EVE Update 118.6 Overview


On June 28 2016, CCP will be releasing update 118.6 for EVE Online. Key features in this update include the introduction of multifitting, new citadel modules and the introduction of the Shadow of the Serpent event, and the introduction of the first faction dreadnought and titan that players can fly.

First of all, let’s talk about the addition of multifitting to the game. As many a fleet comp manager will attest to, ship fitting used to be a huge pain for huge fleets – having to go through each fit individually and buy each fit, then ship them and fit them again, ready for use in a fleet. Now, with the addition of the multibuy feature in December last year, enabling dozens of fits to be bought at the same time, and multifitting being introduced tomorrow, the life of a fleet manager just got a hell of a lot easier thanks to these two features.

Next is the update to citadels, introducing new modules and services to citadels of all sizes, from the smallest Astrahaus to the largest Keepstar and everything in between (namely the Fortizar). Players will now be able to have their medical clones linked to a citadel with a clone bay fitted. Also being implemented is the ability for characters to change apparel in citadels, and the bounty office.

Finally, for the major changes, and arguable the most major of said major changes, is the Shadow of the Serpent event, building up to the release of the Serpentis faction capital ships. The Serpentis have been building up military forces in conjunction with their allies in the Angel Cartel, and are ready to unleash their new capital ships upon the empires of New Eden. The Scope news network will be working with the empires to help quell this new threat, offering rewards to capsuleers who help to crush the Serpentis conquest through the new event system being implemented to EVE, a loyalty point mixed with opportunities like system that will reward player activity with currency that can be redeemed for prizes. This event will be similar to the Guristas hunt event and Operation Frostline, except with more clear and defined rewards and prizes. Coinciding with this is the release of new faction capital ships, the Vehement dreadnought, the Vendetta supercarrier and the Vanquisher titan, being able to deal massive amount of damage with their high-damage blasters, all three based off their Gallente counterparts, the Moros, Nyx and Erebus. These ships are expected to cost many billions of ISK, maybe even more than the Sansha Revenant supercarrier.

Update 118.6, or “Citadels Part 2” as some are calling it, will prove to be an important point in EVE’s history, with the first faction titan, a new PvE rewards system, and citadel upgrades all being added to the game, the future of EVE Online certainly looks bright and prosperous.

[Full Patch Notes]

Update: This article originally claimed that clone bays would function in wormholes. This has been corrected.

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