Citadel Destroyed in Fountain Fight


On May 13 at 19:40 EVE time in the Fountain system of B17O-R, The-Culture and allies ChaosTheory fought a group of various Fountain alliances over the fate of an Astrahus Citadel in the system. Though The-Culture/ChaosTheory (TC/CT) won the ISK war, the Citadel fell. In the battle, The-Culture/ChaosTheory lost 15b ISK while their opponents collectively lost 53.62b ISK.

The citadel was anchored next door to the staging of Violence of Action/Cede Nullis (VIOL8/CN), two Fountain alliances that frequently work together against The-Culture. When anchored in well-developed hostile space, the Astrahus takes five days to achor, and so a CTA was posted by raknor bile, TC leader and main FC.

Noting that VIOL8/CN had called up numerous batphones, including the Fountain Core alliances, TC formed as many pilots as possible in tandem with allies, eventually coming to around 130 armor T3 cruisers and 20 logistics in addition to a wing of roughly 20 capitals on standby.

After bridging to within a few jumps of B17O-R, the TC/CT fleets gated to the ingate and waited until a cyno was lit to bring in triage. Once the FAXes arrived, they were ordered to jump in just ahead of the main subcapital fleet into the waiting hordes. After burning through a LowSechnaya Sholupen armor battleship fleet, TC/CT guns were trained on VIOL8/CN Zealots until the armor T3 fleet was on top of the Fountain Core Rattlesnake fleet which was promptly attacked and began haemorrhaging battleships.

At this time, the waiting backup dreadnoughts and triage jumped in to destroy the Fountain Core FAXes that were easily tanking the subcapital fleet of TC/CT. Following this, guns were trained on the White Legion fleet present in the fighting, resulting in a headshot of the FC and an end to the White Legion contribution to the fight. Turning back to the VIOL8/CN fleet, Zealots were burned through until the FC gave the call to leave and ceded the field.

Whilst all of this was happening, a Cede Nullis Confessor fleet was grinding down the TC citadel and managed to destroy it before the fighting on the stargate was over, winning the strategic objective for the allied Fountain alliances while TC/CT overwhelmingly won the ISK war; yet another battle in the continuing fight for supremacy in the now-Balkanized rich region of Fountain.

TMC would like to thank raknor bile of The-Culture for his contributions to this article.

This article originally appeared on, written by Siaka Stevens.

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