Razor destroys fleet of Insidious Empire in 58Z-IH


The conflict that recently erupted in Cobalt Edge between RAZOR Alliance (RZR) and Insidious Empire (EMP), and escalated with the loss of the CUT-0V system for RZR, continues to rage as opposing  fleets meet in 58Z-IH.

EMP attacked the station in the system 58Z-IH with supercarriers, capitals and a 50 man strong Oracle battlecruiser fleet. RZR formed a fleet with approximately one hundered battlecruisers with short range guns and some dreadnoughts to defend the system.

At the beginning of the fight EMP extracted the supercarriers, while the carriers, dreadnoughts, and Oracles remained to fight the RZR fleet.

During the first five minutes of the fight both fleets sustained equal losses, however the size of the RZR fleet and the early loss of the EMP logistics caused the EMP’s Oracle fleet to be wiped out relatively quickly. The loss of the Oracle fleet cascaded into carrier and dreadnought losses for EMP at around fifteen minutes into the fight.

At this point, EMP reshipped to Dominix sentry drone battleships and bridged back into the system and engaged the RZR battlecruiser fleet.

According to informed sources, once EMP bridged back into the fight they learned about RZR inviting Black Legion (BL) to join the fight. The EMP battleship fleet subsequently began to focus their fire mainly on interdictors and heavy interdictors whilst the EMP capitals focused and destroyed two RZR dreadnoughts.

Unwilling to commit more ships to the fight due to BL joining the fray in support of RZR, no more reinforcements were bridged into the system and the battlecruiser fleet of RZR sustained only minimal losses while the EMP fleet focused on destroying the tackle.

With eventually most of the EMP Dominix fleet destroyed, RZR started to focus on the remaining EMP capitals and only five  capitals remained by the time a BL fleet of 70 Tornado battlecruisers arrived on field and helped killing them off.

In total, Insidious Empire lost 35 Dominix Battleships, 43 Oracle battlecruisers, 7 carriers and 4 dreadnoughts as well as various support ships, bringing them to a loss of 140 ships at a cost estimated at 40 billion ISK.

RAZOR Alliance lost 20 battlecruisers and two dreadnoughts as well as some support ships. The cost of the 40 ships lost in total is estimated to be around 12 billion isk.

Despite the overall negative outcome for EMP, well informed sources claim that Insidious Empire remains committed to continuing the fight in the region.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Sorgenkind.

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