Anger Games Results!


Header Art by Cryo Huren

The Anger Games concluded yesterday evening, with a spectacular Best of Five finale!

The final day saw Goondra Unloaded, TEMPLIS CALSF, and Warlords of the Deep duke it out for final podium positions.

The first match of the final day was in the winner’s bracket (Goondra versus TEMPLIS) and it was a dominating performance from TEMPLIS. Goondra made a valiant attempt, but took a shoulder-check to the losers bracket regardless, losing in a clean sweep match.

The next competitive match was a loser’s bracket grudge match – Goondra had previously knocked Warlords into the elimination series, and unfortunately Goondra’s luck ran out here. Warlords won the Elimination Semi-Final 100 points to 4, and progressed to the Best-Of-Five Finals. Goondra took third place as a result.

The Finals…

Speaking of the Finals, this was a back and forth series on tenterhooks all the way. The Finals also had a unique ban structure: all bans were based upon the most-popular bans throughout the tournament.

Finals Match 1 had Curse, Bhaalgorn, Barghest and Gila bans, and was a slow match to start, but Warlords took an early lead and held on, taking a 1-0 lead in the series.

Warlords 1-0 TEMPLIS.

Finals Match 2 had Bhaalgorn, Gila, Sleipnir, Blackbird bans. TEMPLIS took the first loss on the chin and fought back, sweeping against Warlords in six minutes.

Warlords 1-1 TEMPLIS.

Finals Match 3 saw Curse, Barghest, Rattlesnake, Etana bans. TEMPLIS fielded a double Widow setup supported by a Zarmazd, and went up against a double Paladin team supported by a Rodiva. TEMPLIS clawed their way to a kitey win here.

Warlords 1-2 TEMPLIS.

Finals Match 4 had no bans according to the rules, and took a long while to get moving. The first loss was a TEMPLIS Sacrilege four minutes into the fight. TEMPLIS then lost a Maller 5m10s into the fight, and things slowly snowballed from there; by 8m45, they had lost everything but their Zarmazd and Scorpion. This match ended with a Warlords win, and TEMPLIS lost everything but a Scorpion.

Warlords 2-2 TEMPLIS.

Finals Match 5 also had no bans, with TEMPLIS taking a double Abbadon, double Oracle comp against a double Hyperion, Zarmazd, Curse core. TEMPLIS dominated this match from the start, killing both Hyperions and then slowly working through the support ships.

The final result was TEMPLIS CALSF 3-2 Warlords of the Deep.

If you missed out on the Anger Games live, you can catch VODs on the EVE_NT Twitch channel, and also find the full broadcasts on the Anger Games YouTube channel too.

Prize Breakdown…

Overall, the Anger Games: Rebirth bracket sees prizes go to:

1st: TEMPLIS CALSF – 27,900 PLEX, plus 60 EDENCOM Victory SKINS.
2nd: Warlords of the Deep – 15,500 PLEX, plus 60 EDENCOM Victory SKINS.
3rd: Goondra Unloaded – 7,750 PLEX, plus 40 EDENCOM Victory SKINS.
4th: AP Stole My Fit – 4,650 PLEX, plus 50 EDENCOM Victory SKINS.
Joint 5th: Sudden Vydra – 3,100 PLEX, plus 40 EDENCOM Victory SKINS.
Joint 5th: TEST Alliance – 3,100 PLEX, plus 30 EDENCOM Victory SKINS.

Further rankings are available at our Challonge page, and the full prize breakdown is available on our prize breakdown spreadsheet!

In Conclusion…

We will have a full organiser-perspective report of the Anger Games coming soon!

In the meantime, we’d like to thank all our support staff, the commentary team, and every participating player who spent time putting so much effort into making this an incredible tournament. Special thanks go out to the EVE_NT team for allowing us to use their Twitch channel to broadcast this event, and for helping us manage the first weekend’s technical difficulties in such a fantastic manner.

We could not have made this event happen without all these people, and we cannot fully express our gratitude for their support.

We look forward to seeing you all in the next Anger Games!

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  • Moomin Amatin

    Good watch and a big thanks to everyone who got involved and did stuff. Just a small point though, you seem to have misspelt “Angler Games”.

    May 10, 2021 at 7:53 AM
    • Sirhan Blixt Moomin Amatin

      You may find a correction on their Challonge Page.

      May 10, 2021 at 6:29 PM