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Stainwagon Keepstar Into Final Timer In 37S-KO – Live Report

Macky Avelli 2017-08-31

Reports came in to the INN News Desk a couple days ago that there was a final timer coming up on a Stainwagon Keepstar in 37S-KO. The Keepstar is owned by the Good Sax alliance, and was reported to be…

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TEST State Of The Alliance: TEST Is On The Move! Look Out Stainwagon!

Macky Avelli 2017-05-06

The latest TEST Alliance Please Ignore State Of The Alliance has come and gone, with some interesting news to report. Rumours and speculations had been floating around about TEST possibly making a push into Period Basis to escalate things with…

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TEST Leviathan Dies in Stain

Arrendis 2017-04-26

A TEST Alliance Please Ignore (TEST) Leviathan worth approximately 118b ISK has been killed tonight by Stainwagon forces in the Stain system of 4GQ-XQ. According to commenters on the /r/eve subreddit, the pilot is planning to quit EVE. He may have tried…

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Macky Avelli 2017-02-25

The stakes were high in BY-MSY on Feb 23 as TEST Alliance Please Ignore brought out the big guns to battle Stainwagon and allies, with Soviet-Union and Red Alliance ships forming the bulk of the fleet. The battle that ran up…

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With New Staging Secure, TEST Set Eyes on Impass

Sophia 'Alizabeth' S 2017-01-17

TESCO has completed their conquest of Stainwagon’s staging system in Catch of V-3YG7.  They had previously flipped the I-Hub, but finished securing the rest of the system today.  With their new forward staging fully secure, they now look to be…

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TEST Announces New Year Invasion of Stainwagon

Rhivre 2016-12-28

Progodlegend of TEST Alliance announced today that as of 1 January they will be joining up with FCON, CO2, Triumvirate and friends to launch an invasion of Stainwagon space.  This space includes the regions of Paragon Soul, Esoteria, Impass as well…

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CO2 Loses Round 2! 118B ISK Down!

Submission 2016-05-13

OTSASAI, Lonetrek — Circle-of-Two loses round two in a fight to save a reinforced tower in M-OEE8. The fight, which started on the Taisy stargate in Otsasai, ended up costing CO2 an estimated 103.3B ISK. They were fighting against the…

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Stainwagon and Borderlands Syndicate Clash in Immensea

TMC Archives 2015-09-30

In Immensea on September 28 at 17:00, Stainwagon engaged Borderlands Syndicate in the systems of DY-P7Q and GXK-7F. The conflict centered on a small Stainwagon POS in GXK-7F coming out of its reinforcement cycle. GXK serves as Borderlands’ staging system,…