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Battle Report: POS Brawl in Feythabolis

Elthar Nox 2022-02-07

FEB 5: A huge brawl erupted on Saturday evening EUTZ over a POS in Feythabolis. Yes, you read that correctly. A POS. The Imperium and PAPI once again locked horns as a massive HAC fight escalated in the system of…

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Battle Report: Saturday Shootout

Elthar Nox 2022-01-10

A quiet Saturday morning shootout over an iHub in Feythabolis escalated into a small but intense dread brawl between the Imperium and FI.RE Coalition. As the fallout from yesterday’s diplomatic cluster starts to unravel, the space once occupied by The…

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Battle Report: 0SHT-A Hits the Fan

Elthar Nox 2021-11-12

The Imperium and the coalition formerly known as PAPI scrapped again in the system of 0SHT-A in Curse. The battle in late EUTZ saw over 2000 pilots clash in a heavy TiDi brawl, with PAPI unable to make any progress…

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Battle report: Hy Wanto Be The Very Best

Aneu 2021-07-30

In what can only be described as a rout, Snuffed Out and Fraternity came to blows over Customs Offices in Hakonen just after downtime today.  The Fight With Fraternity attacking Snuffed-allied POCOs, Tau AD, decided to return the favor with…

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Battle Report: Booshed Into The Blender

Elthar Nox 2021-07-01

PAPI experimented with their new booshing doctrine last night, June 30, in 3-D, proving one thing: the Imperium’s woodchipper still works effectively. Forming in USTZ under Hedliner and Sandrin Stone, the two fleets were comprised of the Magus Command Destroyer…

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Battle report: Imperium’s first official win!

Aneu 2021-05-27

Just after downtime on May 25 the initial battle using PAPI’s Blarpy doctrine as a primary doctrine took place. That battle report has already been written by the incomparable Elthar, my fellow Resilience. [EMO] corp member.  Knowing that this fight…

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PAPI’s O-EIMK Invasion Bombs at the Gate

Gwailar 2021-05-15

Friday, May 14 saw a day-long string of PAPI losses, bookended by two crushing bomb runs. At the end of the day, PAPI subcap losses topped 300 billion. Both bombing runs came from The Initiative., striking PAPI fleets as they…

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Battle Report: USTZ Border Skirmishes in O-EIMK

Gwailar 2021-04-08

For two consecutive nights on April 2 and 3 in USTZ, border skirmishes between PAPI and the Imperium in the O-EIMK constellation in Delve have consumed almost 150 billion ISK in losses. While nothing definitive was gained or lost on…

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X-7OMU Sees Nearly One Trillion ISK Destroyed Over Player-Owned Starbase

RedlineXIII 2020-05-01

X-7OMU, Pure Blind, 15:20 GMT — A bloody battle took place in an area that, recently, has seen much conflict between PanFam and The Imperium with Pandemic Horde (REKTD) deploying their Drone Expeditionary Force (DEF) SIG to help the United…

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Hole Control loses Hole Control: Massive Eviction in J115031

General Thade 2019-03-10

On March 6, 2019, Hole Control lost a “Horizon” faction Fortizar in the system of J115031, along with other structures, during a large battle over this main staging citadel. The Russian wormhole group known as Inner Hell attacked Hole Control’s…

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Providence-Catch border erupts in violence, 1 trillion ISK destroyed

Rhom Achensa 2018-03-27

In a somewhat pyrrhic victory for Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition., the aggressors in Providence managed to save an Athanor in D-GTMI late on March 25. This has been hailed by them as a strategic victory, having saved a structure…

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110B ISK Lost in Militia Brawl over Asakai Fortizar

CaseyLP 2018-01-26

At around 0100 EVE time on January 23, 112 billion ISK worth of ships was destroyed in a brawl between the Gallente militia and the Caldari Militia, plus their pirate allies and some other parties. The fight was initiated when…

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Goon Insider: Minokawa Down

Romulus Loches 2017-11-03

Setup and Sacrifice Another Friday brought another trip up to the north for the Imperium’s USTZ late night fun fleet. Thomas Lear called for hurricanes and was rewarded with a respectable fleet that was ready for a fight. After taking…

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Triumvirate Show DRF Supers A Halloween Horror Show In PUZ-IO

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-11-02

In the system of PUZ-IO in the NPC region of Great Wildlands, a Drone Regions Federation Super-Capital Fleet was ambushed by Triumirate. and their allies. The battle report shows that the DRF allied entities lost a total of 260 Billion…