Anger Games Update – Signups Open, and a Small Format Change!


Header Art by Cryo Huren

I’m here today to let you all know that as of 1700 EVE today (February 5), signups for the Anger Games 5 officially opened! We’ve already seen a massive number of teams sign up, well beyond our expectations, and we’re incredibly happy to see that people are excited about the Anger Games once again.

With that said, such a fantastic early response has caused us to stop and consider our methods for filling the 8 non-guaranteed slots in the main event. As we announced last week, we had initially planned for a random lottery draw, with 8 teams being chosen and the remainder going on a reserve list. However, with the sheer level of interest we have already seen, and anticipating that we may see further teams signing up over the next two weeks, we have decided that a purely random lottery is no longer an ideal method for choosing our final eight teams.

As a result, we are now in the process of replacing our lottery draw with a feeder bracket. This will hopefully allow for teams who do not have a guaranteed slot to fight for their place in the main event, and also gives us the opportunity to bring you all some more great action! We are still working out the minor details and further updates will come as we have them, but you can expect the feeders to take place in the run up to Fanfest, take place on Thunderdome, and to use the same ruleset as the main event. Teams will still need to sign up in the normal fashion, including the PLEX deposit – if your team doesn’t make it through to the main event, you will have your entire PLEX deposit refunded.

If you’re interested in how to sign up with a team for this year’s Anger Games festivities, feel free to join our official discord, or see our announcement post from last week!

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