NAGAMANEN, The Citadel — What started as a POS bash on May 23 turned into a massive supercapital brawl on the Deven gate in Nagamanen. A committed force of Snuffed Out members jumped in their supercarriers, resulting in a nearly 450B ISK bloodbath.

Escalating Entropy vs Snuff 5.22.2016

An uneventful timer just before the massive engagement saw many powerful lowsec entities returning to their homes. Shadow Cartel, however, had a much better idea for how the day would pan out. Instead of going back to their home for the night, Shadow Cartel went on to attack a POS owned by Snuffed Out. Snuffed Out quickly sent out pings and reacted to the attack.

“We raged formed to catch SC while everyone else stood down. After jumping in the tackle and Machariel fleet we jumped into Deven to grab ahold of what was on grid,” said a representative from Snuffed Out.

The plan, according to Snuffed Out, was to bring supercarriers in at range and kill the Shadow Cartel dreadnoughts once tackle was established, though it would be a bumpy ride on the initial jump in. With a cyno up in Nagamanen, Snuffed Out jumped in their reactionary fleet. Three supercarrier bumped upon exiting the tunnel.

Snuffed Out continued, “(They) had to bounce and warp off to a safe pos while the rest of us were fighting in Deven. One of the dudes that bounced tried to come back through the gate to get in on the fight. At that point, CHAOS cynoed in and tackled him on the gate.”

Snuffed Out would pull from the fight in Deven in an attempt to save the tackled supercarrier. Nagamanen would see nothing but the sweetest escalation as more supercarriers and multiple titans were brought into the mix. Doomsday devices ripped through the space between the fleets.

#content, vol 11.1

Snuffed Out tried its hardest to clear heavy interdictors, dreadnoughts and triage, but it became too much for them to handle.

During the fight in Deven, Snuffed Out came out on top, losing only seven Machariels while destroying four force auxiliaries and one dreadnought for a total of 19B ISK. However, once the fight poured into Nagamanen, Snuffed Out lost eight supercarriers, ten dreadnoughts, two carriers, eight Machariels and seven force auxiliaries for a total of 310B ISK, while dealing 140B ISK in damages to their aggressors. The combined TISHU/SC/CHAOS fleet lost one carrier, twenty-eight dreadnoughts, and ten force auxiliaries, with Escalating Entropy taking the brunt of the losses.

While losing this many supers can be upsetting to some, Snuffed Out’s pilots shared that they were glad to have lost them in such an amazing fight.

“Look at it this way, you can have a super and never use it. You can have one and get baited on something stupid and lose it. Or you can go down fighting in a massive throwdown.” – Snuffed Out Supercarrier Pilot

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