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Like A Vat Out Of Hel

mistwarden 2020-10-24

On Friday, October 23, CCP released a devblog entitled “Vat Out Of Hel,” providing some details regarding the Phoenix Quadrant’s first major balance changes to supercapitals. These changes were hinted at in the quadrant’s announcement blog alongside a fun and…

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Super Clones & Patch Notes

Ban Syrin 2020-10-15

The last pair of days have seen the end of a quadrant and the start of a new one with content patches as CCP continues to shake up the game. The two most recent patches are largely bug fixes and…

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Goonswarm Supercaps Ambushed by Pandemic Legion In AJI-MA

Macky Avelli 2017-07-30

The Imperium experienced a little bit of trouble in paradise recently. A Goon titan and super carriers were responding to what likely seemed to be a routine tackled ratter. Little did they know that PL dreads were waiting to drop…

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Dev Post – Fighter Changes reduced

FroggyStorm 2017-06-12

Unless you have been living under a rock this weekend you will know that, as of Friday, once again Eve is dying. In conjunction with the already much-lamented change to mining anomalies, CCP did a surprise nerf to Fighters. And…

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Imperium Loses Capital Engagement in Pure Blind

Anschau 2016-04-08

The Imperium lost a dozen dreadnoughts and carriers last night around 23:00 EVE as an unexpected capital engagement escalated in the Pure Blind system of X-7OMU. A Hel from Psychotic Tendencies (TISHU) was returning home from a solo roam in L-TS8S to break up…

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The Scope: Boarders Away!

Submission 2015-09-29

The Scope Galactic News Network’s Alton Haveri reported today that a Wyvern supercarrier belonging to the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps was boarded and stolen by Dread Guristas in a daring raid. The supercarrier Antero was ‘moored’ outside the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps…

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Anschau 2015-08-08

In The Forge on August 8, 2015 at 4:18 EVE in Ohkunen, The Bastion engaged a Nyx owned by DvS Dagger of The Borg Collective., an alt of Dvs Cloak, prompting it to self-destruct after taking 1.8 million damage. The Bastion…

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Skirmish in Great Wildlands Yields Erebus, Aeon

TMC Archives 2015-06-20

In the Great Wildlands on June 20th, 08:50 EVE time, a fleet composed of mostly DreddedEvE pilots with assistance from smaller corps attacked and destroyed an Aeon-class supercarrier and Erebus-class titan vessel in L1S-G1, both owned by members of Nova…

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TMC Archives 2015-06-11

In the early hours of June 9, Test Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) reinforced and began what is known as “rape-caging”, the method of bubbling all around a POS tower in order to keep something stuck within, a POS in the system…

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Losing an Aeon or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Welp Part 1

TMC Archives 2015-06-07

Writer’s Note: This is the story of moving my Aeon back to safe space after a campaign deployment. While some may interpret this as an op-ed, it was written as a story of one pilot trying to bring home the most expensive and slowest…

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Razor destroys fleet of Insidious Empire in 58Z-IH

TMC Archives 2013-08-28

The conflict that recently erupted in Cobalt Edge between RAZOR Alliance (RZR) and Insidious Empire (EMP), and escalated with the loss of the CUT-0V system for RZR, continues to rage as opposing  fleets meet in 58Z-IH. EMP attacked the station in…