Eve_NT Majors Season 2 Final Weekend


The final weekend of the Eve_NT Major Championships is upon us, following on from last weekends Minor finals. This weekend has special commentators CCP Larrikin and CCP Antiquarian.

What to watch for!

While The Other Team has secured the top spot by dropping only 9 points over 6 games (League average is 42), only 5 points currently separate 2nd place from 7th.  

The day begins with V0lta vs Charlatans.  Both teams have the same win-loss record, but V0lta have a tendency to win with swagger!  Of their three wins so far, V0lta have 2 domination victories (15-0 sweeps) – a better ratio than any other team. Charlatans have no domination victories, leaving them 2 points behind V0lta and on the cusp of relegation. While it’s a must-win for The Charlatans to stave off relegation, a win for V0lta puts them in prime position for a second place finish and 50 IGC Raven skins.

Clevergirls –  the Minor League Season 1 champions – looked solid in the first two weeks and in striking range of the top spot in the Majors.  In their last outing, however, Clevergirls were without their captain Catatonic Dawn, dropping two matches and scoring a paltry 4 points combined (where their previous average was over 12). They currently stand tied with V0lta at 11 league points; but while V0lta have two matches to play, Clevergirls have just one.  Clevergirls need to finish strong if they want to ensure their spot in the Majors next season. They will be facing 7th-position Team Pretty – a team that has given up the second most points.  A domination win from Clevergirls will force V0lta to win both of their matches.

The bottom four positions of the table are very clustered, with only 2 league points separating 5th from 7th.  Phalanx – who are currently winless – will be competing in the Minor League next season for sure.  Of the teams in the relegation zone, Team Johnny have the best chances to knock off a top 4 team and stay in the Majors.  

Team Johnny are very much a feast-or-famine team; while they only have 2 wins this season so far, both those wins are domination victories.  In each of their three losses they have lost every ship, and scored only 10 points.  They’ll have the opportunity to feast this week, as their two matches are against Phalanx (0-5) and Provi-Shotz (2-3).  With a domination victory against Phalanx, Team Johnny will force The Charlatans to win out; if The Charlatans split their wins, they would lose the tie-breaker and be relegated to the minors.  

Provi-Shotz and Team Pretty are very much on the outside looking in.  The second match of the day, Team Pretty vs Provi-Shotz, will be hugely important.  Team Pretty have a slightly harder second match (Clevergirls), whereas Provi-Shotz have the slightly easier Charlatans team.  If Charlatans drop their first match to V0lta (who are the favorites to win that match), and Provi-Shotz best Team Pretty in the following match, then perhaps momentum will be in their favor.  Two wins and a Team Johnny loss is their path to victory, and stranger things have certainly happened.

We know the overall league champion, and we know one team that will be relegated- other than that, it’s all up in the air!  Explosions will be what separates glory (and a huge payday) from tears.

Head over to Eve_NT on Twitch this Sunday March 26 to find out how this final set of matches plays out, and look here for more information on the teams.

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