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Daily Opportunities Live on Singularity

Submission 2016-04-24

CCP have released a small daily activity reward feature on Singularly. If all goes well, the feature will hit Tranquillity sometime just after the upcoming Citadel Release. In its current form, it consists of a simple task – killing one…

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A Disturbance In The CODE.

Macky Avelli 2016-04-23

While all eyes are focused on the turbulent war situation in Deklein, few realize that one of high security (highsec) space’s most notorious alliances is undergoing some fairly major changes. CODE Alliance has gained a reputation not only for their…

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David Matterall 2016-04-20

Months ago, we covered the departure of some CCP developers, among them, CCP Ytterbium. Although seeing any dev leave is sad, Ytterbium (we will stick with his CCP name) holds a special place in the hearts of EVE players, and…

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Arrendis 2016-04-16

On April 15, the International Business Times published a piece on EVE Online. Written by David Gilbert, it carries the clunky, awkward title ‘Eve Online’: The Battle For Control Of The Most Boring Video Game In The World. The piece ostensibly covers The…

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Local Was Primary : A 120B ISK Cap Fight in Kamela

Submission 2016-04-15

  It is 0200. Your broadcast system goes off: “EVERYONE be on in two hours!” Systems load and you find that the enemy had been scouting a control tower that is building capital ships. “Time to save this shit,” you…

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In Order to Live : A GSF Director’s Journey to Betrayal

Submission 2016-04-14

Let’s set the story straight. I am not the spy you are looking for. I am the lone wolf, a distraction, and more distress will come to Goonswarm Federation as the true spies continue to dodge The Black Hand. That…

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SpaceMonkey’s Alliance Leaving The Imperium

Submission 2016-04-10

SpaceMonkey’s Alliance’s EX River announced during his State of the Alliance address on Sunday that SMA would be officially leaving the Imperium. The announcement came after several days of speculation by third-parties, in the wake of what was a very turbulent…

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The Initiative. launches ‘Snatch’ Fleet

Submission 2016-04-09

From the team which brought you Firewall, Frogfleet, Transformers, Boomslang and Faceless Machs, the Initiative. is pleased to formally announce the launch of its latest creation; ‘Snatch’ Fleet. Blending the best of our small-gang remote-rep Confessor and Assault Frig setups…

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Imperium Loses Capital Engagement in Pure Blind

Anschau 2016-04-08

The Imperium lost a dozen dreadnoughts and carriers last night around 23:00 EVE as an unexpected capital engagement escalated in the Pure Blind system of X-7OMU. A Hel from Psychotic Tendencies (TISHU) was returning home from a solo roam in L-TS8S to break up…

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RMT Records: Server Downtime Rhapsody

Arrendis 2016-04-02

The Imperium’s RMT Records group is back with another new video to commiserate with you about today’s unexpected downtime. This article originally appeared on

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EVE Online 2016 Welcome Back

Submission 2016-04-01

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back! So you heard there was a war!  Welcome back.  Here is what you need to know about things that have changed in eve in the past two-three years, non-political version, in a semi-organized timeline…

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RAZOR’S EDGE: The Meta Goes to Eleven

David Matterall 2016-03-18

“For my money, the Ubiqua Seraph infiltration was an act of despicable brilliance. An operation as cruel as it is astonishing, it serves as a simultaneous testament to both the virtues and the evils of a truly open-ended massively multiplayer…

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Imperium Loses R64 in Hakonen

Submission 2016-03-15

The Stage On March 11, Imperium forces answered the call to defend a reinforced R64 in the Lonetrek system of Hakonen. The 260B ISK engagement occurred just two days after a nearly 500B ISK brawl in the same system. During…

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Project Discovery: It takes time to train Science to V

Anehii 2016-03-09

Project Discovery is almost out (thanks to the recent patch delay) and is currently available for testing on SiSi. We previously gave a brief introduction to Project Discovery. So what’s the incentive? Yeah, that’s right: you can earn lab-coats, battle armor…