As of today, ratter-killer extraordinaire and reddit’s favourite weeaboo ‘Stunt Flores’ and his brethren, Anime Masters corp, have joined Goonswarm Federation, to the dismay of MBC ratters everywhere. Infamous for his scourging of Deklein prior to being banned, Stunt Flores popularized the Stratios as an efficient and deadly ratter killer. Stunt was ‘Blunted’ for questionable means to some, he was known for posting Anime girls in local which got him a few temporary bans, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was the ‘impersonation’ of a CCP dev, by making a fake tweet from a meme website. The killboard is still impressive to this day, and his new character is building much the same resume.

What does this mean for GSF? The party line is that Stunt was brought in to teach a group of pilots to essentially do what he does: make ratting a dangerous endeavour. With larger numbers of Stunts, the enemy will be forced to either stop ratting, or rat in groups ala Pandemic Horde. Activity defense multipliers, in addition to the sheer will of the MBC are expected to decline, and Stratios hull prices to increase. Though, under the guidance of Sensei Stunt, the Imperium is sure that this will be an endeavour that will be fruitful. What does this mean for the ratters of the MBC? Well, in short, do not rat in what you cannot afford to lose. Sooner or later, it will most likely die. Bigger ticks might look nicer in your wallet, but not being able to afford a new ratting ship is not a fun experience.

Before Anime Masters was properly in GSF, many brave Imperium pilots took to the stars and started “Driving Stunt”.  Even the CEO of TISHU fell victim to me as I channeled my inner Stunt. Local TISHU residents were oddly quite glad that I killed their CEO, and a certain member of TISHU was so kind as to offer to pay for my next Stratios. Weeks before I tried my hand at it, pleased with the results but was drawn away from solo work due to hunting other targets.

This by no means is a poor man’s game, as a fit Stratios can run one anywhere from 350m – 750m depending on how blingy one choses to fit said Stratios. There a cheaper option, the Stratios’s little brother: The Astero. Costing about 125m, the little SoE ship can take down VNI’s and other targets, but lacks the damage and neuting of the Stratios. Still, a great ship to test the waters if you too, wish to live as a space samurai. There is a multitude of new faces in Deklein, Fade, and Pure Blind, and the waters are teeming with fits that have not yet been optimized.

Check out Stunt’s twitch for tips, tricks, and quality Japanese techno.

X if baka

(Editor’s Note:This submission comes via Cuddletime – A Canadian currently lost in Germany, as well as a  two year veteran of Enlightened Industries (kick ENL-I).)

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