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‘In Development’, November 2017 Edition

Robert Miller 2017-12-01

On November 30, CCP released the November 2017 episode of their dev-vlog, ‘In Development’. The vlog covers the additional changes to Alpha Clones that are right around the corner in CCP’s December 5 patch. The free-to-play clone type has seen…

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The South Continues to Burn, Weekend Roundup

FroggyStorm 2017-10-01

Despite the decisive and crushing blow of “Judgement Day” to CO2, all of the fighting through out the galactic south east has not quieted down. TEST Alliance has been steadily clearing the space and installing new allies into the region….

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EVE Update 118.6 Overview

Jack Hulatt 2016-06-28

On June 28 2016, CCP will be releasing update 118.6 for EVE Online. Key featuresĀ in this update include the introduction of multifitting, new citadel modules and the introduction of the Shadow of the Serpent event, and the introduction of the…