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Imperium Last Stand 2.0: Comparing 1DQ to Saranen

Gwailar 2021-04-30

In the summer of 2016, the Imperium was at the end of the line. The rest of EVE had combined in the Casino War to overrun their territory, and they found themselves in the last extremity—homeless and hellcamped in the lowsec system of Saranen.

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Imperium Supercapitals: From Deklein to Delve

Gwailar 2021-04-13

When the music stops, whoever has the most [Titans and Supercarriers] wins. The Mittani Five years ago this May, the Imperium was in the midst of a strategic collapse. In the space of a month, one of the most dominant…

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The Elephant in the Room: Capital Ships

Undeadenemy 2020-10-06

Header art by Quendan Comari. (Editor’s Note: This article is the second in a multi-part series that describes the true problems with EVE’s gameplay loop and disputes the notion that forced-scarcity is a viable solution. Part one explains why nerfing…

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Advocatus Diaboli: Supercapitals

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2019-09-20

Your eminences, I stand here before you today to argue strongly against the canonization of subcapitals. Many an EVE player has used the #DeathToAllSupers hashtag. Even The Mittani has spoken out against supercapitals. However, with all reverence to His Grace,…

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Jin’talks—The Obsolescence of Subcapitals

Jin'taan 2019-07-22

So, as you may have noticed, I’m no longer a member of the CSM. And, after handover took place near the start of this month, leaving CSM 14 all on their own, I was able to mention a few final…

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Legacy on the Offensive in their war on WinterCo

mistwarden 2019-04-06

On April 4, ProGodLegend posted on the TEST Alliance forums, announcing a war against Winter Coalition. Legacy and Winter have been trying to negotiate a cease-fire ever since the slightly premature end of a Non-Invasion Pact roughly two and a…

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You shall not pass: TEST Christmas Roam Provokes Supercapital Response

Quendan 2018-12-27

At 21:00 EVE Time on December 23, a TEST Alliance Christmas roam met its end at the hands of the Imperium’s hastily summoned super capital fleet. The damage is estimated to be around 87 billion ISK, about half of which…

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Breaking News: UALX-3 Keepstar Titan fight

Rhivre 2018-07-19

The Legacy Keepstar in UALX-3 came out of it’s anchoring timer overnight. Panfam and their associates are trying to destroy it, whilst Legacy & Imperium are defending. The fight started out as mostly a subcap fight as the keepstar came…

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Gating Supercaps: Is This Dangerous Trend Coming Soon to a Gatecamp Near You?

Savvy Kneel 2018-06-14

In the wake of only the second Vanquisher loss in New Eden history, INN decided to investigate the disturbing growing trend of supercapital ships traveling through normal jumpgates, instead of using the standard cynosural field jump mechanics specifically designed for traveling…

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200b ISK Capital Battle in ROIR-Y and the Loki That Lived

Ganoes 2018-01-12

PURE BLIND – ROIR-Y: A battle over Imperium citadels in NPC Pure Blind on January 10 stacked up a total bill of over 200b ISK. The story of this quite notable fight begins with one of the Imperium’s northernmost outpost-citadels…

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PSA: CCP Issues Advisory on Cap Manufacturing

Rhivre 2017-10-26

CCP Logibro today issued an advisory on capital manufacturing in Upwell Structures. It seems that there was previously a bug where you could not install Capital ship build jobs in a structure that had a Supercap building module, but not a…

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Macky Avelli 2017-02-25

The stakes were high in BY-MSY on Feb 23 as TEST Alliance Please Ignore brought out the big guns to battle Stainwagon and allies, with Soviet-Union and Red Alliance ships forming the bulk of the fleet. The battle that ran up…

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Submission 2016-05-24

NAGAMANEN, The Citadel — What started as a POS bash on May 23 turned into a massive supercapital brawl on the Deven gate in Nagamanen. A committed force of Snuffed Out members jumped in their supercarriers, resulting in a nearly…

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71: The Winter Summit – What is to be Done?

TMC Archives 2011-12-05

The best thing about Iceland in the glacial heart of winter is that there are no tourists. Only the Icelanders themselves, a handful of somewhat confused expatriates wondering what they got themselves into, and madmen. As I write this I’m…