CO2 Loses Round 2! 118B ISK Down!


OTSASAI, Lonetrek — Circle-of-Two loses round two in a fight to save a reinforced tower in M-OEE8.

The fight, which started on the Taisy stargate in Otsasai, ended up costing CO2 an estimated 103.3B ISK. They were fighting against the same opponents, Stainwagon, as they did on May 4. During the May 4 brawl, CO2 took 40B ISK in losses while dealing 31B ISK in damages to their aggressors. This time, however, they would not be so lucky, as Snuffed Out and Project.Mayhem, who were fighting on their side before, would not be fighting with CO2 this go around.

The fight on the Taisy gate was “quite short”, as some pilots in the engagement stated and CO2 fell back into M-OEE8. As round two between Stainwagon and CO2 began, Snuffed Out and 16-13 quickly came back to get in on the action. Then the worst came for CO2: As the fight with their attackers went on, all communications dropped for an unidentified reason.

A member of the CO2 fleet, Reddit user Makhoe2, stated,

“…since being an F1 monkey isn’t rocket science, so we began to settle down to hitting broadcasts. At this point it was messy, but it was going well. When all of a sudden… a lone command dessie got through our defences and jumped a large chunk of our dps and reps off. That was the precise instant the fight went tits-up. Our long range ammo couldn’t alpha, the reps weren’t landing, the dreads began falling one-by-one. The call came to “gtfo”. I had to shake a couple dictors to do so. Was a white knuckle ride.”

Hy Wanto Destroyer from Snuffed Out said that CO2 was also outplayed. “Gigx jumped in dreads, the Stainwagon battleships MJD’d and then dropped triage on the field; so they were pretty outplayed as well.”

Stainwagon charged into the fight across Otsasai, Taisy, and M-OEE8 with 235 pilots mostly in Rattlesnakes and shield logistics with some Cerberus support, while CO2 defended with 214 pilots and fielded eleven dreadnoughts and a Machariel/Bhaalgorn fleet. Snuffed Out and 16-13 third partied on the fight just as before in a sixty-one-man Nightmare fleet.

In the end CO2 would lose 103.3B ISK during the engagement, while dealing just 14.2B ISK in damages to their enemies. Snuffed Out and 16-13 would lose just one Nightmare and a Bifrost for a total of 670M ISK lost.

Round three in the mix? Give ’em hell, CO2!

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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