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Injectors Reach Parity with PLEX – Sky Falls…or Something

Rhivre 2016-09-24

On Thursday, a post appeared on reddit stating that for non-perfect setup skillpoint (SP) farming, that is, training characters purely for the purpose of extracting their skillpoints each month, the months of easy ISK were over, as skill injectors dropped…

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A look at EVE Free-to-play

David Matterall 2016-09-01

It looks like CCP is back to two expansions per year (summer and winter), but don’t hold CCP to that cadence. They say expansions arrive when they arrive. Citadels and the supercapital overhaul were released in the spring of this year, and…

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Disaster on Morpheus: ArcheAge’s Meta-Game

Gommel Nox 2016-08-24

WHAT’S A META? Every multiplayer video game has a meta-game, a game-within-a-game, so to speak. This is where players interact, band together, and engage in conflict of one form or another, depending on the game. Most of the time, “the…

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MC Deploys Tortuga Keepstar

David Matterall 2016-08-23

Mercenary Coalition (MC) has successfully built a Keepstar in Sing Liason, Basgerin system, a low sec island in the middle of high sec space. The citadel was deployed during the battle of SH1-6P, and came out of reinforcement roughly 24…

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The Battle of SH1-6P

Arrendis 2016-08-22

TRIBUTE Region: Saturday August 20. EVE Online saw the largest engagements of supercapitals in recent memory, since the historic fight in B-R. Pandemic Legion (PL) and Northern Coalition. (NC) with help from Triumvirate (TRI) which leads the Vanguard Coalition, attacked a supercapital shipyard…

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NSH Capital Fleet Annihilated By Initiative

Submission 2016-08-15

Russian alliance NullSechnaya Sholupen (NSH) lost a capital fleet to an Initative (INIT) ambush early Sunday. The fight occurred between 15:00 and 16:00 EVE time in nullsec region Great Wildlands around a moon in 504Z-V. NSH launched an attack on the moon’s tower with…

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Phase Three: Citadel Sov

David Matterall 2016-07-26

EVE has entered phase three of the sov revamp. The largest citadels, the Keepstars, have begun making appearances in the newly conquered regions of the the north: Deklein (2O9G-D), Pure Blind (7RM-N0), and now Tribute (M-OEE8). More will follow to…

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Submission 2016-07-19

CCP has always milked EVE: Online for money. But it is no accident that development in EVE currently feels glacial and that features lists appear anemic. It’s all part of CCP’s continuing business strategy of using their flagship product to…

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The Imperium’s Marching Orders

David Matterall 2016-07-10

The Mittani and Goonswarm (GSF) leadership gave the State of the Goonion (SOTG) address yesterday, laying out their current situation, followed by their strategy going forward. Between 600-700 players piled into comms to hear the dense 20-minute presentation, followed by…

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Tyranny of the killboard

David Matterall 2016-07-08

Recently, some rather embarrassing ship losses were deflected off the killboards of Pandemic Legion (PL) and Northern Coalition (NC). On two separate occasions, a titan and a supercarrier were going down, so the captains of those ships did what all…

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Rhivre 2016-06-30

Eagle eyed players in The Forge, and visitors to reddit will have noticed that there is a Keepstar currently sitting in Maila. The Keepstar has gone up under the banner of Care for Kids, and has raised many questions, some of…

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EVE Update 118.6 Overview

Jack Hulatt 2016-06-28

On June 28 2016, CCP will be releasing update 118.6 for EVE Online. Key features in this update include the introduction of multifitting, new citadel modules and the introduction of the Shadow of the Serpent event, and the introduction of the…

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Offshoring – Tax avoidance comes to New Eden

Rhivre 2016-06-26

In the last few days, a new term has entered the lexicon of New Eden: Offshoring. In the real world, offshore companies are companies which make use of tax havens to reduce their tax bill, and, it is the same…

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Tears in the Dust: End Credits

Rhiannon Williams 2016-06-17

*DISCLAIMER* Contains propaganda. I’ve been waiting a while, months actually, to write these words. Many, many wonderful people who I now count as friends, have in their own way helped this article come to life. In fact, this is not the…