Battle Report: POS Brawl in Feythabolis


Header Art by Cryo Huren

FEB 5: A huge brawl erupted on Saturday evening EUTZ over a POS in Feythabolis. Yes, you read that correctly. A POS. The Imperium and PAPI once again locked horns as a massive HAC fight escalated in the system of J-TPTA, both sides deployed in excess of 850 pilots in a fight that lasted around 3 hours. Despite a rough start, the Imperium fleet was victorious, comprehensively winning the ISK war 59bn lost to 130bn killed – despite almost even numbers.

Bubbles & HACs.
Bubbles & HACs. img: Lafiel Perun

Feythabolis and Esoteria have been a hotspot over the past few weeks in the continuing post-WWB2 struggle. As Null Sec began to settle after one of the games’ biggest and longest conflicts, the Fraternity vs AoM war followed by Mangos’ complete collapse has destabilized both regions. Since then the regions have seen deployments by multiple alliances from both sides, combined with FI.RE and Red Alliance attempting to claim the territory.

Helldunk or Blueballs

The fight followed what had been a frustrating week for The Initiative. (INIT). Their deployment, although militarily successful had encountered difficulty gaining any form of content as FI.RE and co had enforced a “blueballs” strategy, either refusing to engage or forming all of PAPI for small objectives. INIT leader Dark Shines attempted to push further into Feythabolis with the intent of provoking a response from FI.RE – J-TPTA provided.

Deploying a POS overnight and moving a bridging Titan into system caused a sufficient wave of excitement from PAPI. The POS was quickly reinforced and covered in bubbles with TEST FC Karmen Jell posting the following ping & image in their Discord:

Saving the Titan

With the titan now trapped and the clock ticking down The Initiative responded. However, at first the fight did not go in their favour. Arriving with a Muninn fleet they set to the task of clearing bubbles, but PAPI responded quickly with three full HAC fleets. The Initiative were outnumbered and fell back inside the forcefield until the odds could be balanced. As more and more Imperium pilots started to enter the system the battle escalated.

PAPI Muninn is Primary
A FI.RE Muninn becomes primary. img: Lafiel Perun

Goonswarm Eagles & Cerberus joined the INIT Muninns as they closed range to engage Eagle & Cerb fleets from PH and two Muninn fleets, one from TEST and the other from FI.RE. In heavy TiDi and often at very close range, both sides exchanged blows yet despite even numbers and the presence of Force Auxiliaries on grid PAPI could not hold. The battle began to sway in the Imperium’s favour. With losses mounting PAPI began to attempt a withdrawal but with so many enemy ships still present, it quickly became a bloodbath.

Never Not Shitpost

One of the highlights of the fight came from some extra special shitposting from a PAPI line member. Seen below, this pilot decided to message Shines, gloating of the ‘inevitable’ death of the Titan. Unfortunately for that pilot, the Titan lived and he did not. Commenting on the evenings activities shortly before appearing on The Meta Show, Dark Shines simply said “Just thanks to Goons and Red Alliance for having our back, and that if hostiles smacked less they might get smacked less”.

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    • PAPI: a humble alliance, with a great deal to be humble about.

      February 8, 2022 at 10:21 PM
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