Super Clones & Patch Notes


The last pair of days have seen the end of a quadrant and the start of a new one with content patches as CCP continues to shake up the game.

The two most recent patches are largely bug fixes and UI improvements and fixes. However, the most extensive patch notes relate to the down time patch from Tuesday, October 13.


CCP announced the new Phoenix Quadrant, kicked off by the launch of the Ascendant Phoenix pack which comes with 7 days of Omega, 250,000 skill points, 100 PLEX, a Sunesis Destroyer and skin, as well as two Sisters of EVE outfits for pilots. Also, CCP has launched the Blazing Phoenix pack, which includes skill books for capital ships and fighters, as well as supercarrier skins, and Triglavian survival suits.

The forthcoming quadrant is expected to include big changes to supercarriers, several popular festival events, and additional balance and meta changes. According to the announcement, “EVE’s colossal Supercarriers will be getting a major update in the Phoenix Quadrant, including the introduction of a new tactical clone ability, allowing destroyed player capsules to respawn immediately at a local fleet Supercarrier and into a new ship stowed inside the Supercarrier itself! There will also be a significant visual update to Supercarriers in this update.”

“Pretty excited for it, to be honest,” admitted Alekseyev Karrde, CEO of Noir, a PvP corp that 3rd parties wars. “Thematically it realizes the ‘mothership power’ fantasy in a way long talked about, but never approximated, while providing (potentially, if CCP implements it such they can’t do it while tethered) a compelling reason for supers to be on field and at risk without simply adding more DPS.” He added, “It will skew fights towards attackers (good) and N+1 advantage (not great), but on balance and for sheer thematic value and tactical game options, I think it will be a positive change.”

Players can expect the Abyssal Proving Grounds to continue as well as additional login campaigns and the Crimson Harvest and Yoiul Festival. Players can also expect to see ongoing daily challenges launched as part of Phoenix.

The shape of New Eden has been altered forever in the aftermath of the Triglavian Invasion, so now it’s time to rise from the ashes in “Phoenix”, EVE Online’s Quadrant 4!” – CCP


As highlighted in the Resource Distribution Update, the ore DNA has changed across New Eden. Nearly all ores have had their refining results rebalanced, many of them very large. Check the link above for details.

Asteroid belts have also seen major changes. Omber and Kernite will no longer spawn in high sec. Veldspar will no longer spawn in low sec, Hedbergite has increased by 400%, and Pyroxeres, Plagioclase, and Kernite have all been reduced by 75% there. Null sec has some of the most impactful changes with all variations of Scordite, Plagioclase, Omber, Jaspet, Hemorphite, Hedbergite, Gneiss, Dark Ochre, and Crokite no longer spawning in null sec. Additionally, Kernite is reduced by 75%, Bistot reduced by 70%, Arkonor reduced by 50%, and Mercoxit reduced by 90%.

Ore Anomalies have been removed from high sec entirely. Some ore anomalies were removed from low security, but Gneiss and Dark Ochre in low sec ore anomalies were increased 300%, while all Crokites were increased 9900% in low sec ore anomalies. Wormhole anomalies have seen Veldspar, Scordite, Plagioclase, Jaspet, Hermophite, Hedbergite, Dark Ochre, Crokite, Mercoxit, and Spodumain completely removed.

Sovereign ore anomalies have seen their quantities and ore composition adjusted. Ice sites’ spawn probabilities have been reduced, with many null sec miners reporting as much as a 75% reduction. K-space gas sites have seen Mykoserocyn and Cytoserocin spawn probabilities have seen reductions. W-space gas sites have seen changes largely to Fullerite as its respawn time has increased and its spawn probability reduced, but Fullerite quantities have been increased by 100% and some sites removed from higher class wormholes.


ECM Stabilizers have seen a modest tiericide as nearly all meta Signal Distortion Amplifier Is have been collapsed into the Hypnos Compact Signal Distortion Amplifier I. All market orders with the affected items will be removed and the modules as well as escrow will be returned to the characters who created the orders. Players should expect to see all the modules currently fit to ships or in containers to change as well. The meta level has changed for the affected module from 4 to 1 and has seen modest attribute changes.


As announced in September, Quantum cores are now required for all new structures to complete their onlining process.


The Triglavian Invasion has officially come to an end and the Triglavians have consolidated their wins in the 27 systems conquered in New Eden. They have formed the new Pochven region, accessible by wormholes and filaments and their old stargates turned off. Market orders and Hypernet Offers within Pochven have been canceled and fees refunded. All agents previously found in Pochven have been removed and their missions canceled. Medical clones within Pochven have been reverted to a character’s birth station, so players with clones in previous Pochven space should check their clones.

The Triglavians also have established draconian restrictions on their systems and space, with details found in a CCP Helpdesk article. Players attempting to interact with Triglavian space will have to meet the below standings restrictions:

Station services in Pochven are now gated by standings

Players must also have certain standings to utilize the Triglavian Conduit Loop, allowing access to different parts of Pochven. Border systems require 1.0 standings, Internal systems require 3.0 standings, and Home systems require 7.0 standings. Additionally, it appears that capital ships may not be able to use the Conduit Loop and that all the systems are cyno jammed.


As announced on the official EVE forums, CCP is temporarily disabling both player bounties and kill rights on the Tranquility server as part of a test of server and client performance in big fights. Players can expect the features to be turned off for about a month as CCP acquire data. Players who have created bounties or kill rights will not receive refunds as the features are only temporarily disabled and are expected to return in mid-November.


Pressing Control + Shift + F9 will now activate a UI-only mode which hides the 3D scene, showing only a black screen. The New Eden Store has now seen a number of quality of life changes. The font has been changed by default and players will now have the ability to make changes to font size. Several additional quality of life changes have been made to help pointers, corporation management, fittings, and tooltips.


CCP has listed myriad bug fixes, including audio bugs, UI issues, and others as having been fixed.

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