The South Continues to Burn, Weekend Roundup


Despite the decisive and crushing blow of “Judgement Day” to CO2, all of the fighting through out the galactic south east has not quieted down.

TEST Alliance has been steadily clearing the space and installing new allies into the region.

Several big fights have taken place over the last couple days as the locals, as well as outside agitators work for and against each other to establish strong holdings in the deep power vacuum within the regions.

This week’s episode of “The Meta Show” brought on big names of both Triumvirate and TEST to add their perspectives and commentary on the goings-on in and around the region. Overall, TEST is of the opinion that the fighting has been going well at installing Brave, Drone Walkers, and Requiem into Immensea. They have been moving into Catch to clean house of smaller entities who have been moving in.

Likewise, the narrative from Triumverate is the ways that they are shifting their attentions away from dealing with FCON, which has now stabilized, and creating a frenemies relationship with Brave to keep PL from farming them into oblivion again. Similarly there is considerable speculation as to the aspirations of PanFam on the galactic south in the wake of the Judgement Day episode. It was noted by Imperium management that the most vocal anti-Imperium voices raised in the wake of Judgement Day came from the direction of the North and PanFam. The common wisdom was that PL and company had planned to join on the side of CO2 in the fight against FCON and the Legacy Coalition.

Over the last several days there have been several significant engagements in the region seeing many hundreds of billions in losses to the various sides. Battle Reports for some of the big fights can be found below. In addition to the local players, and to keep up the narrative that Panfam had more interest in the south, NC and Panfam allies have been working to third party and agitate in the south as well.



On the topic, there was also a significant brawl that took place earlier today over a MC Keepstar that was unanchored. Rhivre has a full accounting of the fight accounted for, but to make a long story short, after their FD- staging Keepstar was accidentally unanchored, MC sent a lone Charon to scoop the citadel. The freighter was tackled and then a capital brawl broke out. In the end, the freighter died, the keepstar dropped, and the Initiative destroyed the wreck rather than allow MC to recover the citadel.


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  • Aurel Specker

    “installing Brave, Drone Walkers, and Requiem into Immensea”, guess you mean Impass. Immensea comes later

    October 1, 2017 at 9:20 PM