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The Drafting Table: Solo Hyperion

Robby Kasparic 2016-06-15

Welcome to the first edition of what will hopefully become a recurring series. Many thanks to TMC’s own Macky Avelli for the fantastic banner and thumbnail! Here I am going to present fits that I have either personally flown or theorycrafted….

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250B Supercap Brawl in Aivonen

Robby Kasparic 2016-06-07

Shortly before midnight, EVE time on June 7, a massive fight broke out in the low-sec system of Aivonen, lasting for nearly two hours. The battle was sparked when Psychotic Tendencies (TISHU) was informed of some dreadnaughts bashing a tower….

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Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2016-06-01

Author’s forword: This was originally written as part of a book proposal that was ultimately not optioned by CCP.  As a lot of work had been done on the story to get it to that point, I have decided to…

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Titans Dropped over Moon in Fountain

Arrendis 2016-05-23

At roughly 10:30 EVE time in the Fountain system of TEG-SD, The-Culture/ChaosTheory fought Violence of Action/Cede Nullis/Fountain Core over a dysprosium moon in the system. The-Culture/ChaosTheory won both the ISK war and the strategic objective of destroying the Fountain Core…

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Historical Ties: Risk in EVE Warfare

TMC Archives 2016-05-20

Introduction Many historical analogies have been brought to bear on the current conflict between the Imperium and the MBC. From barbarians at the gates of Rome, to Vietnam-style guerilla war, history is full of parallels to current events in EVE….

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Imperium Obliterates MBC in Saranen

Submission 2016-05-19

SARANEN, Lonetrek — The Imperium, after being camped for days on their station, undocked and dealt a sound blow to the MBC. On May 16, just before 0100 EVE time, a fight kicked off on the Imperium’s staging station in…

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Paradox Details Upcoming Stellaris Updates

TMC Archives 2016-05-18

After listening to community feedback, reviews, and reactions to its latest title Stellaris, Paradox Interactive has released details on the first updates to its new sci-fi grand strategy game. A free update, codenamed “Clarke” (yes, as in the author) is…

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Citadel Destroyed in Fountain Fight

TMC Archives 2016-05-15

On May 13 at 19:40 EVE time in the Fountain system of B17O-R, The-Culture and allies ChaosTheory fought a group of various Fountain alliances over the fate of an Astrahus Citadel in the system. Though The-Culture/ChaosTheory (TC/CT) won the ISK…

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Rhivre 2016-05-13

Late on the night of May 8, an explosion lit up the sky in Perimeter. The first fitted citadel to go down in New Eden exploded in a wave of flame, engulfing all the ships that had gathered to witness…

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CO2 Loses Round 2! 118B ISK Down!

Submission 2016-05-13

OTSASAI, Lonetrek — Circle-of-Two loses round two in a fight to save a reinforced tower in M-OEE8. The fight, which started on the Taisy stargate in Otsasai, ended up costing CO2 an estimated 103.3B ISK. They were fighting against the…

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Space Riches to Space Rags

Submission 2016-05-10

SPACE RICHES TO SPACE RAGS: THE STORY OF A GSF LINE MEMBERS DOWNWARD SPIRAL INTO DRUG ADDICTION A young pilot sets out into New Eden with his eyes wide open and endless possibilities in front of him.  He surveys the horizons,…

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Throwdown in Taisy

Submission 2016-05-08

Region: Lonetrek System: Taisy On May 4, just after 19:30 EVE time, forces from Stainwagon clashed with CO2 over a tower reinforcement timer in M-OEE8. The fight began in M-OEE8, but quickly leaked over into the lowsec system of Taisy. C02 Enlightening…

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Black Desert Online: First Impressions and Getting Started

Submission 2016-05-05

What happens when you smash EVE with Lineage 2, including a dash from a variety of action RPGs and various other games? You get Black Desert Online (BDO), a game by Korean developer Pearl Abyss. Although, BDO has been available on…

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Chremoas and Whiptail Down

TMC Archives 2016-05-02

THE CHREMOAS The Chremoas is the Angel Cartel’s version of a covert ops combat ship, and was the second-place prize for Alliance Tournament XI. The first Chremoas to fall was destroyed on October 11, 2013 and since then, only eight…