Cobalt Edge

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Snuffed Out and Friends Dunk Renters in Cobalt Edge

Londala Pox 2017-03-25

As large as the New Eden universe is, nothing brings us all together better than a nice wormhole chain. An example of this just happened in the remote area of Cobalt Edge, where supercarriers from the renter empire Shadow of…

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Razor destroys fleet of Insidious Empire in 58Z-IH

TMC Archives 2013-08-28

The conflict that recently erupted in Cobalt Edge between RAZOR Alliance (RZR) and Insidious Empire (EMP), and escalated with the loss of the CUT-0V system for RZR, continues to rage as opposingĀ  fleets meet in 58Z-IH. EMPĀ attacked the station in…

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10: Bastard’s Bluff

TMC Archives 2009-05-02

If you want to change the course of a galactic war overnight, what you need is not pilots, ships or isk, but a combination of sadistic opportunism, luck, and outright bastardry. Meet Intrepid Crossing (IRC) and their closest friends, Ethereal…