

Project Discovery didn’t win the Webby. Microsoft did. And the site that won them the award doesn’t even come up anymore. Typical.

Jita 4-4 and Aura Get a Makeover

As you may have noticed, Jita 4-4 has been getting work done for the past while, not only on the outside, but the inside as well. There is a brand new station interior for Jita 4-4 to bring it in line with its epic business. Aura also got shown some love; she now has a fully 3D model.

CSM 16 – Last Call for Applications

You have until May 12th to submit your CSM application if you want to run this year. That’s the day after this post goes live by the way.

In Conclusion

Happy birthday EVE!

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