Snuffed Out and Friends Dunk Renters in Cobalt Edge


As large as the New Eden universe is, nothing brings us all together better than a nice wormhole chain. An example of this just happened in the remote area of Cobalt Edge, where supercarriers from the renter empire Shadow of xXDEATHXx met a tragic end in the system of 1M7-RK. After the dust cleared, Project.Mayhem, Snuffed Out, and friends had laid waste to no less than seven supercarriers in the scuffle. The battle report shows a crushing 220 billion ISK lost on the renter side, which is quite a large score for Snuffed Out’s Master Anglers.

After speaking with Tyler Burdon and a bevy of Snuffed Out members who were actually on grid, Project.Mayhem had just finished destroying a Rorqual in the neighborhood of 1M7-RK. After scouting around for more targets, one of the fleet’s Sabres saw two supercarriers tethered to two different citadels. This Sabre buzzed around anomalies a bit, and another sat on the only gate in system. One of the supercarriers warped to 100 km off the gate to blap the interdictor. The second Sabre positioned itself between the citadel the supercarrier had left and the gate, and the Sabre on the gate jumped through defensively. With some luck, and a major tactical mistake from the supercarrier, it proceeded to warp back to its Citadel home. It was promptly greeted by a previously deployed interdictor bubble, and Project.Mayhem warped in and tackled the stranded supercarrier.

From here, the fight escalated as the renters scrambled to defend their friend. A Cynosural Field Generator lit off, and over a half dozen other supercarriers jumped in to defend. In the end, most of them would be large wrecks floating in space. This was a huge surprise for Snuffed Out, and it was also assuredly a surprise to the renters.

All parties involved were contacted in-game, and I would like to give thanks to everyone who gave me their perspectives on the fight. If anyone from the renter’s side would like to give a perspective on what happened, please feel free to comment on this article.

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